Electric Bike Battery Not Working – How to Fix?

Have you experienced a situation where your electric bike battery is not working after using it for a few hours? It’s frustrating after spending thousands of dollars seeing your electric bike having battery issues. Although cases are not common, they are machines and prone to failure, especially when you don’t take care of them properly.

Whatever problem you might face with your electric bike battery, there is always a way to fix it. Even if you haven’t experienced any of these problems, it is vital to equip yourself with the necessary knowledge. Let’s explore how you can deal with your electric bike battery not .

Key Points

  •  An electric bike battery not working isn’t something new.
  • Frequently clean your charger port to avoid dirt obstructing it from charging.
  • Avoid charging your electric bike under extreme temperatures to improve the battery’s lifespan.
  • If your electric bike battery is intact, but the bike refuses to power on, ensure you check your battery management system.

Common E-bike Battery Problems and Their Solutions

Several things might contribute to your electric bike battery problems. Despite the issues, there are countless solutions available at your disposal. Here are a few issues you might face and easy ways to fix your electric bike battery.

Problem  1: Electric Bike battery not Charging

Your electric bike battery might stop charging for several reasons. When faced with such a situation, you don’t need to panic, as you can follow the steps below to rectify the issues. For instance, your battery won’t charge if the charger is damaged or the battery management system is not working.

Common E-bike Battery Problems

How to Fix?

Most newbies get frightened or agitated when their electric bike battery doesn’t show any signs of charging. Firstly, you should check if the power outlet is turned on to ensure the battery is not charging. Secondly, check if the charger is working correctly and provides an output of over 36 volts. You can also check if the battery is hot, making the battery stop charging.

Furthermore, clean the battery charger port to ensure no dirt obstructs it. Perhaps you haven’t charged your battery for several months, then it would be best if you replaced it if this is the case. Finally, most electric bike batteries come with a fuse; you can verify if the fuse is intact and hasn’t blown. Remember, the charger and battery pack each come with a fuse. Therefore, endeavour to check both areas before concluding that the battery is not charging.

Problem 2: Electric Bike Battery doesn’t store or hold a charge

You might experience your battery discharging quickly even when not in use. The primary reason for this might be a faulty battery or short circuit in your battery. There are several ways to detect the battery is not holding a charge.

eBike charging issue

How to fix it?

Take the battery pack from your electric bike and charge it. When charged, you can test it properly by installing it on the bike. Assuming the battery doesn’t discharge, the problem is from your bike. In most situations, the problem is a short circuit or motor. Nevertheless, the lithium-ion cell is damaged if the battery doesn’t keep any charge.

Problem 3: Electric Bike battery pack swelling

Another common issue that might warrant your electric bike battery not working is the pack swelling. It’s a severe problem affecting one or more lithium-ion cells. If you discover your bike model uses flat pack cells, it is possible to face such a situation. Nowadays, most electric bike batteries are positioned inside the bike frame. Due to this, it is hard for anyone to notice a swollen battery pack.

How to Fix?

Once you discover your battery swelling, you don’t need to panic. The best way to fix this issue is to turn off the power before carefully removing the battery. Depending on your location, you can consider recycling the battery. To check if the battery is swollen, you must drop the lower plate before taking the battery pack out. Remember, you have to disconnect cables surrounding the battery pack.

Problem 4: Electric Bike battery dies quickly

Electric bike batteries come with a lifespan. However, your battery might die before the given timeframe, even if it is charged 100%. Your battery might die if it is old or the charging life cycle is at its ending stage. Once your battery reaches its life cycle, the output will reduce, affecting overall performance.

Electric Bike battery dies

How to fix it?

If you discover that your battery often dies quickly, the first check to make is the charging life cycle. Maybe you have charged the battery more than 600 times, reaching its charging life cycle. In this situation, you don’t have any option but to invest in a new battery. Depending on the model and type, electric bike batteries cost between $500 to $600.

Problem 5: Electric Bike battery management system (BM) is not working

Assuming your battery and charger work independently, they may cause specific issues in your bike. For instance, your battery management system might not function as it ought to. The BMS helps regulate the battery cell’s balance when charging and discharging.

How to fix it?

Since the BMS manages power transportation to the motor while controlling the overall temperature, you need to avoid the battery from overheating. Unfortunately, if you have a dead BMS, the electric bike battery will stop charging. In most situations, a bad BMS results in discharging – abnormal battery draining. The best option is to replace the BMS or invest in a new electric bike if you have the resources.

Problem 6: Electric Bike doesn’t turn on

Sometimes you might face an uncommon situation where your electric bike refuses to power on after last use. When this happens, there are several things to do to find the actual culprit before concluding that your battery is faulty.

Electric Bike doesn’t turn on

How to Fix?

Assuming you discover your electric bike doesn’t turn on. The first thing to check is the main switch. If everything is intact with the switch, you can check the battery as this is a common issue if the bike doesn’t turn on since it uses stored power.

If the bike looks charged, the next thing to check is the battery fuse. The fuse is located at the side of your bike and can often blow because of vibration, over-current, or a short circuit. Once you discover the issue is the fuse, you can contact a professional to get it fixed.

Note: At times, the problem goes beyond the fuse, and you need to check the speed controller is functioning. The speed controller usually sends a signal to power on the pack. The speed controller can fail, especially when water gets into it. While doing this, don’t forget to check if your battery is fully charged because if the battery is low, your electric bike won’t turn on.

Expert’s Tip: You can also long-press the power button for at least 10 seconds as this would force the speed control. Alternatively, you can press the M button on your bike for a few seconds as controllers can get turned on using this method.

What is the lifespan of an electric bike battery?

Electric bike batteries can last up to five years. Nevertheless, the lifespan hinges on several factors, including the battery’s age, type, brand, and the number of times it has been charged throughout its lifetime. Because of these factors, you might experience variations in the lifespan of an electric bike battery.

The standard lifespan for a lithium-ion battery is about two to three years, varying from charge cycles of 200 to 300. Once it goes beyond this threshold, you might experience gradual degradation in quality and performance. At times, the performance and quality will rapidly degrade.

Can you fix an electric bike battery?

Yes, you can fix an electric bike battery. However, it is never advisable if you are not a professional because things can get complicated. Although it is not advisable, it involves a relatively easy method, which you can do at home. If you are a DIY fanatic, you might want to get your tools such as a wire cutter, an old bad battery, and electric tape to get things started.


Your electric bike battery is sensitive like other electrical items. You need to take the utmost care with frequent maintenance to ensure it lasts longer. Without appropriate instruction, it’s a tricky issue to keep your battery safe. One crucial step is to adhere to the instruction manual to prolong your battery lifespan.

Once you neglect your bike’s maintenance, you might face the problems discussed here. However, we have also provided relevant solutions to get it fixed. Importantly, we hope the issue of your electric bike battery not working isn’t severe. Nevertheless, if you have a damaged battery cell, you can replace it, especially if you know the process involved.

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