How to Fix Electric Bike Error Codes (Quick Solutions)!

Getting error messages can be annoying at times because it means Something is not working right. Just like any other machine, electric bikes break down. In this case, their systems are designed to help the user identify the fault through electric bike error codes.

Electric bike error codes are manufacturer-generated values that represent a particular fault in the bike. Even though getting error codes can be any rider’s nightmare, they are bound to appear anyway. In this article, we dig deeper into this and see how to fix electric bike error codes.

Common Electric Bike Error Codes and Solutions

Usually, an ebike light will be flashing, displaying error codes as a warning to bikers that something is wrong with the system and needs fixing. Every error code outlines different issues with the bike. This article gives you more insight on how to fix electric bike error codes with some quick solutions

How to Fix Electric Bike Error Codes

Some errors may have more or less similar solutions. Common ebike errors may include:

1. Throttle Error

This error occurs when a throttle cable is damaged or loose. It occurs when a biker pulls the throttle cable without slowing down first, resulting in abnormal responses. It’s a tendency practiced by many riders. This is often referred to as electric bike error 5

Throttle Error

Solution: Try unplugging and replugging back the throttle cable, checking the pins are in line for a proper connection and are not bent. If this method does not work, unplug the throttle from your kit and get a new one.

2. Speed or torque sensor error

Speed or torque sensor error, often called electric bike error code 2, occurs when dust particles released from brake levers cause a blockage or overuse of the sensors. According to Yamaha ebike error codes, speed sensor error is displayed as error code A5, while torque sensor error displays error code 38.

Speed or torque sensor error

Solution: Check if the speed sensor and magnet have been installed correctly. Check the position of the spoke magnet. Within 1 mm of the speed sensor and the smooth side of the magnet should be facing the speed sensor. The speed sensor should be screwed into the motor lead plug fully. If this doesn’t work, the speed sensor could be broken and needs replacement. Consider replacing the torque sensor, controller, or drive shaft.

3. Electric Bike Hall Brake Sensor Error

If the hall sensor is loose or has silicone interferences blocking its connection from the controller to the motor core, then this error is likely to appear. It will show electric bike error code 3.

Electric Bike Hall Brake Sensor error

Solution: The best way to solve this is by loosening the controller to unplug and replug the hall sensor plug. Confirm if all pins on the plug are straight and get rid of any silicone interference on the connection area. Error 8 hall sensor usually shows the above error.

4. Temperature Error

This error will show up when the ebike is not within the required temperature range, i.e., higher than 80 degrees Celsius or lower than 10 degrees Celsius. A high-temperature error will display as electric bike error code 10.

Solution: Turn off the system to cool down to the permissible temperature or let the drive unit heat up in case of low voltage. Try to restart the engine.

5. Controller Error

Controller error could result from one of the plugs from the controller not being correctly connected to the motor.

Electric Bike Controller error

Solution: Try reconnecting the plugs while checking that none of the pins is bent and everything is connected correctly. If this persists, consider replacing the controller.

6. Configuration Error

It happens when there is a wrong software installation for the line series (performance line) or the type of bike, e.g., speed/cruise, gearbox in the hub, or derailleur.

Configuration Error

Solution: Perform a software update or reinstall the software to rectify the product line, reboot the system.

7. Communication Error

This type of error happens due to a simple connection problem. It could be due to an improper connection between the controller and the display, causing it not to receive critical information; electric bike error code 30. At times this error can be linked to the internal controller or the motor.

Solution: Try reconnecting all the primary wiring harness connections and the motor lead connection with the speed sensor and battery. Ensure none of the pins is bent and are all in line with the arrows. Also, check if there is any silicon interference or corrosion damage.

8. Intermittent Power Cut Off

It commonly occurs when there is a connection issue in the mount and battery. For the battery to power the motor adequately, it needs a solid connection with the mount connecting the battery leads to the motor. This issue leads to wear and tear.

Intermittent Power Cut Off

Solution: Turn off the ebike and remove the battery. Turn on the motor with the power button. Squeeze the two outer prong connectors on the battery mount inwards, making sure the battery has a solid connection with the mount.

9. High Voltage Error

Using an incorrect battery voltage will cause it not to function correctly or go into sleep mode. High voltage or incorrect battery use on the bike shows electric bike error code 7.

Solution: Change your bike battery by calculating the necessary voltage (not more, nor less).  The best practice is to use the manufacturer-recommended battery.

Electric Bike Error Codes List and Description

It is important to note that electric bike error codes may vary with different manufacturers. Error codes tabled below could be different from ebike motion error codes. Below is a tabulated error code, cause, and description of commonly experienced ebike errors:

Error CodeCauseDescription
3Hall Brake Sensor ErrorWhen the hall sensor is loose or blocked by silicone residue. Loosen the controller and re-plug the hall sensor plug
4Open Throttle ErrorIt appears when the throttle is loose and cannot return to the initial position. Check for any blockage or tear.
5Throttle DamageThe throttle may be loose or damaged. Check the cable; try unplugging and replugging.
6Low Voltage ErrorCheck your battery voltage. Charge your battery for at least 30 mins and check if the voltage value increases. If there is no change, check the connection or try a different charger.
7High Voltage ErrorThe battery used on the bike produces higher than the required voltage. It may cause a system failure or improper functioning.
8Motor Hall Sensor ErrorOne or more hall sensor cables could be disconnected or damaged. Try disconnecting and reconnecting the motor cable.
10High-Temperature ErrorIt occurs when the controller gets to its maximum temperature level. Let it cool down before using the bike again.
21Electric Current ErrorIt happens when the motor cable is disconnected. Check the connection from the controller to the motor. If code persists, test with a new controller
29Battery Voltage Sensor ErrorBattery pack sensors are damaged. Check connection or contact your authorized dealer.
30Communication ErrorIt occurs when there is a connection problem between the internal controller and the display. Check for silicone interference, corrosion damage, or loose or damaged cables
31Peak Over Current ErrorIt occurs due to the excessive current from the battery pack. Reduce power demand and restart the bike.
35Sensors 4V3 ErrorThere is a fault on the power supply sensor. Check the motor and peddling sensor cables.

As stated earlier, error codes vary with manufacturers; s830 error codes are usually displayed on an s830 LCD unit and have different factory values. You can buy the unit separately or replace it entirely in case of damage.

It’s no doubt that at some point, you may encounter one or some of the errors discussed above. However, you can quickly eliminate such errors with the correct use of electric bikes and regular maintenance. Remember, if you’re unable to rectify any error, always contact your authorized dealer rather than doing guess works with no fruitful outcome.


There you have the most commonly experienced electric bike error codes explained. Where complex systems like BMS, electric controllers are involved, error codes are helpful to understand the issue. You need to understand and troubleshoot these minor errors that may occur from regular use of your bike. For any error, your electric bike will flash a light indicator or display an error code.

You can always refer to the user manual, your ebike app on your smartphone, or the manufacturer’s website to get a detailed description of how to fix electric bike error codes. But you should be able to fix common and minor faults in no time by following the guides above.

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