Where Can I Sell My Used Electric Bike?

“I am planning to sell my used e-bike to get some quick cash, and sell it to someone looking for the same model for a cheaper price. But where can I sell my used electric bike?” Selling used vehicles is now easier than you think. All you need is the right place that offers secure transactions on both ends. For e-bikes, you can sell it to different online marketplaces like eBay or Facebook, or you can look for local dealers or pawn shops.

However, the only problems with buying or selling used goods online are scams and false advertising. So, how can you sell your used electric bike without taking any risks? Let’s find out.

Article Summary

  • Before selling your electronic bike, you have to make sure that the bike is presentable, all the paperwork is done correctly, and you have put together an honest advertisement copy for the bike.
  • You can sell your electronic bike both online and offline. For online, you can sell on eBay, online marketplaces, private Facebook Groups, and bike forums. And for offline, you can look for pawn shops or local electronic bike dealers.
  • To avoid scams, make transactions in cash, and ask the buyer to bring his/her id proofs when coming for a test drive.
  • The process for selling second hand electric bikes is the same as selling used electric bikes.

How to Sell an Used Electric Bike?

You can sell your used electric bike without much hassle. But before you do, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind both for online and offline sales.

How to Sell an Used Electric Bike


First, you need to sell your e-bike as your RC (Registration Certification). It is an essential document as it is approved that you are legally registered to ride a bike. Other documents you will need are-

  • Sales receipt,
  • Emission Control Certificate,
  • Bike insurance certificate,
  • Transfer deed, and
  • Road tax certificate.

You must have all these documents updated after all your paperwork is set.


One other thing you should keep in mind is that the bike shouldn’t be all torn apart even if it’s a couple years old. Also, make sure to clean your bike properly if it’s dirty as customers are less likely to buy a bike caked in mud and dirt.


After it’s shining like a new one, don’t forget to give your bike an excellent tuning up so that the buyer won’t have to spend an extra dime for the maintenance. You can add the extra cost to the bike price, but telling the buyer to have a vehicle repaired doesn’t see right. You can even lose potential buyers just for that reason alone.


Now comes the interesting part, how much money should you ask for a used e-bike? Before setting a price for your electric bike, it would be a good idea to check the current market value of the bike. This way, you can set a decent price that’s more likely to convert.

If you have upgraded any of the bike’s parts, don’t forget to mention it, as this will add value to the bike’s pricing.


This aspect is often overlooked, but you should always take some good pictures for the advertisements that accentuate the bikes’ features and, if possible, shoot some videos of the bike in action. This way, it will create more exposure towards your sell.

And another thing to keep in mind is never to leave any detail untold. Make sure to mention if there is something wrong with the bike too. The more detailed and precise your advertisement is, the more good are the chances for the sale of your bike.

Contact information

Lastly, and the most crucial point, keep your contact information clear. So that the customer can communicate with you without any hassle or delay. So, if you can keep these points in mind, you can quickly sell your used electronic bike.

Where Can I Sell My Used Electric Bike?

Now that you are ready to sell your used e-bike, let’s see what options we have in hand to actually make it happen.

Where Can I Sell My Used Electric Bike


We are all aware that eBay is one of the biggest platforms for buying or selling any product. Products here get a wide range of customers. So the possibility of your electronic bike being sold is quite high.

If you use eBay to sell your electric bike, there are many options. Selling your bike to the local people doesn’t require any transportation cost. You can ask the customers to pick up the bike from your location. To guarantee that the product is sold, you can ask the buyer to deposit the cash first as a proof.

You can sell the e-bike on the price if you set or give it up for the auction where customers will make offers; the one who makes the highest bid gets the e-bike. This way, you don’t have to get yourself involved in the work.

Now they all seem good and easy, but thousands and thousands of products are being uploaded daily on the website, so the competition is also huge. So getting the exposure mentioned here can be pretty tough.

Online Marketplace

Aside from eBay, the other online places you can sell your e-bike are Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Offer up, and many others. These platforms are filled with customers of all types, from bike lovers to professional scammers.

So, keep your personal information protected and the transaction secured at any cost. And another downfall of the online marketplace is that it is tough to grab attention because new ads usually push down the older post and get lost.

Private forums and Facebook Group

If you are still up for selling your electronic bike online, you must try the private forums and Facebook groups that are solely made for electronic bikes. Usually, e-bike enthusiasts are often connected to these sorts of forums and groups.

This way, dealing with unnecessary people and fraudulent offers will decrease quite a lot. You might find people who are mostly really interested in buying your bike, and who knows, you may even find your local people over there making your dealings easier. And if you have a special kind of bike, forums and groups are excellent places to make a deal.

But a little problem might occur when you get your customer, and the person is legit and everything but doesn’t live any place near where you live. In that case, you might need to spend some extra money on shipping which can be quite a hassle.

Local dealers, Pawn Shops

You don’t want to deal with an online fiasco and get done and dusted with selling your electronic bike. It will be best for you to contact your local e-bike dealers and see if they are interested in buying your used bike or not.

