10 Best Electric Bikes for Sand For All-terrain & Off-Road In 2023

When it comes to exploring sand or even beaches, an electric bike can be your best companion. However, when it comes to riding on sand, bikes aren’t the best performer because of unforgiving sand. Well, unless you have the right power in it.

And there are many e-bikes available in the market that have huge power, but don’t do well on the sand! That’s because there are other considerable factors to consider!

It becomes quite overwhelming to choose the best electric bikes for sand with all these confusing aspects. No worries, we’re here with our exclusive reviews for the best electric bikes for sand you can rely on. We hope this guide can be a great help for you.

Can You Ride Bikes on the Beach & Sand?

Sure you can ride bikes on the beach and sand. But, there are some factors that you need to consider beforehand. Your bike should come with fat tires with at least 4-inch treads. That width will help you float on the sand. Also, you’ll need an advanced gear system like 7-speed or more.

Can You Ride Bikes on the Beach & Sand

In a general sense, a typical beach means there will be loose sands, riding on which will be quite challenging. You always want to have a wet and smooth surface to ride bikes smoothly. Take a typical beach cruiser without fat tires as an example.

Even though they got the name beach cruiser, you will still suffer to ride them in the loose beach sand without fat tires. Now, when you talk about an electric bike, especially the fat tire one, you can ride it in the sand or beach. Good ones have all-terrain tires, compatible with both hill terrains and beach sand.

Without any doubt, it can be said that a top-quality electric bike with the right tire will be able to give you a pleasant trip on the beach or sand. However, in that case, you need to know how to clean sand off your e-bike. Otherwise, you will end up damaging valuable parts of your bike.

Are Fat Tire Bikes Good On Sand?

Fat tire bikes perform the best on sand. They offer enough edge and grip even on the sand. However, it will still be a bit challenging in the extremely loose sand, but with proper gears and skills, you will be able to get the job done just fine.

Are Fat Tire Bikes Good On Sand

There is no denying that navigating in the sand is really tough and pretty much challenging. For beginners, riding a bike on the sand will feel quite similar to them riding in the snow. So, one should be well-equipped and gain the proper skill to ride a bike on the beach. If you have fat tires installed on your bike, the path will be comparatively easier for you.

Table of Content:

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Comparison Chart:

Want to get comparative ideas and thoughts about our top picks? We know it is utterly important for your decision-making. Check the comparison chart below which will give you a comparative summary of our shortlisted electric bikes.

Best Electric Bikes for SandMotor/BatteryMaximum SpeedGear Shift SystemFrame/Tire
R RATTAN 500W 20Inch Folding Electric Bike500W/ 48V 13AH Samsung lithium28 mphShimano 7 speedAluminum/ 20″ *4.0 fat tire
Heybike Mars Foldable Electric Bike500W/ modular 48V 12.5Ah20 mphShimano 7 speedAluminum/ 4” FAT TIRES
ECOTRIC Electric 26-Inch Fat Tire e-BikeRear Hub 36V 500W/ 36V 12.5Ah20 mphShimano 7 speedAluminum alloy/ 26 X 4.0 Fat Tire
Swagtron EB-6 Bandit E-Bike350W/ 36V 7.8 Ah Li-ion18.6 mphShimano 7 speedAluminum alloy/ High-volume 4-inch fat tires
VELOWAVE Electric Bike for Adults750W BAFANG geared hub motor/ 48V 15Ah, 720W, LG Cells28 mph7 speedAdjustable aluminum alloy/ Kenda 26″*4.0″ Fat Tires
Speedrid 500W Fat Tire Electric Bike48V 500W powerful brushless gear motor/ removable 48V 10Ah lithium-ion battery23 mph7 speedAluminum/ 26″ * 4.0 fat tire
MZZK Bike Fat Tire Electric Bike500W high speed brushless geared motor/ 8V/12.8AH lithium battery25 mphShimano 7 speedAluminum/ 26” x 4.0” Fat Tires
VITILAN V3 750W Ebike48V 750W High Speed Brushless Motor/ 48v 13.4Ah Removable Lithium Battery32 mphShimano 7 speedAluminum alloy/ 4.0 fat tire
NAKTO Fat Tire Electric Bike350W/ 36V, 10AH lithium battery30 mph6 speedAluminum/ 26 X 4.0 Fat Tire
GOGOAL Electric Bike for Adults750W/ 48V/12.8AH waterproof Lithium battery20 mph7 speedAluminum/ KENDA 4.0″ wide deep-tread tires

10 Best Electric Bikes for Sand 2023

Choosing the best e-bikes for sand is quite challenging. Explore our in-depth reviews on our 10 top picks so that you can make a thoughtful decision.

Best Electric Bikes for Sand

1. Editor’s Pick: R RATTAN 500W 20Inch Folding Electric Bike

R Rattan is a great brand that manufactures all top-notch products. Especially when you need a high-end electric bike for riding in the sand, they have this excellent option for you. R-Rattan 500W folding electric bike has many amazing features which will meet all of your expectations. Explore all of its key features below which will help you to make a generous buying decision.

