10 Best Electric Bike Under $800 To Make Your Investment Worthy

Over the last few years, people have been highly enthusiastic about electric bikes worldwide.  And they are replacing casual bikes, even cars for small-distant rides as a faster and smarter electric two-wheel transportation system. Now an e-Bike is a valuable purchase to casual riders, commuters, club, and recreational cyclists.

Since 2010, the manufacturers and the marketers have remarkably lessened e-Bikes’ price. However, the price tag is still a critical issue for purchasing an electric bike. Therefore, we have conducted in-depth research to find the best e-Bikes at reasonable prices.

While getting a decent ebike will cost you around $1200 to $3000, we’ve decided to find some within $800. We will present you with the best electric bike under $800 in the market. In this thorough review, you will have a holistic comparison to pick the best one.

So, let’s find budget-friendly electric bikes in the market for around $800.

Why Do We Recommend Electric Bikes Under $800?

The expense behind an electric bicycle sounds so big. And for the pricing issue, bike lovers show indifference to e-Bikes. Manufacturers have paid close concentration to this particular factor.

And they are trying their best to release quality electric bicycles at affordable prices. You will find bikes of different budgets based on quality, features, and functions in the market. Therefore, we have reached budget-friendly electric bikes that are under $800.

Let’s find why we have recommended electric bikes for under $800.

For a worthy investment:

We worry about an electric bike to purchase, whether this is a worthy investment or not. Generally, the price of an e-Bike ranges from $600 to $9000. Therefore, it might be pretty confusing to select the ideal one while keeping the cost low.

We have recommended ebikes under $800 to make your investment worth every penny. Of course, they’re not as fancy as the ones that cost $5-6k, but surely they’re

For quality:

We can compromise with cost but not quality. Therefore, we have recommended such a price range that confirms the standard. Our research says that quality electric bike under $800 is available in the market.

However, it requires close concentration to pick the best one among thousands of items. We have made the tough task easier with our well-researched recommendation.

For Cost-effective purchase:

Our recommendation is to make your purchase cost-effective. You won’t probably expend more if you get a quality e-Bike at an affordable price. In our review, we have presented the electronic bikes that are cost-effective.

You need to choose the right e-Bike that will offer long-lasting performance all the way.

For happier riding:

Our aim is to make your everyday cycling experience happier and smoother. The recommended commuting e-Bikes are outstanding with all-around performance. You will explore your daily riding life with these automated bicycles.

We have recommended the bikes to power your life on new routes and trails. Our advice is solely for your riding happiness.

Table of Content:

We have reviewed the best electric bikes under $800 with tested features and functions. Therefore, it would be a perfect choice to save your time and money. And we hope that your next e-Bike is probably here.

Comparison Chart:

We opt to make you confident in your decision at every purchase. Therefore, we have drawn the comparison chart for your comfort. Let’s compare.

Best Electric Bikes Under $800MotorMaximum SpeedGear Shift SystemBrake
ANCHEER Electronic Mountain Bike350W 36V high-speed brushless motor20mph21-speed gearsRear and front disc brakes
ANCHEER Classic Electric Bike250W high-speed brushless motor15mph21-speed gear shiftsProfessional rear and front disc brakes
NAKTO Cargo Electric Bike250W high-speed brushless motor18 to 25 mph road speed6-speed professional gear transmissionRear suspension brake and front V brake
Swagtron Swagcycle EB-5 Electric Bike250W high-speed motor15mph road speed1-speed gear shiftAuto-guard braking technology
ENGWE Folding Electric Bike750W brushless gear motor28 mph road speed7-speeds gear transmissionsFront and rear dual disc brakes
VIVI Folding Electric Bike350W brushless high-speed motor25 km/h electric speed21-speeds comfortable gear shiftsProfessional dual disc brakes
Angotrade Electric Mountain Bike250W strong motor35 km/h electric speed21-speeds SHIMANO professional gear transmissionsFront and rare disc brakes
Aceshin Folding Electric Bike250W powerful motor15 miles on the plain terrain21-speeds premium gear shiftsDual disc braking system
Aceshin Adult Mountain Electric Bike250W high-speed brushless gear motor15 miles21-speed adjustable gear transmissionsFront and rare disc brakes
VIVI Folding Electric Bike350W powerful brushless hub motor15.5 mph7-speed gear shifterDual disc professional braking system

10 Best Electric Bikes Under $800 in 2023

We have done a comparative analysis of hundreds of electronic bikes. After reviewing features and functions, we have selected the 10 best electric bikes under $800. Let’s discover them.

