Why Does My Bike Chain Slip When I Pedal Hard?

Why Does My Bike Chain Slip When I Pedal Hard

Riding a cycle is a great way to exercise, and there’re even competitions on this where people ride hard and furiously through the mountain roads. That requires them to pedal fast and hard to gain enough speed to climb the mountain. However, mountain bikers especially face the issue of their chain slipping on the bike …

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How To Solve an Electric Bike with Intermittent Power? – Safe Solution!

How to Start an Electric Bike Without a Key

Understanding how to solve an electric bike with intermittent power can be tricky and complicated if an owner does not have knowledge about the fundamentals and the causes of this specific issue. Before looking for answers, it is always recommended to analyze the causes and prevention methods. If you have intermittent power on your e-bike, …

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Electric Bike Battery Not Working – How to Fix?

Electric Bike Battery Not Working

Have you experienced a situation where your electric bike battery is not working after using it for a few hours? It’s frustrating after spending thousands of dollars seeing your electric bike having battery issues. Although cases are not common, they are machines and prone to failure, especially when you don’t take care of them properly. …

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Electric Bike Hub Motor Problems and How to Fix Them?

Electric Bike Hub Motor Problems and How to Fix Them

The advent of e-bikes has gained ground so well that folks without a car seem not to feel the need to own a car. And most car owners who own an electric bike, are sometimes tempted to forget about their cars. It has taken the automobile landscape by storm. And just like car owners, e-bike …

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Giant Electric Bike Problems and Their Solutions

Giant Electric Bike Problems and Their Solutions

Electric bikes are no longer the same machines they were ten years ago. They have been wholly upgraded to be more aesthetically pleasing, more lightweight, and more powerful. But with the alarming rate of giant electric bike problems, is there any assurance for folks who want to live an active life, whilst enjoying a powered bike’s …

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How to Remove Speed Limiter on Electric Bike?

How to Remove Speed Limiter on Electric Bike

Developed as alternative transportation, the use of electric bikes is growing. You can use an e-bike because you want to enjoy some riding pleasure, or you don’t want to use a car. But why are most riders concerned about how to remove the speed limiter on electric bikes? Knowing fully well that over-speeding while riding an …

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How to Charge eBike Battery Without Charger?

How To Charge Ebike Battery Without Charger

E-bikes have become insanely popular and have established their place in the realm of urban transportation in this modern era. Some fantastic features, compact size, and zero emissions have made them reputable in commuters’ eyes. They are a valuable tool to escape the hassles of traffic jams and parking issues on their way to work. …

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How To Test An e-Bike Battery Easily? [Diagnose Guide]

How To Test An e-Bike Battery Easily

Testing of your e-bike battery periodically lets you know whether it’s time to have a change or still to be served for long. To test an e-bike battery, measure its voltage, current, and resistance with a multimeter. Connect the multimeter to the battery and choose the measurement function. But for this test, you will need …

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Why Is My Electric Bike Cutting Out – Fixing Guide

Why Is My Electric Bike Cutting Out

It’s disconcerting enough when you’re riding along and all of a sudden your bike starts to misfire. But when you’re riding uphill, it’s much more dangerous because you’re already working harder on the bike. And if your electric bike suddenly cuts out while you’re cruising uphill, it’s likely to cause you to lose control and …

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How To Connect E-bike Controller?

How To Connect E-Bike Controller

Controllers are the sole thing that makes e-bike different from regular bikes. It controls every function of your e-bike the way our brain controls us. Our body starts malfunctioning if any nerves become inactive or the neuron stops receiving information. Similarly, if you fail to connect any of the connecting wires to its right joint, …

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