R RATTAN Folding Electric Bike

Reliable Power System:

The power system of any electric bike is quite important. Because you will get all of the necessary strength to ride in sand from the power system. Equipped with a 48V 13AH Samsung Lithium battery, this excellent e-bike rides any terrain including sand with a 500W motor. So, you can remain stress-free when it comes to enjoying a regular beach ride in the summer.

Multiple Riding Modes:

You will get a total of 3 working modes in this exclusive bike. Those are e-bike, pedal-assist, and normal bike mode. The ebike mode will get you 45-50 miles of mileage with a full charge. When it comes to the pedal-assist mode, you will be able to travel 75-80 miles.

Multiple Riding Modes

Sharp LED Headlight:

Another great feature of this electric bike is it comes with an excellent LED headlight. So, a night will not be a restriction for your adventure. It’s also a great thing to have to ensure maximum safety on a busy, pitch-black night road.

Sharp LED Headlight

Convenient Packaging:

You will receive this ebike 95% assembled upon unboxing. All you have to do is install fenders, LED headlights along with the tail light. The rear cushion can be removed conveniently if you want. It will help you to carry your things. The good news is you will get a saddlebag along with the package.

Effective Gear-Shift System:

The 7 speed Shimano classic variable-speed transmission system will give you a great level of climbing power. You can adjust the speed level as per your riding environment. When you are planning for a beach trip on the sand with your electric bike, you can control your speed level.

Effective Gear-Shift System

High-Quality Materials:

Built with a sturdy 6061 aluminum alloy frame, this lightweight e-bike will give you a durable user experience. Besides, it comes with electrostatic baking varnish and hydroforming technology. No doubt, this is a perfect piece for sand riding.

Other Features:

The tire of this product has anti-slip tires for great resistance on the sand that works well with the powerful motor. Plus, it has an exclusive front suspension that comes with a great level of shock-absorbing ability. So, you will get excellent cushioning and stability from it.

Specifications For R RATTAN Folding Electric Bike

Bike TypeFolding Bike
Wheel Size20 Inches
Suspension TypeRear, Front
Frame MaterialAluminum
Battery48V 13AH Samsung lithium
Gear Shift SystemShimano 7 speed
Mileage45-50 miles (E-Bike Mode) to 75-80 miles (Pedal Assist Mode)

Quick Facts:

  • With pedal-assist mode, you can travel 75-80 miles conveniently when the battery has full capacity.
  • The high-end aluminum material makes it quite lightweight, yet sturdy. So, riding it will be so much more comfortable.
  • Its exclusive Shimano 7 speed will help you to control speed confidently even on the sand and beach.
  • Powerful motor and battery
  • 3 riding modes
  • Heavy traction on the tires
  • Foldable and easy to carry
  • It’s a little bit heavier

Why Should You Buy It?

There are many amazing features in this electric bike, making it especially great for sand. The 7 speed Shimano, shock-absorbing front suspension, wear-resistant tire, LED headlight everything will help you to boost up your confidence level while riding it. Although it’s a little bit heavy, still its foldable design will help you in the carriage. Considering everything, it can be a great product to deal with.

2. Best with Fat Tires: Heybike Mars Foldable Electric Bike

Heybike Mars foldable electric bike has many amazing features. Especially when it comes to the speed and range, it is incredible. Explore all of its key features below which will help you to make a smart decision.

Heybike foldable Electric Bike (1)

Good Battery Backup:

One of the excellent features of this product is it is equipped with the exclusive modular 48V 12.5Ah battery. Therefore, you will get a long lifespan of your bike with seamless riding performance. It will support your stressful rides on the sand or snow.

High performer Motor:

Another tremendous thing about this bike is it comes with a 500W brushless geared motor. It will provide you with a great level of strength so that you can conquer any terrain regardless of hilly or sandy.

High performer Motor

Fat Tires:

It is one of the main features why we included it in our list. This amazing electric bike comes with 4″wide puncture-resistant fat tires along with a dual suspension. So, you can visit almost every terrain without any hassle. Especially, if you love to ride on a beach, it is the right fit.

Riding Modes:

When you talk about an e-bike, always check the number of riding modes. Because it’s really important. This unit comes with three riding modes-throttle only, pedal-assisted, and the normal mode. You need to know when to use which mode. If you can combine all of the modes, undoubtedly that will maximize the outcome.

Riding Modes

Shimano 7 Speed:

Another important thing you need to know about this product is it comes with the Shimano 7 speed gear shifting system. During the ride, you will have multiple options with speed. You need to use the right speed at the right moments. And you will have full control over it.

Dual Disc Brakes:

Nothing is more important than safety, especially when you are riding an electric bike on the road or sandy area. To give you the ultimate safety, it is equipped with dual disc brakes and a lighting system. The brake system will support your rides on the beach, even if it has relatively lose sand.

Dual Disc Brakes

Foldable Design:

It is another good reason for us to place it on our shortlist. This excellent bike comes with a foldable and adjustable design. As a result, you can carry it easily in a car or other vehicles. Honestly, it means a lot for many riders, especially if you are planning for an inter-city trip.

Foldable Design

Ready to Go:

You will receive the bike pre-assembled. So, you don’t need to take any stress regarding the assembly. Besides, it comes with an integrated rear rack. You can attach panniers, platforms, or even baskets to the rock.

