Can I Buy An Electric Bike Under $300: Is It Possible Or A Myth?

Electric bikes are becoming the favourite transportation for most people, making e-bikes more popular daily. But an electric bicycle comes with many advanced features, and it runs on electricity, making these bikes very expensive.

If you’re looking for an e-bike for under 300 dollars, you may wonder, “can I buy an electric bike for under $300? Will it be worth buying an e-bike at this range?” Surprisingly, yes, you can get an e-bike for under $300.

If you’re concerned about the quality, you may get a high-quality e-bike at this range, but it may not contain all the essential features like high-end bikes. We’ve selected the two best electric bikes under $300 that we’ll review in the following discussion. So read along to know about them.

Is It Possible To Buy An Electric Bike for Under $300?

Yes, it’s possible to buy an electric bike for under $300. If you can’t find one, you can build a decent setup within this amount with an existing bike using electric bike kits. But don’t worry, you don’t have to do it since we will give you the two best options for electric bikes under $300.

Can I Buy An Electric Bike Under $300

However, you should know that your low-cost electric bike won’t be similar to the expensive bike’s performance, durability, and riding experience. Essential parts may not be included with the cheap e-bikes, so you’ll need to buy those separately.

Which Factors Can Affect The Price Of An Electric Bike?

There are various factors determining how much an electric bike will cost. Here are some key factors that mainly affect the cost of an e-bike:

Which Factors Can Affect The Price Of An Electric Bike


The frame of an electric bike plays a significant role in determining its price. If you want an e-bike that features a sturdy heavy frame, this will cost you more than lightweight frames made of cheaper metals.

However, your electric bike needs to be lightweight enough to manoeuvre comfortably. But remember, there’re some models with frames that are too lightweight. A good quality electric bike should weigh almost twice as much as a standard bicycle.


If you want good-quality tyres with deep treads, you must invest more in an electric bike. If your budget is low, look for an electric bike with mid-grade tyres. Although this adds more money to the overall price, you can reduce the frequent replacement of tyres and save money long term.

Battery Type

The battery is a significant factor that affects the price of an e-bike. A battery on an electric bike is what stores electricity and allows you to run the cycle for a few hours straight. Remember, when it comes to electric bikes, you get what you pay for. If you go for low-cost electric bikes, you may need to charge the battery frequently and replace it earlier.

Battery Type

However, the good thing about electric bikes is it’s easy to charge the battery with the charger and even without the charger. Moreover, Lithium-ion batteries are best for e-bikes since they last longer and weigh less than other compatible batteries.


The electric motor and wattage affect the overall cost of an electric bike. In general, the stronger the motor of your e-bike, the faster the e-bike will run. In addition, a hub motor or rear hub motor is also a factor that impacts the price. Generally, cheap electric bikes are most likely to have 250W to 500W of power; on the other hand, expensive e-bikes contain a motor of 750 to 1000 watts.


According to the electric bike law of New York, if you want to use an e-bike for transporting purposes, then you need to have a license. And to get it, your e-bike must have an electric motor with less than 750W of power.

Electric Controls

Electric controls on an e-bike are responsible for operating all the electric components, for example, motor, brakes, etc. This part is called the “intelligence” of the e-bike and it maintains communication between electrical parts. An e-bike consisting of basic electronic controls is less expensive than e-bikes with advanced controls and additional features.


Three types of e-bike suspensions are available: Front, Rear, and Full suspension. If you choose rear suspension, the e-bike will be inexpensive. High-end models of electric mountain bikes have full suspension, but this costs the most.



E-bike additional accessories will increase the overall price. However, what accessories you will need depends on how you want to use your electric bike. Here’re some of the accessories that e-bike owners like to have:

  • Ergonomic hand grips: These give commuters a contoured and comfortable handgrip which makes riding for a longer time easier.
  • Cargo basket: This accessory makes a short trip to the grocery shop easier. You can find cargo baskets that are waterproof, durable, and lockable.
  • Fenders: It’s beneficial to prevent mud and water splashing as you ride.
  • Safety lights and reflectors: Investing in tail lights, headlights, and reflectors is essential if you plan to drive at night.

Is An Electric Bike Under $300 Worth Buying?

As you’ve read above, an electric bike with high quality and robust features is expensive. High-end electric bikes are primarily ideal for day-to-day transportation and travelling long distances. So if we think from that perspective, then, of course, an electric bike under $300 won’t be worth buying.

However, you can find some good electric bikes at this price range for small distance transportation and running a quick errand around the area. To find a good e-bike at this budget, you’ll have to do extensive research, but we’ve got some Best Buys here.

Best Electric Bike Under $300

It will be a challenging search if you’re buying an electric bike for the first time and have a tight budget. But, here we’ve got two of the best electric bikes under $300– one for kids and another for teenagers. We shortlisted these e-bikes based on the max rider’s weight capability, tyres, battery, and comfort.

1. Hiboy BK1 Electric Bike

This electric bike is ideal for kids to learn to cycle for the first time with the additional fun of motor support. And Hiboy BK1 can be a great pick. It offers a comfortable riding experience for kids with an ergonomic design, including a comfy saddle and adjustable seat height.

Hiboy BK1 Electric Bike

A simple start button press can switch on the bike in seconds. The flexible handle, including two anti-slip grips and a fixed pedal, makes it easier to operate for kids. The Hiboy BK1 Electric Bike comes with a front V brake and rear electric brake. These brakes will allow your kid to brake the bike smoothly, ensuring safety for kids while riding. Lastly, make sure your kid wears helmets and other protective gear for additional safety.

  • Adjustable seat height
  • Double braking system
  • Easy bike start system
  • Almost 1 hour running time
  • The footrest is small

2. Razor Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Off-Road Bike

If you have a rider in your home aged 13 or more, you won’t find a more suitable choice than this one. The bike comes with riser-style handlebars, adjustable angle, spoked wheels, retractable kickstand, hand operated rear brake, etc.

Razor Dirt Off-Road Bike

And about the battery? It features two 12V sealed lead acid rechargeable batteries allowing up to 7 miles with a full charge. The pneumatic knobby tyres in this e-bike can handle any off-road terrains and soft dirt to muddy conditions.

  • It offers an excellent weight carrying capacity
  • Quick stop solution with the hand-operated rear brake
  • Can run for 11km with a fully charged battery
  • Handles all types of terrain smoothly
  • Only a single speed is available

Article Summary

  • It’s not possible to find a high-quality e-bike for under $300.
  • Only expensive electric bikes are built with durable and sturdy material.
  • Electric motor, battery, suspension, and frame are the main factors that determine the price of an electric bike.
  • An electric bike under $300 won’t contain all the necessary features; you may need to buy some extra accessories to complete the bike.
  • Cheap electric bikes are suitable for short-distance travelling.


After going through the above discussion, you will have a clearer idea of “can I buy an electric bike under $300?”. Generally, a good quality electric bike costs over a thousand dollars that a rider can use for long-distance travelling.

Many factors are responsible for the price tags. However, while buying an e-bike for under 300 dollars, you should consider the battery, motor, and brake before other components. We hope you find all the information above helpful in deciding whether you should buy an electric bike for under $300.

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