Electric Bike that Looks Like a Motorcycle

After two years, it’s time for us to explore nature and go on adventures again. The pandemic taught us that we need to take care of ourselves and our surroundings. And so, if you want the adrenaline rush of a motorbike without harming the environment or bank account, we have one word for you – E-bike. An E-bike is an electric bike that looks like a motorcycle. These are the upgraded forms of traditional bicycles.

Maybe you aren’t in a situation where you can or want to buy a full-sized motorcycle. Or you don’t want to peddle the whole time while you’re on the two-wheeler. Well, don’t fret because we have a mixture of both here. Read on as we explore e-bikes that look like a motorbike.

Type of Electric Bike that Looks Like a Motorcycle

Since its first release, the E-bike motorcycle got a lot of recognition. Just think you’re riding a motorized vehicle without the hassle of getting any license or speed limit. Worth it, right? However, if you choose an e-bike that exceeds the speed of 28mph, you’re required to have a license to ride the bike in the USA.

Type of Electric Bike that Looks Like a Motorcycle

Note: There’re different rules for each state, for example, New YorkTexasMichiganArizona State, etc. Check them out if you’re from any of these states.

That being said, there’re different electric bicycles on the market. You can classify all of them into two main categories:

Pedal Assist

A Pedal Assist is an e-bike you need to pedal for the motor to kick start. It’s a lot like a traditional bike, right? To some extent, YES – except it has a motor that detects when you’re pedalling, and it’s a pedal bike that looks like a motorcycle.

Throttle Only

Most electric bikes now have a motor that’s controlled by a throttle. You don’t necessarily have to pedal for the electric motor to work. When you need more power, open the throttle and go. However, the battery will run out quickly if you don’t peddle in between whilst riding, and this can be a downside to some people. These types of e-bikes are mighty, powerful enough to pull a trailer.

21 Electric Bike that Looks Like a Motorcycle

Electric Bike that Looks Like a Motorcycle

Let’s look at some of the great electric bicycle options here:

1. Monday Motorbike

These vintage bikes give you the feel of a motorcycle with its exotic look, fat tyres, and battery chamber that looks like a gas container. You can ride up to seven miles per charge. However, the good thing about this motorbike is that it allows you to remove the battery, which makes it easy to diagnose any battery-related problem.

Monday Motorbike

2. Coleen Electric Bicycle

Coleen’s e-bikes are beautiful. They are mixture of modern retro and old-school design – the leather saddle compliments the full-carbon frame. The maximum speed limit is 25 km/h, but if you remove the speed limiter, you can upgrade it to 45 km/h.

Coleen Electric Bicycle

3. Rayvolt Cruzer E Bike

Due to the battery chamber and motor of this e-bike, it’s a perfect electric bike that looks like a motorcycle. This two-wheeler is inspired by different post-world war British bikes. A traditional motorcycle feel will keep you glued to the saddle for hours and the headlight up the front is a bonus.

Rayvolt Cruzer E Bike

4. Aventon Level Commuter E-bike

This commuter-oriented Aventon Level is ideal for urban roads, city concrete, and bike lanes. The rear rack, straight ride position, comfortable saddle, and complete fenders make it a well-balanced electric bike. After just one ride, you’ll realize that the bike is more than it looks as the powerful throttle moves your e-bike like a cheetah.

Aventon Level Commuter E-bike

5. Moto Parilla Ebike

These Italian bikes are the beast and their look will surely stun you for a while. This Moto Parilla E-bike comes with big tyres and a strong body, making it look similar to mountain bikes. The speed limits a maximum of 20 km/h, and it might seem like a downgrade here. But despite the low speed, these electric bikes can absorb terrains quite efficiently.  However, the real downside here is that you need to custom order the bike.

Moto Parilla Ebike

6. Electric Bike Company Model X

This whole matte black bike is a gorgeous old-school retro e-bike. It won’t make you tired as the e-assist will do all the work while you sit comfortably on the seat. The Schwalbe tyres, metal forks, retro handlebars, and aluminium body all combine to provide a smooth ride.

Electric Bike Company Model X

7. HPC Typhoon

HPC Typhoon Pro is a nice blend of steam and shock, with a powerful electric motor, high-end components, and a Victorian-style appearance. This two-wheeler is powerful enough to produce nine horsepower, leading to a base speed of 45 km/h.

HPC Typhoon

8. Charge City

Specially made, the Charge City, as the name suggests, is for modern concrete roads. A hub engine, throttle, five modes of pedal aid, back rack, and running lights all come with the e-bike. The handlebars and peddles are all foldable to save more space. You’ll find four different colours in the market: blue, silver, turquoise, and red.

Charge City

9. CAB Recon Ebikes

CAB claims that this is the most powerful bike in the world and as of 2022, the statement remains to be true. The powerful battery will last up to 200 miles. You can reach a peak speed of 50 mph, and this American-built smooth, fast, lightweight bike is perfect for any ride you dreamt of.

