How To Start An Electric Bike Without A Key? – Let’s Find Out

Electric bikes, just like other motor vehicles , need a key, although not for powering purposes. There is a keyhole on the battery to lock it up to the bike frame. In fact the key is the key thing for your bike in terms of both control and security.

But what if you lost it! How to start an electric bike without a key? 

You can start a bike without keys by connecting both switch wires. You can also use a screwdriver, plastic pen, apply a shim, or remove the batteries.

Apart from these initial steps, this guide will provide you with some other alternatives of key to start your bike. Let’s find out what more we can learn.

Do Electric Bikes Need A key?

In a sense, there is no use of keys when it comes to powering up or starting the bike.

But in terms of security the key is mandatory since it secures the battery.

Do Electric Bikes Need A key

So, guess the answer, do you need a key to operate the motor to cycle the bike

Though the key is not directly connected to the power but indirectly plays a role by securing the battery. If the battery is not secured then the motor will not be powered and you will not be able to cycle your bike. In other words, whatever the way is  throttle or paddle, if there is no battery the motor becomes idle. And if the motor is not active your bike becomes useless.

Therefore, we can say, an Electric bike doesn’t require a key to be powered on but it requires a key to secure the battery. 

What Do You Do If You Lose Your Electric Bike Key?

If you lose your electric bike key, It is recommended you get new copies. Most electric bikes come with at least two keys. You should have a spare stored somewhere at home or in the office.

However, if you can’t find the keys after searching everywhere, it is recommended you order new ones directly from the manufacturer.

What Do You Do If You Lose Your Electric Bike Key

Most people tend to panic when they lose their electric bike keys. Here are a few things to do the very moment you lose your key:

1. Don’t Panic

It is worth noting that the keys didn’t disappear into thin air. They are somewhere out there and you need to think of ways of finding them. If you panic, chances are you’ll not find them.

2. Double Check Common Places

Make sure you check the common places where you place the keys. Check your trouser, jacket and coat pockets. Check all pockets of clothes you’ve worn recently.

Did you accidentally drop them when locking your bike? Check the surrounding of where the bike is parked. You can also ransack your handbag, office and home.

3. Ask People

Ask people you’ve been around if they’ve seen the keys. Did you visit a friend’s house? Ask them if they’ve seen your keys.

4. Look For A Spare Key

Do you have a spare key somewhere in the office or at home? Most bike manufacturers send more than one spare key. Try and remember where you placed the spare key.

5. Order For New Keys

If you still can’t find your keys, then it’s time you requested your manufacturers for a replacement. You can only buy new replacements directly from the manufacturers.

Use the special key-card that came with the bike when ordering for new keys. In the meantime, consider upping the security of your bike as you wait for new keys.

Is It Possible To Start An Electric Bike Without A Key?

You can start an electric bike without a key by removing the power socket of the OFF switch. You can also start it by connecting both wires of the switch using a lock pick, shim, plastic pen, etc.

Electric bike keys work in two major ways. First, they cut and start the power supply. Second, they lock and secure the bike. When you turn the key to the right, you connect the power flow and start the bike.

When there is no key, you can still turn the bike on by connecting the switch wires manually and allowing current to flow.

How To Start An Electric Bike Without A Key?

How To Start An Electric Bike Without A Key

As we’ve seen, it is possible to start an electric bike without a key. Here are a few common ways to start a bike without the key:

  1. Connecting wires
  2. Removing the battery
  3. Applying a shim
  4. Using a screwdriver
  5. Using a bump key
  6. Using a plastic pen

Connecting Wires

  • Connecting the switch wires is the fastest and best way to start a bike without a key.
  • Take a few minutes and study the ignition switch wires. You’ll notice two switch wires.
  • Connect them to start the bike.

Removing The Battery

  • Most electric bikes support both electric and manual riding. You can easily remove the battery connection and ride the bike manually.
  • Disconnect the battery ignition and screw the battery on. Ride manually as you try and find new keys.

Applying A Shim

  • You can also apply a shim to open the lock.
  • Make a shim using an aluminum drinking can
  • Cut the can in the middle using a scissor and clean it
  • Draw an M-shape and cut it accordingly before folding it inwars to create a V-shape
  • Bend the shim around the lock shackle to open the lock
  • Two shims are needed for double bolted locks

Using A Screwdriver

  • Get a screwdriver that is similar to your bike’s keys.
  • Insert it inside the keyhole and and apply some force to start the bike

Using A Bump Key

  • Bum keys are more like universal keys
  • Insert the bump key and turn it while pulling it back
  • This should start your bike

Using A Plastic Pen

  • The method works for bikes with a tubular shape lock cylinder
  • This is an old-school way to start electric bikes
  • Remove the ink tube and use the plastic body by inserting it inside the tube
  • Push and wiggle the pen until the bike starts

How Do You Pick An Electric Bike Lock?

You can pick an electric bike lock by turning the lock and pressing the pins inside until they align. You can use a small screwdriver to turn the lock and a small metal piece to press the pins.

Use the screwdriver to hold the lock in place as you press the pins. Learn more on how to pick an electric bike lock by watching this video.

How To Protect Your Electric Bike From Theft

Electric bikes are expensive, therefore, need the best care and protection. Below, we discuss some was to protect your bike from theft:

How To Protect Your Electric Bike From Theft

Park In A Secure Location

Thieves tend to target bikes parked in insecure places with few people.  Make sure you park your park in secure garages, parking areas and shades.

Choose The Right Lock

Make sure bike theft-proof by using a secure and functional lock. Thieves target bikes with cheap locks that are easy to break.

You can also enhance your bike’s safety by adding more than one lock. Apart from securing your bike, make sure all detachable components are secured.

Record A Serial Number

Most people don’t care about the bike’s serial number. However, once you lose your bike, you’ll need the serial number to make a report with the police.

You can think of the serial number as the bike’s ID.

Proper Storage

If you’re not using the bike for a while, consider storing it in a dry and secure place. In addition, take off expensive components like the battery and store them separately.


Well, that’s it! Now you know how to start an electric bike without a key. However, it is always recommended you use a key to start electric bikes. You can opt for these methods when you’ve lost your keys and can’t find them.

These methods are temporary fixes. Make sure you store your key properly and a spare part at home. You can also order new keys if you can’t find the lost ones.

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