Best Electric Bike under $800

1. ANCHEER Electronic Mountain Bike – Best for off-road commuting

At present, ANCHEER is a famous brand of electric bikes with innovative biking technology. This manufacturer has released its budget-friendly SUNSHINE mountain electric bike in the market.  Let’s find the e-Bike’s whole description point by point.

ANCHEER Electronic Mountain Bike

High-Speed Motor:

The SUNSHINE electric bike comes with a 350W powerful motor for high-speed performance. It offers a maximum of 20mph running speed for more freedom and confidence all the way. The brushless motor empowers daily commuting and cruising on the adventurous trails.

Powerful battery:

The manufacturer has upgraded the electric bike with an eco-friendly 36V 10.4Ah lithium-ion removable battery. It allows riding for 22-40 miles per recharge. You can confidently go for plenty of adventurous trips. This battery is protective from overcharging, over-voltage, and short circuits. And you can easily recharge the battery. 

Durable frame:

The designer has applied human-body mechanics to design the structure of the SUNSHINE e-Bike. The lightweight and strong aluminum alloy frame ensure optimum durability. And the aluminum alloy double-walled rims ensure the maximum longevity of the bike.

Professional gears and brakes:

The ANCHEER electric bike is best for off-road commuting with its strong front suspension fork. And the professional 21-speed gears make the commuting thrilling on level tracks. You will feel safe with the front and rear mechanical disc brakes all the way. And the 26-inches wheels will make you more confident at the sudden brake.

Multi-mode operations:

The SUNSHINE electric bike has multi-mode operations like e-Bike, assisted bicycle, and normal bike. It has an LED 4-speed smart meter button to switch the working mode. You can pull your bike away from the traffic lights with the throttle. Never miss combining the three modes to have a better performance.

Quick-release skewer:

The new version of the ANCHEER e-Bike comes with a quick-release skewer for a smoother installation. It easily allows you to install and uninstall the wheels. Therefore, you can carry them anywhere you want.

Easy to assemble:

The sellers deliver the bike with almost 85% assembled. And you can assemble the rest part by yourself. You can follow the assembling instructions on the catalog to do the job at home. If you cannot yet assemble the bike, please call the service center of ANCHEER 24/7.

Technical Details

Bike TypeElectric mountain bike
Motor350W 36V high-speed brushless motor
Battery10.4Ah lithium-ion removable battery
BodyAluminium alloy6061 lightweight structure
SuspensionHigh-strength front suspension fork
BrakeRear and front disc brakes
RimsDouble-walled durable aluminum rims
Gears21-speed gears
Maximum speed20mph
MileageAbout 22 miles at throttle mode and 22 to 40 miles at pedal assistant mode
Recommended height5’1” to 6’2”
Item weight44 pounds (19.95 kg)
Load capacity300 pounds (136.078kg)
Meter4-speed LED smart meter button
Recharging duration4-6 hours

User Experience

The ANCHEER SUNSHINE electric bike is compact in design but comprehensive in performance. In a word, it has outstanding output considering features and functions.

It’s the best commuting vehicle to go anywhere from plain field to the mountain. Mountain slopes won’t keep it from cruising around the steep areas.

This is the best electric bike with its enduring mileage and unyielding speed. It is good for adventurous riders who want a high-end bike from an affordable price range!

ProsPros to Prefer
  • High-speed motor
  • Powerful and removable battery
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Durable frame
  • Professional gears and brakes
  • Ideal mileage with less power consumption
Cons to Consider
  • Not suitable for the riders below 5-feet

Why should you buy it?

When you are an off-road rider, the ANCHEER electric bike would be your ideal choice. It has a 350W high-speed motor and 36V battery that confirms comprehensive riding performance. You can confidently move anywhere riding on the e-Bike. This mountain bike will offer you real adventurous rides to explore the mountain ranges.

2. ANCHEER Classic Electric Bike- Best for the adults

Ancheer has attracted adult riders with this mountain electric bike. This 250W electric bike from them will offer you a superior off-road and on-road cycling experience. Let’s find the specialty of the ANCHEER electric bike for adults.