Specifications For Heybike Mars Foldable Electric Bike

Bike TypeElectric Bike
Wheel Size20 Inches
Suspension TypeFront
Number of Speeds7
Frame MaterialAluminum
Brake StyleDisc
Weight66 Pounds
Model NameMars
Battery48V 12.5Ah

Quick Facts:

  • It will offer you a top speed of 20 mph and 48 miles range
  • 4” fat tires are quite perfect for riding in the sand
  • Foldable, so easy to carry
  • Excellent speed and range
  • Powerful motor and battery
  • Fat tire electric bike
  • Perfect for riding in the sand
  • Little bit heavy bike

Why Should You Buy It?

If you are looking for the best electric bike that comes with fat tires and runs on the sand very well, you can count on it. Its tires are specially designed to give you amazing riding experiences in any terrain you want. Besides, its powerful battery, motor, and other features will give you a good riding experience.

3. Best for Seamless Performance: ECOTRIC Electric 26-Inch Fat Tire e-Bike

Our next product in this exclusive guide is the Ecotric 26-inch fat tire electric bike. You will get many essential features in this e-bike. Explore all of its key features to meet your expectations.

ECOTRIC electric Fat Tire e-Bike (1)

Maximum Speed:

The maximum level of speed you will get from this ebike is 32 km/h. If you talk about the purely electric mode, you will be able to get a mileage of 19 miles. This level of speed is good enough to give you a great level of riding ease on sand and snow.

Weight and Capacity:

Another important thing with this bike is its weight is 60 pounds. That being said, another important thing you need to consider about this electric bike is 260 pounds. Not to mention, it is good enough to give you a comfortable ride. You can also carry your important belongings with you without any hassle.


For any kind of electric bike, one of the major things to consider is the power of the battery. It comes with a 36V 12.5 Ah lithium-ion battery. With high energy density and 400-600 cycles of service life, this electric bike will meet your expectations.


Powerful Motor:

Equipped with a powerful 500W motor, you will get a quieter, smoother, and efficient performance from this exclusive e-bike. With a revolution of 300 plus or minus 10, this motor will deliver you great mileage even in the pure electric mode. Not to mention, the power is good enough for the beaches and sandy roads you’re getting it for.

LCD Display:

Display plays a very important role by updating you with all essential metrics. You will get an error report along with all other information about speed, mileage, and power in the display. Besides, it comes with a USB port to give you additional support.

LCD Display

Ergonomic Seat:

Simply put, you need a good seating experience while riding on sand and gravel roads. An amazing thing about this e bike is it comes with an ergonomic seat. It will provide you with a great comfortable cushion to minimize bumps.

Ergonomic Seat

Excellent Anti-Skidding Tire:

It comes with a 26*4.0 Anti-skidding Tire which is specially designed to give you the best level of off-terrain riding experience on sand and lose soil. Whether you talk about snow or sand, the excellent tire of this e-bike will make the job smoother for you.

Excellent Anti-Skidding Tire

Disc Brake:

The amazing disc brake of this e-bike will ensure your maximum safety. It comes with both an outage and a mechanical braking system which will give you a safe ride. It has the innovative pedal-assist and walk-assist mode to offer you enough flexibility in your ride.

26”Alloy Frame:

The frame of any bicycle is so significant. Because it will give the rider the necessary strength to handle tough situations. This exclusive electric bike comes with a 26″alloy frame. No doubt, you will get a durable user experience from this product.

Specifications For ECOTRIC Electric Powerful Bicycle 26

Model Size1860*630*1060mm
Weight Capacity265lb
Weight With Battery60lb
Battery36v 12.5AH
MotorRear Hub 36V 500W
Charging Time5-8 Hours
DisplayEcotric Smart LCD with USB Port
SensorSpeed Sensor
Battery Life400-600 Cycles
FunctionsPedal Assist on-Demand Throttle
Front and Rear BrakeMechanical Disc 160mm Rotor
Derailleur7 Speed SHIMANO
FrameAluminum Alloy
Tires26x 4.0” fat tires

Quick Facts:

  • The powerful motor of this bike will give you a mileage of 19 miles in fully electric-power mode.
  • The ergonomic seat design will give you great comfort.
  • As it comes with an alloy frame, you can expect the great durability of the bike.
  • Powerful motor
  • High capacity battery
  • Comfortable ergonomic seat
  • Equipped with disc brake
  • The seat is not adjustable

Why Should You Buy It?

If you are looking for the best fat tire electric bikes which will give you a seamless performance, this is the right one. It will give the bike the necessary strength to give you decent mileage. With the powerful 500w motor, it can make your journey more reliable and comfortable.

4. Best for Kids: Swagtron EB-6 Bandit E-Bike

Being a renowned brand, Swagtron always comes up with high-quality rides. No exception this time around! Swagtron EB-6 bandit e-bike comes with many exclusive features which will give you enough traction while riding on sand. All of its key features are discussed below.

Swagtron EB-6 Bandit E-Bike


This e-bike is specially designed for kids. You can ride it manually like a normal bicycle. But, if you want to boost up the speed, you can use electric power as well. It is one of the best electric fat-tire mountain bikes that run on the sand very well.


