Can An Electric Bike Pull a Trailer? Get All the Details!

With a long wheel-base e-bike on turbo mode, a torque of 90 Nm, and super sticky downhill back tires with a pressure of around 20 psi, you have absolutely no reason to ask the question, can an electric bike pull a trailer? Because you have a machine that is capable of answering present in every test of power, from a lengthy fire road drag, a technical climb, or a rocky descent, as well as pulling any trailer. Also, in addition to the trailer, I’ve seen footage on YouTube showing electric bike pulling trailers and vans.

Key Takeaways

  • Electric bikes are great for pulling a trailer, making it much easier to go up the hills and over longer distances while pulling a trailer.
  • With the correct size of motor, an e-bike may give you a boost or simply make the journey easier when needed most to pull a trailer from beginning to end.
  • You can pull greater weight with less effort if you are riding the right electric bike.

Can An Electric Bike Pull a Trailer?

An e-bike can tow a trailer and even more, but you need to do your homework, get the best bicycle for towing, and understand your e-bike capacity. The ease or difficulty of pedaling with a trailer will be determined by the motor of your e-bike. When it comes to purchasing an electric bike, much alone increasing its frame, there is a lot to consider. To have a better understanding, I spoke with numerous E-bike enthusiasts and specialists, who were quite helpful. Here’s what I discovered. Your e-bike should be the long-wheelbase.

Can An Electric Bike Pull a Trailer

This is because a long-wheelbase e-bike is planted since it has extra weight on the rear wheel to pull. You also need to put your e-bike on turbo mode which gives your e-bike 400 assistance on the road. With such assistance, your efforts are multiplied by four. Unlike a regular mountain bike, that’s a lot of torque. Again, the motor choice of your e-bike is also very important. A modest pressure, maybe around 20 psi, should provide plenty of grips, which will be necessary for pulling some of this load along naturally. When it concerns pulling kinds of stuff with your e-bikes, there are a variety of possibilities. All of these will clear your worries of how possible can an electric bike pull a trailer.

Pros and Cons of Pulling a Bike Trailer with an E-Bike

  • It’s a lot easier to use.
  • Faster access to more difficult terrain
  • Distance\Practicality
  • The ability to tow
  • Low resale value due to weight
  • Concerns about the environment
  • Maintenance that remains ongoing
  • Must be charged on a daily basis

Types Of Bike Trailers You Can Tow

You can choose your trailer now that you’ve decided on the ideal e-bike. Many trailers are available on the market that are built for specific uses. Here are a few ideas for you to consider:

Types Of Bike Trailers

Cargo Trailers

Cargo trailers, (electric cargo trailers), are available in a lot of sizes, all of which are suited for transporting heavy equipment over long distances. You can choose between a one-wheeled or two-wheeled version, with the two-wheel providing loading convenience and more stability. The two-wheel version, on the other hand, takes more labor and/or energy. For your electric bike, the foldable baggage trailer is an excellent alternative. If you have a huge item to transport, you can fold up the sides. It also includes a hitch for attaching it to your e-bike. It’s a strong option that can handle up to 110 pounds of weight. If you’re using tight paths, a one-wheeled trailer is ideal because it’s easy to maneuver. It’s just more difficult to properly regulate your load.

Children Trailer

There are 1-2 seat possibilities for these. Some of these seats have pedals mounted to them so the kids may bike alongside you. On the inside, you may put various play stations for your youngsters. The Forefoot Tow Trailer for Kids is among the most famous children’s bike trailers. It has a lot of positive feedback and it is a safer and more enjoyable way of taking your youngster for a bike ride with you. It includes a bug and weatherproof shield to protect your child from insects and rain. It’s also simple to install, so you can go on the bike path right away. For your e-bike, this would make a terrific kid’s trailer.

Pet`s Trailer

The pet trailers might become increasingly ornate as time goes on. To keep the pets safe within the e-bike trailer, they feature sides and sturdy flooring. For your long-haired traveler, you can include padding and other entertaining features. As an adult, I’ve never owned a pet and, as a result, I’ve never ridden my e-bike with a pet in tow. If you have a tiny dog, cat, or giant tortoise, you must check out Schwinn’s bicyclist-friendly pet trailer. You may strap this into your e-bike and ride with your favorite small pet companion. It includes a safety flag as well as enough airflow for your pet. Additionally, you can use a leash that attaches to the inside part of your trailer to keep your animal from leaping out.

Powered Trailer

These trailers, as the name says, drive themselves! They have a built-in battery. You wouldn’t have to worry about draining the one in the e-bike.

What Types of E-bikes And Features Are Best or Pulling a Trailer?

You’ll be able to carry more and will find it much easier to climb slopes if you obtain an Electric Bike with a high-powered motor. The typical E-Bike motor type is 250 watts. Look for anything with a 750w rating. If you still think that you don’t have enough power, look into local ordinances. You don’t need a permit to ride an e-bike, but there are some restrictions to follow. There might be limits on the number of watts your e-bike can have depending on where you live. Your decision for a motor can go one of three ways, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

What Types of E-bikes And Features Are Best or Pulling a Trailer

Front Motor

Provides front-wheel traction and transfers weight evenly between both the drive system and the motor, but places a strain on the fork.


This allows you to choose the drive train you want and makes acceleration easier. It may, however, necessitate a non-standard structure or difficult-to-find replacement parts.