ANCHEER Classic Electric Bike

High-speed brushless motor:

The ANCHEER e-Bike for adults comes with a 250W high-speed brushless motor. This motor can generate a maximum speed of 15mph. You can discover a superpower of cycling with the electric bike for adults.

High-performance removable battery:

Its battery has an easy charging port system for hassle-free charging. You can remove the battery for off-frame charging anywhere and anytime. The highly efficient 36V 288WH lithium-ion battery ensures 15 to 30 miles of mileage per charge.

Firm Frame:

The manufacturer has made the bike lightweight and sturdy. They have used carbon steel in the fork and aluminum alloy in the handlebar. The front fork comes with heavy-duty shock absorption as it’s a mountain bike. Plus, the adjustable seat, handlebar angle, and stem’s length make it comfortable for long rides.

Professional brakes and gear shifts:

You’ll get front and rare disc brakes on this bike for perfect braking. It’ll make you feel fully safe while riding with the perfect braking system. The SHIMANO 21-speed gear shifts will allow you to accelerate the speed as your need.

Multi-working modes:

It will help you enjoy multi-mode riding with the electronic bike. You can go for direct riding, switching with no power key. And the help mode will assist you in adjusting the bike’s speed with the 21- speed gear shifts. However, you can turn on the key of the electric mode to have the truly touring mode.

Smooth customer backup service:

The manufacturer has added one year of free service for the motor, battery, and charger. And you will get the assembling service from your seller. Besides, the spares and assembling services are available at the nearby authorized sales centers.

Technical Details

Bike TypeElectric mountain bike for adults
Motor250W high-speed brushless motor
BodyAluminium alloy and carbon steel made strong frame
ForkHigh-strength heavy-duty carbon steel front suspension fork
BrakeProfessional rear and front disc brakes
Gears21-speed gear shifts
Wheel diameter26-inches
Maximum speed15mph
Mileage15 to 30 miles at per full recharge
Full-frame length64-inches
Item weight50lbs (23 kg)
Load capacity265lbs (120.20kg)
Meter4-speed LED smart meter button
Working modeRide, Help, and Electric

User Experience

The ANCHEER 250W is power plus the best electric mountain bike for adults. It will let you discover the superpower of cycling.

You can maximize your running speed up to 15mph utilizing its highly efficient conversion rate a low energy consumption.

It’s safe for riders to ride all around the seasons. The dual-disc upgraded braking system makes you confident at your every turn.

This is the best electric bike under $800 for everyday commuting. You can choose it as an entry-level electronic bike for $800.

Pros to Prefer
  • Strong power
  • Maximum speed
  • Low energy consumption
  • Efficient conversion rate
  • Durable structure
  • Multi-modes riding
Cons to Consider
  • Not good for the juveniles

Why should you buy it?

The ANCHEER 26-inch is the best electric bike under $800 with its budget-friendly behavior. In this price range, this bicycle will offer you the complete pleasure of a mountain bike. It looks energetic and engaging while riding on the roads. You can also choose the e-Bike for multifunctional riding on tough terrain and off-road adventures. And finally, it can be your next choice for safe and comfortable cycling.

3. NAKTO Cargo Electric Bike – Best for the whole family ride

Let’s enjoy the warm sunshine and fresh air outside with NAKTO cargo electric bike. It can be your true travel partner in urban environments or for adventurous rides. In this part, we will find all the stunning features and functions of the NAKTO e-Bike.

NAKTO Cargo Electric Bike

High-speed brushless motor:

NATKO electric bike has a 250W brushless motor for ensuring the maximum riding speed. This powerful motor lets you travel at 18-25mph road speed. It generates enough thermal power to meet the riding needs.

Long-lasting lithium battery:

The manufacturer has applied water-resistant technology in the battery to strengthen its longevity. The 36V 10.4Ah lithium battery empowers the biker to ride 22-28 miles per charge. You can easily remove the battery to recharge it anywhere.

Strong structure:

This bike is strong and durable enough as it’s made of high-quality materials such as carbon steel on the frame and fork of the bike. The carbon steel-made high-strength suspension forks can adopt maximum weight.

Professional brakes and gear shifts:

NATKO included a high-quality brake and gear shift system in this ebike. They upgraded the braking system with a front V brake and rear expansion brake. You can easily harmonize your riding speed With the 6-speed professional gear shifts.