You already know that fat tires are quite important when you want to explore the beach and sand. It comes with high volume 4-inch tires which are mounted to 20-inch rims. So, this bike will give you even more traction and grip on loose terrain and sand to complete your journey.



Equipped with 7 speed Shimano gears, it will give you enough flexibility to conquer any kind of terrain. Without any doubt, you will experience great control over the bike’s speed.


Sturdy Aluminum Frame:

Another great thing about this product is it comes with a 6061-series aluminum frame. Needless to say, the sturdy aluminum frame will give you a durable user experience.


When you talk about the motor of this product it is only 350w. But considering the bike is made for kids, 350W should be able to give a younger person a great journey ahead.



It is equipped with a 36V 7.8 Ah Li-ion battery. You can easily charge it up within 4-5 hours. The battery has adequate capacity to give the necessary strength to a 350w motor. Besides, it features a safety lock to secure the battery.

Dual Disc Brakes:

The Shimano MF_TZ21 free hub of this electric bike will give you enough flexibility to coast smoothly even when you don’t pedal. It comes with dual lever-actuated disc brakes to ensure your maximum safety.

Disc Brakes

Mile Range and Max Speed:

When you completely charge up the battery, you will be able to ride it to your destination without any issue. It can travel up to 20 miles or 32 Km. For throttle-only mode, you can achieve a maximum speed of 30 km/h.

Specifications For Swagtron EB-6 Bandit E-Bike 350W Motor

TypeElectric Hybrid Bicycle
BodyAluminum alloy
Wheels/Tires20” front/rear air-filled
Tire Pressure20 PSI | 1.4 BAR
Load264 lbs/120 kg
Battery36V 7.8 Ah Li-ion
Charging Time4-5 hours
Mile Range20 mi / 32 km (varies with individual use)
Speed18.6 MPH / 30 km/h (throttle only)
Climbing Capacity25˚ (throttle only)
GearingShimano SIS 7-Speed Indexed Gear Shifting

Quick Facts:

  • The motor power is 35oW which is enough for kids. Younger riders will be able to travel in all terrains.
  • A sturdy aluminum frame will ensure the great durability of this unit
  • the 7 speed Shimano gear shifting system will give you more control.
  • It’s a fat-tire bike
  • Fat-tire mountain bike
  • 7-speed gears
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Comfortable to ride
  • Normal pedaling is a little bit hard

Why Should You Buy It?

When you are looking for a top-notch fat-tire mountain bike for kids, it’s the right one. The 350w motor power is enough to give your kid a seamless riding experience. All of the features in this unit will help the rider to get the best level of user experience.

5. Best Powerful: VELOWAVE Electric Bike for Adults

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have an electric bike that comes with a very powerful motor to support you on the beach drives? That would be awesome! Keeping that in mind, VELOWAVE manufactured this excellent e-bike for adults. Along with the strong motor, it will offer you many benefits. Let’s check them below.

VELOWAVE Electric Bike

Powerful Motor:

Equipped with a 750W high-speed BAFANG geared motor, you will get a great level of motor power which will give you a speed of 28+ mph. This motor is powerful enough to help you cut through sand and loose gravel on off road trips without falling short.

Powerful Motor

Removable Lithium Battery:

The 48V/15AH lithium battery of this unit comes with larger LG cells which will ensure a longer useful life. If you charge the battery fully, the mileage you will get will be 25-40 miles even more. Another great thing is the battery is completely removable. So, you can recharge it conveniently in your home or office.

Removable Lithium Battery

Speed and Range:

This excellent electric bicycle will offer you a great speed level. The maximum speed you will get by only pedaling is more than 28 mph. When you are riding only with the throttle, you can get 20 mph of speed. For pedaling the range will be 25 to 40 miles or even more. On the other hand, you will be able to travel more than 35 miles with the throttle.

LCD Display:

Not every bike comes with an LCD display which is a disadvantage of those units. But, when it comes to this unit, you will get an LCD display and you will be able to see all important riding metrics in it.

LCD Display

Hydraulic Disc Brake and Suspension Fork:

Safety is one of the undeniable things when you talk about an electric bike. To ensure your maximum safety, this unit comes with a hydraulic disc brake. Besides, you will get a hydraulic suspension fork in it. So, you will get great safety and comfort from this e-bike.

Fat Tire:

We already mentioned earlier in this buying guide that every electric bike is not designed to give you great stability in the sand. But not this one. It comes with the anti-skidding fat-tire which will help you to conquer any terrain from beaches to hills.

Fat Tire

Specifications For VELOWAVE Electric Bike

Bike TypeElectric Bike
Wheel Size26 Inches
Suspension TypeFront
Number of Speeds7
Motor750W BAFANG geared hub motor
Battery48V 15Ah, 720W, LG Cells
Lights48V 10W LED light
Charge48V 2Amp

Quick Facts:

  • It comes with a powerful 750W motor which will provide you with all essential strengths in the road.
  • The seat is adjustable and you can always give priority to your comfort
  • With 7 speeds, you will have better control.
  • Excellent riding experience
  • Powerful motor and battery
  • LCD display
  • Great speed and range
  • Heavy electric bike

Why Should You Buy It?