CAB Recon Ebikes

10. Gazelle Ultimate C380

Gazelle Ultimate expertly mixes an urban bike and a touring bike into one package. Elegantly formed aluminium frame with exquisite lines and the internal battery offers secure operation. The 500W battery will give you unlimited backup. Also, with its stepless shifting, the riding experience on any terrain becomes effortless. Moreover, the slick maintenance cost of the Gazelle C380 won’t bother you either.

Gazelle Ultimate C380

11. Azbo Vintage Electric Bike

The vintage style, peculiar seats, and enormous wheels make this e-bike stand out. Its Brushless motor ensures that you get 20 to 25 MPH. This bike may look small in the picture, but it is as big as any motorbike. Moreover, the speed gear and the top-notch brake will protect your riding’s rough edges and help prevent accidents. These two-wheelers are perfect for any short distance.

Azbo Vintage Electric Bike

12. Revi Bikes Cheetah Cafe Racer

It’s a strong, elegant electric cruiser bike inspired by 1960s Cafe Racer motorcycles. The Civil Bikes Cheetah electric cruiser has a distinctive handlebars and a sizeable front light. Aside from its appearance, this bike is equipped with a solid 750W motor and a long-lasting battery.

Revi Bikes Cheetah Cafe Racer

13. Cannondale Adventure Neo 4

The company makes a bold claim that this bike will give you the most pleasant ride of your life. They might be correct, given its unique design, comfortable saddle, 63mm travel forks, and adjustable seat post. This modern bike perfectly goes with your everyday city life.

Cannondale Adventure Neo 4

14. Vintage Electric Bike

These bikes are famous for their vintage look and high speed. In normal mode, it can go up to 20 miles/h, and in race mode, 30 mph. Their powerful and long-lasting lithium-ion batteries, combined with formidable motors, make sure you have a pleasant journey.

Vintage Electric Bike

15. Rad Power Bikes RadRunner

This customizable e-bike is probably one of the most famous products to date. You can buy upgraded parts and install them easily on the bike. On top of that, it works like a beach ride. However, it’s an everyday vehicle for kids. The comfy adjustable seat makes sure that everyone in the family can enjoy a ride.

Rad Power Bikes RadRunner

16. Blix Packa Genie

Although weighing 85 pounds, this semi-trail bicycle is longer than a standard bike. With its 24-inch tyres, you can easily roam around town. A large portion of the weight is due to two Samsung battery packs. Together, they provide 1,171 watts of power. At a stretch, you can travel up to 70 miles.

Blix Packa Genie

17. Michael Blast Greaser Cafe Racer

This electric bike has all the antique and vintage motorcycle features yet are very on point. This Greaser Cafe Racer has a powerful Bafang geared hub motor with a maximum output of 750 watts and a speed of around 25. Its nineties design and look will make you stand out in a crowd.

Michael Blast Greaser Cafe Racer

18. Urban Arrow Shorty

Arrow Shorty e-bike has ample cargo space at the front. You can put groceries or even your child in the box.  The material used, elastic polypropylene, is lightweight but very sturdy and it is suitable for one person.

Urban Arrow Shorty

19. Niner RLT e9 RDO 4-Star GRX

With this e-Bike, you can go anywhere. The bike has a Line CX motor which can take the speed up to 28mph. To top it off, 50mm wide tyres offer excellent traction, stability, and control on various road surfaces.

Niner RLT e9 RDO 4-Star GRX

20. Trek Domane+ HP

This E-bike allows for longer, quicker rides. Domane+ is the best ride for cyclists who seek speed, all-road performance, and unlimited style. It has a carbon frame with IsoSpeed, a solid endurance shape, light and robust Bosch drive system, and a stylish design with integrated lighting elements.

Trek Domane+ HP

21. Specialized S-Works Turbo Creo SL

Turbo Creo is one of the most expensive e-bikes on the market. Its 320Wh internal battery provides up to 80 miles of range. Also, the magnesium-cased SL 1.1 mid-motor provides up to 240 watts. All these provide 28mph of speed, and it’s more than enough for any group ride.

Specialized S-Works Turbo Creo SL

Key Points

  • Electric bikes are more convenient and comfortable to use than traditional bikes.
  • Electric bikes that look like a motorcycle fall under two main categories- pedal assist and throttle only.
  • Sometimes, the speed of the e-bike can be increased by removing the speed limiter.
  • Choosing an e-bike with a removable battery allows you to check for errors and diagnose them.


These are the top-rated and most discussed electric bikes that look like a motorcycle. We hope our article helped you to know about this recent invention. More and more people are now buying e-bikes and using them as an everyday ride. After all, who wants to stay stuck in traffic for hours, right?

Happy riding!

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