Mind Your Battery

An e-bike with a large battery or an auxiliary battery is also a very useful feature. You’re pulling the trailer’s weight as well as all of its contents. Higher capacity batteries last longer and go further. And if it runs out of power, you simply swap it out. When it comes to safety, you’ll need to have an e-bike with strong braking capabilities. The weather might be harsh at times. The path isn’t always easy. For the finest performance in unforeseen situations, you should look for an electric bike that has disc brakes.

The Accessories

E-bikes have gone a long way and are now available in a variety of styles and options.

  • Would you like one with lights or racks to expand your cargo space? It’s something you can do.
  • What about a handlebar-mounted LCD? This will assist you in keeping track of your battery.

Wireless capability for smartphone use is available on some E-bikes. For security, some people still use back wheel locking and a battery lock. The majority of these accessories are lightweight, which means they won’t add a huge amount of weight to your concept. The majority of these accessories are lightweight, which means they won’t add a huge amount of weight to the design.

Tips to Consider When Pulling a Children’s Trailer

Tips to Consider When Pulling a Children’s Trailer

Compatibility with Trailers

Most inexpensive trailers have rapid axles which are fixed to the back tire, but most e-bikes have a thru-axle (12*148 mm), so check before you purchase and make sure you pick a decent quality trailer.

It Should Have a Waterproof Cover

When it rains and you’re riding an electric bike with your kids, it won’t be fun, especially if the trailer’s cover isn’t waterproof. Also, make sure the front has a water screen to keep your kids entertained and have a pleasant riding experience.

It’s Vital to Have a Trailer Flag

The trailer flag is not even an accessory; it is extremely vital and beneficial for you to have while riding an e-bike for two reasons. First and foremost, safeguard your children. Everyone will be able to see that you have kids inside your trailer if you have a flag flying high on the trailer. Second, it indicates the trailer’s proportions. For example, if you’re passing through a narrow area, you can swiftly peek back to see the trailer’s size.


Many trailers have a suspension mechanism, which is very useful, especially when there are two or more children inside. This will undoubtedly help you mitigate shocks and boost the safety of your children, so purchasing a trailer with a suspension system is a good idea.

Alternatives to Using an E-Bike to Pull a Trailer

Yes, if you want to carry extra weight on your e-bike, you don’t have to pull a trailer. At the very least, there are two more.

Alternatives to Using an E-Bike to Pull a Trailer

Electric Cargo Bikes

Based on the quantity of luggage you plan to transport; any electric cargo bike may be a better option. Electric cargo bikes will provide you with additional space to store your belongings. In comparison to a normal e-bike pulling a trailer like an e-bike will have more range. Some freight e-bike models come with 2 front wheels to provide more stability. Furthermore, these e-bikes are designed specifically to transport bigger loads. As a result, they are typically better constructed and their components are more integrated. Better brakes, a larger battery capacity, and a sturdier frame are among the features found on cargo e-bikes.

The most significant downside of using electric cargo bikes is that it will be more difficult to take a straightforward ride from point A to point B when you are in a hurry. During the voyage, you will be taking extra cargo capacity with you, which you may or may not require at all times.

Electric Push Trailer

What if someone had said a trailer could assist you in transporting the goods? What if you discovered that a trailer can help itself by generating its electricity? “Electric Push Trailers” or “Electric Cargo Trailer” are the names for these kinds of trailers. These trailers, as the name says, assist you in moving merchandise. These trailers can be attached to either a standard bicycle or e-bicycle.

How to Choose Your Electric Cargo Bike?

How to Choose Your Electric Cargo Bike

The Size

The first aspect to consider is the cargo e-bike size. While most e-bike cargo is the same size, the design will vary, so if you are too tall or short, make sure to choose a design that is appropriate for you. I don’t simply mean the shape when I say design; I also mean making sure that features like the Seatpost and handle par can be adjusted. Your Reason for Purchasing an Electric Cargo Bike

The most crucial issue for you to answer is what you want to get out of the purchase. This will help you save money or cause you to waste money without getting anything in return, especially because the designs are numerous and varied. As a result, determining the purchase’s purpose is critical. Will you need it for a specific length of time, or do you need it for the long-term and for many purposes, such as transporting your pets, goods, or children?

Your Favorite Cargo Location

It is for you to decide where the baggage should be carried on the bike. Some people prefer freight in the front of the truck, while others prefer goods in the back. But each area has its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

Front Cargo

It’s easier to balance when the cargo is in the front because the weight is lighter. However, because the handlebar is virtually in the center of the bike, you might lose the regular biking feeling.

Rear Cargo

Because it retains the regular riding experience, the rear cargo e-cargo bike is the most common. In other words, when the cargo is on the back of the e-bike, it makes it easy for the e-bike to stand on the cargo while inside the elevator.

Its Costly

Electric Cargo Bikes are not cheap since they are created in a specific way, and the battery capabilities and the motor are frequently greater to resist heavy-duty use, so if you decide to get one, be prepared to spend some money.

Select the Appropriate Specifications

As previously stated, whether you are using your e-bike to pull a trailer, or purchasing an electric cargo bike, one of the most crucial elements to consider is the engine and battery. So, weigh your requirements against the features of the electric cargo bike you intend to purchase.

Final Word

Before you start to wonder how can an electric bike pull a trailer, consider all the above tips. You’ll be OK as long as you shop wisely when purchasing your electric bike and trailer. You will still need to pedal if you ride an electric bike. The more you put weight on your electric bike, the more power it will require to move forward. This energy must originate from either you’re cycling or the battery! If you rely on your e-bike battery too much, it will deplete faster. Have fun pedaling!

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