The main benefit you will get from this e-bike is that it is extremely powerful. The 750W motor is great to take your conquering experience to the next level. If you love to ride on the beach, it can be a great deal.

6. Best for Battery Capacity: Speedrid 500W Fat Tire Electric Bike

Our next product in this buying guide is Speedrid 500W fat tire electric bike that does a pretty good job on sand and gravel. There are many amazing features in this product. All of its key features are discussed below so that you can make a generous buying decision.

Speedrid Fat Tire Electric Bike

Powerful Motor:

This excellent product comes with a 48V 500W high-speed brushless motor. It will increase the overall hill-climbing power of your bike. For daily commuting, you will get more than enough power.

Large Capacity Battery:

It comes with a 48V 10.4 Ah battery which means a lot of capacity. The battery is attached securely to your bike. But, it’s quite easy to remove. So, you can charge it easily at home or office conveniently. It will offer you a battery range of 22-40 miles. However, the range depends on some factors including the weight of the rider.

Large Capacity Battery

LCD Display:

The LCD display works perfectly for showing you all important riding parameters. Speed, mileage, battery level, or any error report, everything will be displayed on the screen. As a result, you will always remain updated with all the necessary information.

LCD Display

Fat Tire Wheel:

It comes with a 26″ * 4.0 fat tire wheel that will give you great flexibility while riding it. Besides, the tire is built with high quality which is also anti-slip and shows a great resistance to wear and tear. So, you will get a great support while riding on sand without sinking as you do with narrow tires.

Front and Rear Disc Brakes:

If you compare disc brakes with rim brakes, they are more powerful and stable. The front and rear disc brakes of this electric bike will ensure a strong stopping even in rough and tough terrains. No doubt, you will get a safe and secured journey from this excellent unit.

Disc Brakes

Professional Transmission:

In this exclusive unit, you will get the 7-speed professional transmission system. So, you can deal with bumpy or hilly roads with more confidence. With this amazing gear shifting system, you will get a comfortable pedaling experience even in rough and tough terrains.

Front Suspension Fork:

The front suspension fork of this unit will make the ride even more comfortable. It will hold the front wheel on the ground. So, you will experience better handling, especially when you are up for doing cornering.

Front Suspension Fork

Specifications For Speedrid 500W Fat Tire Electric Bike

Bike Type:Mountain bike
Wheel Size26 Inches
Suspension TypeFront
Number of Speeds7
Motor48V 500W powerful brushless gear motor
BatteryRemovable 48V 10Ah lithium-ion battery
Maximum speed23mph
MeterLCD digital display meter
Pedal-assist levels1-5 levels
Charging time6-8 hrs.
Mode3 working mode– Human riding, pure electric, pedal assistance time: 6-8 hrs.
Mileage rangethrottle mode (22Miles), pedal-assist mode (22-40Miles)

Quick Facts:

  • It is equipped with disc brakes which will ensure a great stopping
  • The powerful motor along with the large capacity battery will deliver essential strength while riding it.
  • It comes with an anti-slip and wear-resistant fat tire wheel which will help you to ride on the beach.
  • Strong motor and battery
  • The 7-speed professional transmission system
  • Anti-slip fat-tire
  • Front and rear disc brakes
  • A few users complained against the customer service of the manufacturer

Why Should You Buy It?

This excellent electric bike is equipped with a large capacity battery. So, you can enjoy your ride without any hassle. All other features of this unit will help you to get the best level of user experience.

7. Best Sturdy: MZZK Bike Fat Tire Electric Bike

Our next product in this exclusive list of ebikes for sand is MZZK Bike fat tire electric bike. This one is fo you if you want to have both narrow tires but ride on sand. There are many amazing features you will get in this product, motor power being the main selling factor. Explore the detailed review of this bike.

MZZK Bike Fat Tire Electric Bike

Sturdy Structure:

Built with the 700C Aluminum alloy frame and high strength aluminum alloy front fork, it is quite lightweight but sturdy. The load capacity of this unit is 260 lbs. So, you can remain stress-free when riding it.

Powerful Motor:

It comes with a 500W high-speed brushless geared motor. Being IP68 waterproof, this excellent motor provides an electric power range of 50-75 miles when the battery has a full charge. In that case, you will get a maximum speed of 25 mph. With such powerful motor and protection alongside, this bike will support you on sand and loose terrain, gravel, even rough roads.

Powerful Motor

Removable Lithium Battery:

Another excellent feature of this product is it comes with a 48V/12.8AH lithium battery. You will also get a 48V/2A high-quality charger with which you can fully recharge the battery just within 4-6 hours. As the battery is removable, you can easily take it anywhere you want to recharge.

Removable Lithium Battery

Multiple Assist Mode:

There will be multiple types of assist modes available so that you can get enough flexibility when you ride. You will get both the pedal assist and fully electric mode in this electric bike.

Shifting System:

There is no doubt that a gear shifting system is quite important for any kind of electric bike. It comes with the Shimano shifting system which will allow you to select speed as per your priority.


It is equipped with 160mm front and 160mm rear disc brakes. No doubt, this high-quality disc brake will ensure your safety when you ride it on the beach sand roads.



