How Fast Is a 2000w Ebike – Get All Details (2023)

Are you in the market to buy a new e-bike? We’d recommend it — it’s one of the best ways to travel mid-range distances, and it’s environmentally friendly too. But if you’ve gotten into the research, you might be wondering, how fast is a 2000w ebike?

Different e-bikes have different top speeds, but if you want the average, you can get up to 30 mph on a 2000w e-bike. Then again, it’ll depend on the brand and the type of motor. Also, some key points determine whether your e-bike is reaching its top capable speed.

This article will go over everything you need to know before making your new 2000w e-bike purchase and how to make it faster. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Article Summary

  • How fast your e-bike goes depends on its motor’s wattage.
  • The brand of the e-bike plays a role, too, as different brand motors have varying efficiencies. The higher the efficiency, the faster it’ll go, even with smaller wattage.
  • A 2000w e-bike produces around 2.6 horsepower, which equals a top speed of about 30 mph or 48 kph.

How Many Watts Do I Need in an Electric Bike?

To help you pick your perfect e-bike, let’s first figure out how many watts you need. Well, it depends on your preferences and how far you want to travel on your bike. Take a look at this chart to understand the relation between watt and top speeds.

Speed Limit (kph)Watts

As you can see, the top speed you can reach at 750 watts is 48 kph or around 30 mph. This info might confuse you, though; as earlier, we said a 2000 watt e-bike also reaches a max speed of 30 mph. What’s going on here?

Both 750 and 2000 watt bikes can reach a max speed of 30 mph, but they achieve that max speed at different times. Naturally, the bike with a 2000 watt motor will reach 30 mph much faster than the 750 w bike.

How Many Watts Do I Need in an Electric Bike

Depending on how much distance you want to travel and how quickly, you should pick your bike motor’s wattage. If you’re going to do regular strolling from your home to a nearby supermarket, 750-watt bikes are good enough. Fun fact, most e-bikes in the US are around 750 watts.

But if you’re planning on commuting, 1000 or 2000-watt e-bikes are the way to go. So depending on whether you’re a cruiser or a commuter, you should pick your e-bike’s wattage.

What Function Does an Electric Motor Perform in an Electric Bike?

E-bikes work by transferring the electrical energy of the battery to mechanical energy. The electric motor uses this mechanical energy to make rotational force, propelling the wheels forward.

What Function Does an Electric Motor Perform in an Electric Bike

Other components such as the controller and battery help the motor work. The battery provides the electrical energy which the motor uses. And the controller calculates the amount of current that the motor should be using at any given time.

The better understand the function of a motor, let’s go over an overview.

A 2000 Watt Electric Bike Motor Overview

Motors control how much power an e-bike can use. A 2000 watt bike motor gets 2000 watts of energy from the battery, which it can then use in running the bike. Usually, on e-bikes, two sorts of motors are used —

A 2000 Watt Electric Bike Motor Overview

Mid-drive Motors

Motors of this sort are usually mounted in-between the pedals of the bike. They attach to their chainring, using the motor’s power to spin the rear wheel and accelerate the cycle forward.

Mid-drive motors are great for mountain e-bikes and off-roading as they have a centralized weight. This central weight distribution aids when you want to climb elevated surfaces, like mountains, at an angle.

Hub-drive Motors

These are the other types of motor you typically see on most e-bikes. They’re simply placed on either the front wheel or the rear wheel hub of your e-bike.

It acts like an axel due to its motor shaft. The hub spins circling the shaft, giving the desired wheel rotational force to move forwards.

 How Fast Is a 2000w Ebike?

A typical 2000 watt e-bike with 48V battery will reach a max speed of 30 mph with high acceleration. If you up the output voltage to 72V, though, you may get around 43 mph. If you were hoping for higher speeds, though, you might be disappointed. Unfortunately, laws in most places don’t allow e-bikes to travel faster than 25 to 30 mph. This law is due to safety concerns as a fast e-bike might have poor handling.

How Fast Is a 2000w Ebike

But one upside is the higher your e-bike wattage is, the faster it’ll reach its top speed. A 2000w e-bike, for example, will get its top speed of around 30 mph faster than a 1000w bike. It’ll be much more efficient, too. If you’re a speed freak, don’t worry — read on, as now we’ll be providing some valuable tips to up your e-bike’s top speed.

Tips & Tricks for Make Your Bike Faster

As promised, let’s now go over some tips to increase the speed of your e-bike substantially.

Tips & Tricks for Make Your Bike Faster

Monitor Battery Percentage

To get the best speed possible from your e-bike, you should pay close attention to its battery percentage from time to time. Ideally, you always want to be at a 100% battery when you start your journey.

Next, don’t let the battery percentage reach below 15%. Most low to mid-end batteries tend to lose performance when they go below a certain threshold, which is around 15 to 20% in the case of e-bikes.

To avoid going out of battery, carry the charger with you whenever possible. If not, try out the solar panel charging system.

Get A Higher Volt Battery

Another way is to change out the battery completely. As we’ve said earlier, you can get a top speed of 43 mph with a 72V 2000W e-bike.

Most e-bikes come at around 24V at manufacture. If you make the jump to 72V, you will see a noticeable difference in your cycle’s top speed.

Get The Right Type Of Tires

The thickness of your tire plays a crucial role in your e-bike’s speed. A thinner tire allows for effortless driving at top speed. On the other hand, thick tires allow for more control but sacrifice speed in the process.

You shouldn’t get the thinnest tires on the market, though. Too thin, and you’ll lose traction, which may put you in safety hazards if your tires can’t grip the road. We’d recommend analyzing your terrain and playing around with different tire thicknesses to find which is perfect for you. And don’t forget to check out the weight limits too.

Ensure Tires Aren’t Worn Out

This issue is common among e-bike users, who don’t pay much attention to their tire condition. If they’re too worn out, grip and traction are affected, which in turn hampers your bike’s top speed. To avoid this, occasionally check up on your tires, and have a spare in case of emergencies.

Pay Attention To Posture

Besides paying attention to technical hardware factors, you can make simple changes to your riding style for increasing speed.

Most people have a hunchback posture when riding bikes, which isn’t aerodynamically efficient for the max speed. You should instead be leaning slightly forward, decreasing your surface area so that you can glide through the air.


If you were asking in the beginning, “how fast is a 2000w ebike” you must now know the answer. The speed depends on the battery’s voltage, your overall wattage, and whether you’re paying attention to some crucial details.

As a final tip, we’d recommend picking an e-bike made of light materials, such as aluminum. The more lightweight your bike’s frame is, the less weight it’ll carry. This will enable it to move quicker. Good luck, and we hope you find your perfect e-bike. Cheers!

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