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How to Choose Your Electric Bike?

Getting your first e-bike is a daunting task, but if you follow some basic rules like mentioned below, then it becomes very easy.

When you decide to get your first e-bike, you have to consider many factors according to your needs. There are different types of e-bike available in the market with varying ranges of price, features, and wattage.
Some e-bikes are less powerful, some are highly powerful, some are fixed, some are foldable, and some come with or without a removable battery. So, it’s totally up to you to decide which one you require.
To identify your needs, you’ve to ask yourself some questions, and when you have the answer to these questions, you can choose the right bike you need.

  • First, get the answer to how often you’ll ride your e-bike?
  • What’s the maximum distance you want to cover with a single charge?
  • Calculate your height and weight and select your e-bike based on that. 
  • Do you like to carry baggage while riding your e-bike?
  • Think about whether you’re going to transport children or not.
  • Will you take your e-bike on car, trunk, or public transport?

When you’ve all the answers to these questions, you can make your decision precisely. If you still feel doubt, take the help of an expert.

E-bike come with different assistance; you have to decide which one you require most. 

Motion Sensor: This type of e-bike motor starts after two or three pedal rotations, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re paddling slowly or quickly. Riding this type of e-bike is quite tricky. Motion sensor e-bikes are pretty challenging to start up, but they cost less than others. Power Sensor: This type of e-bike’s pedal-power assistance starts instantly when you start paddling and gradually increases the speed. They are more comfortable and a bit expensive. Power sensor e-bikes are recommended for the people who have to stop at different times on their route, for example, at the traffic signal.

While selecting your e-bike, looking for battery power is the most crucial thing. Don’t rely on the manufacturer’s range promises, as it can vary on route, weight, and assistance level. So do some research about the battery before selecting your e-bike.

Generally, an e-bike weighs 17-25 kg, and with full assistance, they reach a considerable speed. For this, you’ve to go for an e-bike that comes with excellent quality brakes, like hydraulic brakes. You can also go for motor brakes as it comes with a battery charge recovery system.

Test riding is one of the most crucial and fun parts of purchasing an e-bike. When you ride an e-bike, you get the answer to most of your questions. For example, after riding, you can understand whether this bike can fulfill your requirement or not. If you like the bike, then ask the seller whether it can climb the hill or not. Then look for the quality and the functionality of the bike that you desire to have.

Why Ebikes?

E-bikes are almost similar to regular bikes. When you’re switching to an e-bike, you’ll enjoy lots of benefits. Some of them are:

E-bike play a significant role in improving your health.
More accessible than a traditional bike.
Boost your mental health.
The best alternative to a car.
Faster and safer.
They are eco-friendly.

Recent e-Bike Reviews

Getting your first e-bike can be overwhelming if you’re new to this journey. Here in recent ebike reviews of eBikeBuster, you’ll find the latest review by our expert.

Recent e-Bike Blog Posts

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Electric Bikes vs Normal Bikes

An Electric Bike has all the functionality and features of a typical bike, except it comes with an electric drive system.

FeaturesE-BikeRegular Bike
Appearance and MechanicsIt’s almost similar to a regular bike, except it comes with a motor, battery, and other tools and components to assist the rider in automatic riding.No motor, battery, and other extra components. Just a typical bike.
Maintenance and RepairAs the standard components of an e-bike are similar to a regular bike, maintenance is almost the same. Such as routine maintenance, yearly repairs, and servicing; everything is the same.Require routine maintenance, annual repair, and servicing.
SpeedE-bikes can go as fast as 28 mph based on the bike class, motor watts, and acceleration.The speed of a regular bike completely depends on the rider’s stamina and paddling power.
Rules And RegulationsAn E-bike that has a higher speed than 20 mph is prohibited in some states.For the regular bike, there are no rules and regulations.
CostE-bike is more expensive than a regular bike because of its additional components like battery, motor, etc.A regular bike costs less than an e-bike.

eBikes and the Future

The more time goes by, the more e-bike is getting popular among people. If you’re planning to get an e-bike, it’s the most exciting time to have one. As a popular mode of transportation, it has already become hugely popular in some countries.

Currently, e-bikes are ruling the streets of China and some European countries. It’s getting popular in the United States as well. Experts and analysts predict that the growth of e-bike will increase hugely within a couple of years.

The analytical graph shows that the e-bike industry will grow up to 11.86% each year over the next five years. After five years, the overall growth would be 75%. All this means that the ownership of e-bikes will increase in the near future; the street will be full of e-bikes more than cars.