If you don’t have a display on your bike, you will be in the blank of what is happening. That’s why you need a top-notch display. Thanks to MZZK as they equipped this excellent bike with a great LCD display. Needless to say, you will get to know about all riding metrics from this display without any hassle.

Anti-Skidding Tire:

Another great thing about this product is the anti-skidding tire. This kind of tire is quite useful when you ride off terrains often. Despite having narrow tires, this bike will have your back with anti-skidding treads to keep you firm on the sand or snow.

Specifications For MZZK Bike Fat Tire Electric Bike

TypeFolding Electric Bike
Wheel Size28 Inches
Suspension TypeRear, Front
Weight CategoryLightweight
Number of Speeds7
Frame MaterialAluminum
Motor500W high speed brushless geared motor
Battery8V/12.8AH lithium battery

Quick Facts:

  • It comes with a strong lithium battery which is easily removable. So, you can take it with you to recharge.
  • The material of this product aluminum is a great metal that is lightweight, but sturdy.
  • An Anti-skidding tire will make your ride even more flexible and adventurous.
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Powerful motor and battery
  • Anti-skidding tire
  • Premium quality brakes
  • The treads on the tires are less aggressive

Why Should You Buy It?

The premium quality aluminum frame makes the bike sturdy enough to handle the rough and tough journey. It is lightweight and comes with a 7-speed shifting system to give you a great user experience.

8. Best for Design: VITILAN V3 750W Ebike

Our next ebike in this buying guide is the VITILAN V3 750W e-bike. If you are looking for a bike that will offer you both design and performance on sand roads, this is the right one. Explore all of its key features below which will help you in decision making.

VITILAN V3 750W Ebike


It comes with a 13.4A lithium battery which is so good in terms of capacity. The charging time is only 6 hours. When fully charged, you can ride up to 60-80m in a power-assisted model. When it comes to the purely electric mode, the mileage will be 30-40M. Besides, the battery is conveniently removable. So, you can take it home or to the office to recharge.

Powerful Motor:

It has a strong 48V750W brushless motor. Not to mention, it will offer you a maximum speed of 32mph along with a torque up to 60. It will also allow the bike to conquer a 30-degree slope. With such torque and power, you’re going to ride the beaches confidently.

Powerful Motor

Brake System:

Equipped with the front and rear disc brakes. Moreover, it adapts to the mechanical disc brake system to safely stop your bike. No doubt, you will feel safer and comfortable with the mechanical brake system.

Brake System

Efficient Design:

This electric bike is quite lightweight and comes in an efficient design. Adjustable seat and handle, sturdy aluminum frame, and wheel everything will take your user experience to the next level.


Another important feature of this product is it comes with a sturdy frame which is made of 6061 aluminum alloy. All of the materials used in this product come with top-notch quality. As a result, you can expect a durable user experience from it.

Multi-Function Display:

It comes with an intelligent LED display that is multi-functional. This excellent e-bike will offer you a total of 5 different levels of electric pedal assistance. You will see every important riding metrics including power, speed, and mileage in the LED display.

Multi-Function Display

Easy to Assemble:

The bike comes in 98% of assembled condition. You can do the rest of the assembly very conveniently. There is video instruction available that will help you with any issue with the assembly.

Specifications For VITILAN V3 Ebike 750W Folding Electric Bike

Frame6061 Aluminum Alloy, foldable
SuspensionFront Suspension, and lockout front suspension fork for smooth riding
Max Speed32Mph
Battery48v / 13.4Ah Removable Lithium Battery
Charging Time6 hours
FreewheelSHIMANO 7-speed
DisplayIntelligent LED, waterproof
Maximum Load330lbs
Working ModelsElectric Mode (28-37 miles) | PAS Mode (43-55 miles)
Motor48V 750W High-Speed Brushless Motor
Product Net Weight64lbs
Wheel SizeCST 20” x 4.0
Controller18A Current controller
ThrottleRotate the handle to accelerate

Quick Facts:

  • When you unpack the package, you will get the bike in 98% pre-assembled condition. The rest of the assembly process is pretty much simple.
  • It has an efficient design so that you can get the best level of user experience.
  • The charging time of the battery is 6 hours and the battery is removable which will offer you great flexibility.
  • Very powerful motor and battery
  • Effective brake system
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Intelligent display
  • Little bit pricey

Why Should You Buy It?

This electric bike has an excellent design to increase its efficiency. Besides, a sturdy frame, powerful motor, and battery will give you a mind-blowing riding experience. If you are looking for a bike that has a wonderful and efficient design, this can be a great deal.

9. Best for Build-Quality: NAKTO Fat Tire Electric Bike

Nakto fat tire electric bikes come with the ability to satisfy your needs on the beach where you often ride on sand and loose terrain. Many amazing features in this e-bike will assist you to have wonderful rides on the beach and sand.

NAKTO Fat Tire Electric Bike

High-Quality Material:

The frame and brake of this product are built with high-strength carbon steel. Not to mention, this high-quality material will give you the necessary strength to ride in tough and rough terrains. Besides, you will get great durability from it.

High-end Brake:

This exclusive bike comes with the rear and front disc brake along with the rear expansion brake. All of these brakes function properly. So, you can have a safe and secure journey.