The good thing about this is that you don’t have to wait to get the cash; you can instantly get it if everything is set. Usually, e-bike dealers don’t buy used bikes. But if yours is highly maintained or not being used for long, they might be interested in buying it, and you can even score a good deal of money. The last resort for you to sell your e-bike is to look for any pawn shop or old sports spot that is still in the business of selling or buying used electronic goods.

Here, there is a meager chance of getting good cash as the people in the shops might not be well knowledgeable regarding your bike and hence give an amount which is not considered according to the worth of your bike.

Selling To Known People

This is the safest way of selling your used electronic bike because the buyer would be known to you. However, at the same time, they are interested in buying an electronic bike but not your model or type. And the most common thing to happen is to ask for a discount.

If you are up for losing some bucks but want to sell your beloved electronic bike to someone trusted and known, you can apply this way without any doubt.

How To Avoid Scams When Selling An E-bike?

Avoiding scams, especially in online marketplaces, is next to impossible. So, some precautionary steps are necessary, such as-

How To Avoid Scams When Selling An E-bike

Test Drive

If you look into the cases of scamming or theft, most of them have occurred while doing the test drive. Usually, the excuse they make is that they forget their license, so to verify, the buyer might ask to talk to one of their relatives, and within the meantime, they will take the bike for a test. But it turns out that the buyer ran away with your bike and the number you are talking to is also fake.

The worst fact is that you can’t even claim insurance because you have yourself handed over the bike to the cheater buyer on technical grounds, which is a very smooth move. To avoid all this, the best thing to do is when they want to test drive, tell them to bring their license and passport with the current address without further negotiations.

Another thing you can do is bring a friend with you as a witness and make your friend follow your bike when the buyer is going for a test drive. This way, even if they try to do something wrong, your friend can alert you or stop if it’s possible.

Only Cash Transaction

Now usually, this kind of scam is the most common. The buyer would want to pay you through PayPal, Venmo, or MoneyGram but collect the bike in person. Now, it takes a few business days for the whole transfer to happen, but to your surprise, you may not even get any money after 5 to 6 days because the scammer either cancelled the transaction or didn’t send the money in the first place.

Same goes with bank cheques as well. How are you supposed to know if the buyer has a thousand bucks saved in his bank account? If the customer wants to buy the product, tell him/her to do it with cash; if he/she says no, then don’t go for the deal.

Avoid International Deals

It is always good to avoid international deals. The reason is that you need to pay additional fees for shipping. Moreover, the scamming part is that you may have sent the electronic bike, but what if the customer never received it because the third party stole it?

Now you have to give back the money you got. Or another thing can happen which is that you have shipped the bike, but the transaction you have been promised is fake, and you got scammed. So to avoid all this, best not to go for international deals no matter how tempting the offer sounds because this is the scammers’ ploy to scam you.

Say No To Text Messages

If you get text messages asking for information regarding the bike or want to provide their documents through text straightforwardly, say no. And ask them to send all the documents through email. As seen in many cases, the exchange of information through text poses some risk to breach the security system to your accounts or personal information.

So avoid doing that doing if possible, try to talk to them because if they are scammers, they will avoid talking. But even then, you can be scammed because who knows, they can use voice modulation while talking to you.

But still, try to be careful if possible, record the conversation at least you will have proven that a conversation was placed between you and the scammer for the selling.

Meet In Person

It is vital to meet in person and meet in public and somewhere near the buyer’s place. The buyer might not want to meet in person, saying they have some issues. That sounds pretty suspicious, so if things like this happen, don’t go for a deal.

Coming to meet you in your home is not a good idea either. So make sure to meet the buyer in person but not in your place.

How Do I Sell My Second Hand Electric Bike?

Well, selling the second bike is the same as selling the used bikes. Ensure that your electronic bike is appropriately cleaned and if there are any repairs required, make sure you have got it done. Because if your bikes look well maintained, the chances of them being sold will be more accessible.

How Do I Sell My Second Hand Electric Bike

Then comes the paperwork. If you have the original documents of the bike, then keep it in hand as this way, it will work as assurance for the buyer that your bike is authentic and you are the rightful owner.

The buyer might ask for a pretty obvious test drive. You must ask them to bring id proofs for security purposes and also, if possible, ask a friend to follow your bike when the buyer is going for a test drive.

Apart from all, you will have to be careful when judging the buyer. If there are any chances of fraud or scam, you can avoid that. So even for a minute, if you think that the buyer is suspicious, then you must not go for the deal.

Tips For Selling Your Ebike

Above, we have mentioned the places to sell your bikes and precautions while selling them. We are giving you some tips for selling your bike to round up everything. Just make sure that your electronic bike looks presentable. All the papers related to it are authentic and up to date. Take good quality pictures, and don’t miss out on any information regarding your bike, but don’t overdo it.

Tips For Selling Your Ebike

More importantly, your safety is also essential, so when you meet the buyer, take a friend with you, ask the buyer to bring ID proof with them, and lastly, don’t go for a cheque or any online transaction; only go for it as a cash transaction.

Finishing Words

Where I can sell my used electric bike? There are many ways and places to sell your electronic bike—both online and offline. And also the dangers you may face when dealing with them.

So if you can keep in mind the ways and suggestions we have made for you, then selling your electronic bike can be handled easily. Without much hassle, ensure that if you find anything wrong with the dealing, don’t proceed any further.

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