High-end Brake

Excellent Gear Shift System:

It comes with a 6-speed transmission system. So, you will have enough flexibility when it comes to choosing speed levels. Choose the right speed for the right trail. With the fat tires that have excellent grip, you’re not going to be disappointed with its performance on sand.

Lithium Battery:

It comes with a 36V, 10AH lithium battery which will give your electric bike a great source of power. The smart lithium battery charger that comes with the package will recharge the battery within a very short time. When you fully charge it, it will give you mileage up to 25-35 miles.

High-Speed Motor:

This electric bike is equipped with a 350W high-speed brushless motor which will assist you completely in your journey. It will conveniently give you a road speed limit of 25-30 mph to get the job done smoothly.

High-Speed Motor

Working Modes:

There are 2 working modes in this electric bike- e-bike and assisted bicycle. Whether you want to travel long-distance or just do exercise, this e-bike can be a great choice for you. If you know how to combine these two modes, you will get the maximum benefit from it.

Working Modes

Specifications For NAKTO Fat Tire Electric Bike

Bike TypeElectric Bike, Mountain Bike
Wheel Size26 Inches
Suspension TypeFront
Special FeatureFat tire, Aluminum Frame, Electric, Mountain bike, Basket
Number of Speeds6
Working Modes2
Battery36V, 10AH lithium battery

Quick Facts:

  • It comes with fat tires. So, you will be able to ride it in the sand.
  • Although the motor is only 350W, still it will show you great performance.
  • The frame is built with aluminum to give you a durable user experience.
  • This electric bike can be used as a mountain bike.
  • Excellent riding performance
  • Strong battery with a decent capacity
  • Excellent gear shift system
  • High-quality frame and brake material
  • The motor power could have been better

Why Should You Buy It?

One thing is for sure, this bike comes with the great build quality and an excellent grip on loose sand. The frame and brake material is aluminum which is quite strong and durable. No doubt, this excellent e-bike will offer you great durability.

10. Best for Safety: GOGOAL Electric Bike for Adults

GOGOAL Electric bikes have many amazing features, riding on sand and being foldable are eye catchy ones with enormous safety. All of its features will help you to get wonderful riding experiences. Explore the in-depth review of this bike so that you can make a generous buying decision.

GOGOAL Electric Bike

Removable Battery:

This excellent unit features a 48V/12.8AH waterproof Lithium battery. This high capacity of this battery is quite perfect to give you a mileage of 20-30 miles in pure electric mode. When it comes to the pedal-assisted mode, the mileage will be 40-50 miles.

Removable Battery

There are two modes of charging in this battery. With the quick charge mode, you will be able to charge it within 2/3 hours. However, regular charging will take at least 4-6 hours.

Smart BMS System:

The BMS system of this electric bike will give you automatic temperature protection. If there any issue arises with battery overcharging or short-circuit, the BMS system will ensure proper safety. It also comes with the automatic voltage adjustment feature to create other safety layers.

Powerful Motor:

Another great feature of this product is it is equipped with a quick start 750W motor which is waterproof. This high-speed brushless motor along with 80NM high torque will allow your bike to start quickly. It will also help you in easy climbing up on a 20° slope. That’s legitimately great for sand and gravel.

Powerful Motor

LCD Gear Shifter:

The pedal assist power comes with 5 modes which will be controlled by the LCD. This diversification of working modes will help you to enjoy your ride to its fullest.

7 Speed Bike:

Built with 7-speed models, this fat tire bike will give you enough flexibility when it comes to adjusting the gears during your ride. So, you can easily control the speed level as required.

Fat Tire Bike:

It comes with KENDA 4” wide deep-tread tires which will help you to ride even in the sand or beach. Honestly, this fat tire bike is specially designed to give you a great advantage when it comes to conquering the off-terrains and sand roads or beaches.

Fat Tire Bike

Front Fork:

Another amazing feature of this electric bike is it has a front fork that comes with shock-absorbing ability. You can lock or unlock the front fork as per preference. The wise decision is to keep the front fork unlocked while riding off terrains. It will give you great stability in all the bumps of the road.

Specifications For GOGOAL Electric Bike

Bike TypeElectric Bike
Suspension TypeFront
Special FeatureFoldable
Frame MaterialAluminum
Brake StyleDisc
Battery48V/12.8AH waterproof Lithium battery
BMS SystemYes

Quick Facts:

  • Smart BMS systems will prevent your bike from overcharging and short-circuiting.
  • Considering every feature, this bike will ensure maximum safety during the ride.
  • While riding on the plain surface like a street, you can lock the front fork. But, don’t forget to unlock it while you are on off-terrains.
  • Ensures maximum safety
  • Powerful motor and battery
  • Excellent riding performance
  • Fat-tire bike
  • Price is not affordable by many people

Why Should You Buy It?

Safety is a great thing. You must think about it when you plan to buy a new electric bike. This unit comes with the smart BMS system which will ensure maximum safety while riding on it. Ride on the beach, off-road with this safe vehicle.

6 Tips for Riding E-Bikes on the Beach in the summer?

Many people love to ride electric bikes. The popularity of e-bikes has experienced rapid growth since 1998. Needless to say, being a popular form of exercise, riding an e-bike will offer you a lot of health benefits. In the summer riding electric bikes on the beach is a popular activity these days.

Tips for Riding E-Bikes on the Beach in the summer


As we’ve already mentioned above, you need to be skillful along with a well-designed bike, to have a pleasant beach ride. Here are 6 tips for you that will help you to make memorable moments with your e-bike on the beach this summer.

Tip 1- Adjust the Tire Pressure

To have a smooth ride, the first thing you need to do is adjust the pressure of the tires. As sand is soft there will be a great inconsistency of it as a surface for your bike. That’s why you will need to keep the balance by adjusting the tire pressure.

You should reduce it so that your tire surface contact will increase. It will make your bike more stable on the beach sand. However, you should also remember that the tire pressure must be adjusted again when you ride back on a different surface.

Tip 2- Keep Pedaling

Riding bikes on a hard and smooth surface is indeed comparatively easier. Your bike will get the full momentum to move forward. So, you will need to perform less pedaling. But, when it comes to a soft beach sandy surface, the momentum of your bike will lose gradually.

That is the reason, you should keep pedaling to move your bike forward. If you are riding an e-bike on the beach, turn on the pedal-assist mode to get the maximum output.

Tip 3- Clean the Bike After Every Ride

If you ride on a typical city street, you won’t need to go for regular cleaning of your e-Bike. But when you ride on the beach, it should be properly cleaned up after every ride. Honestly, it is quite important. Because in most cases, your bike will come into contact with sand, water, salt, etc.

Rinse gently with fresh water first. Then use a dry cloth to do the rest of the cleaning. However, you should be careful enough and take proper care of the vital electric components of your bike while performing the cleaning process.

Tip 4- Apply Lubricant to the Chain

After cleaning the bike, you must apply lubricant to the chain of your e-bike. If you don’t do that, your bike won’t function properly. There is no doubt that the chain is one of the important elements of your e-bike. So, you should keep it lubricated to get a seamless performance from your bike on every beach ride.

Tip 5- Ensure Proper Maintenance

In a general sense, you should do proper maintenance of your e-bike in every situation. But, when you ride on the beach in the summer, you must do the maintenance work even more frequently. As there are high-powered batteries and motors on the bike, you should seek professional help periodically about the maintenance.

Tip 6- Be Fully-Equipped

Being fully equipped in your every ride will help you to enjoy your moments completely. Try not to carry extra or less necessary things with you. But, don’t forget to keep all the necessary stuff like water bottles, caps, pumps, shades, etc. You will need them during the summer. You can use a backpack to keep your things.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is sand bad for bicycles?

Sand can be quite bad for your bicycle. Every component has a useful life and eventually, they will wear out after a certain period. But, when your bike comes into direct contact with sand, the wearing out process will speed up.

Any components that move will be affected by sand. For instance, chain, shifters, ball-bearings, bushings, etc. will lose their durability due to sand exposure. So, you need to get sand off your bike as soon as possible. The cleaning process is simple. First of all, let your bike dry properly. Then you will be able to get the sand off it conveniently.

What should I look for in an electric fat bike?

When you plan for an electric fat bike, there are some factors that you must consider. Otherwise, you will end up buying the wrong bike. Typically the factors you need to look for are mentioned below-

  • Purpose of the bike: Where do you ride it?
  • Throttle: Is it allowed to have the throttle in your jurisdiction?
  • Motor: Is it powerful enough?
  • Battery: Is it capable of handling your journey?
  • Brakes, Frame, and Suspension: Are they safe enough?
  • Wheels and Tires: Are they large and fat respectively?

Does sand damage the bike chain?

Sand does bring serious damage to your bike chain unless you keep it clean every day. The damage will occur so quickly. You may have disks or even rim brakes installed on your bike. But, with sand damage, you will end up braking with a rough unexpected sandpaper brake. It will happen when you ride at least a mile.

How do I protect my bike from salt?

Salt or more specifically salt water is quite harmful to your bike. If you ride it on the beach often, there will be a high chance to get salt exposure. Even if you store it in your home, saltwater can still cling to the frame of your bike. It can occur due to humidity.

So, always clean your bike right before and after riding it. Also, you can cover it up using a heavy blanket. A simple bicycle cover can also be helpful here. No doubt, it will help you to keep your bike safe from moisture and salt.

Final Words

Exploring the beach on an e-bike is a great thing but not every e-bike can handle the loose sand on the beach. You should go for the best fat tire beach cruiser electric bike so that you enjoy every moment of your beach sand ride.

The e-bikes we reviewed are of top-of-the-line ones and you can choose one among them just fine. However, our recommendation for the best electric bike for sand is R RATTAN 500W 20Inch Folding Electric Bike. Equipped with a powerful 500w motor, it’s powered by a 48V 13AH Samsung Lithium battery. So, you’ll get all the necessary strength to give you the best riding experience on the sand, gravel, and loose terrain.

You will have 3 exclusive working modes including the pedal-assist mode. The LED headlight of this unit will help you to complete your journey or ride even in the dark. On top of that, it features a Shimano 7 speed gear-shift system. As a result, your bike will be under your control in every terrain.

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