Multi-cycling modes:

You will enjoy the multi-cycling modes based on your traveling needs. There are three cycling modes like human, assisted, and electric modes. You can easily switch from one riding mode to another as your travel type.

Handy interface:

The handlebar of the bike is full of useful plugins and control panels. You will find here an easy-to-access turn on/off and pedal assistance set. The electric power display will show you the running speed. The 360-degrees LED lighting system will make the ride safe.

East to assemble:

It comes 95% assembled while shipping to your doorsteps. Therefore, you don’t fall into much trouble completing the rest assembling. You need to assemble the handlebar and the front wheel to hit the road.

Technical Details

Bike TypeElectric mountain bike for the whole family
Motor250W high-speed brushless motor
Battery36V 10.4Ah lithium-ion removable battery
BodyMade of carbon steel
ForkHigh-strength shock-absorbing carbon steel front fork
BrakeRear suspension brake and front V brake
Gears6-speed professional gear transmission
Wheel size26-feet
Maximum riding speed18 to 25 mph road speed
Mileage22 to 28 miles at per charge
Item weight50lbs (23 kg)
MeterElectric LED power display
Cycling modeHuman, assisted, and electric

User Experience

The NATKO electric bicycle can be an ideal home gift for all family members. It is a perfect travel partner to move closer to nature.

You can add extra comfort to your city commuting, fitness riding, and adventuring somewhere with the electric bicycle.

The NATKO Camel e-Bike will make your every trip better with a smooth riding experience.

Pros to Prefer
  • High-quality performance at an affordable price
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Water-resistant and weather-coated
  • The maximum running speed with reliable mileage
  • Confident braking and gear shifting
  • Energy-saving and eco-friendly
Cons to Consider
  • Limited 6-speeds gear

Why should you buy it?

When you are looking for a whole family riding partner, you can rely on the NATKO e-Bike. This is the best electric bike under $800 that will save your pocket to have a reliable riding partner. The NATKO camel bike will offer you unlimited freedom and happiness while riding. You can go for city commuting, touring, and outing with the pretty-looking bike. Have safe and funny riding with NATKO e-Bike.

4. Swagtron Swagcycle EB-5 Electric Bike – Best for portability

Now it is time to unlock the new riding motion with Swagtron EB-5 foldable e-Bike. This is the best electric bike under $800 with its portable features and functions. Let’s hunt more about the bicycle.

Swagtron Swagcycle EB-5 Electric Bike

A robust motor:

The Swagtron EB-5 electronic bicycle has a 250W robust motor for powerful performance. It lets the bike run at a maximum of 15mph on the way. However, the bike has traditional pedals to pump the heart. Therefore, you will feel flexibility, freedom, and power while riding the bike.

Quick charging battery:

For reliable support, it comes with a quick-charging lithium-ion battery that works better. It empowers the bike to run for about 15.5 miles per charge. And the battery takes a maximum of 5 hours to get a full charge. However, you can add an extra battery for an extra adventure.

Flexible to fold:

You can easily fold the bike in three simple, quick steps. Therefore, you can carry or store the bike anywhere. The Swagcycle foldable electric bike is the best partner for city or campus commuting.

Elegant look:

This electric bike looks elegant with its eye-catching design. The premium-built parts of the bike are durable and decent. Swagtron has made the bike dynamic in design and durable in performance. It can supper the riders up to 264 pounds.

Cool riding:

You will enjoy the super comfortable riding on the EB-5 electric bike. This bike ensures cool riding with a height-adjusting seat and handlebar. And the 14-inch air-filled tires give stable rides on the uneven pavement. It can be your true friend for adventurous trips too.

Auto-guard braking technology:

Your bike is not just to go and go. You need to stop at the right moment too. The manufacturer has paid close attention to the much-needed issue. And they have used the auto-guard braking technology for professional braking. Therefore, you feel safe at your every whirl.

Technical Details

Bike TypeFoldable Electric bike
Motor250W high-speed motor
BatteryQuick charging lithium-ion battery
BodyDurable with quality materials
ForkStrong 265 pounds of shock-absorbing fork
BrakeAuto-guard braking technology
Gears1-speed gear shift
Wheel size14-inch air-filled tires
Maximum riding speed15mph road speed
Mileage15.5miles at per charge
Item weight37lbs (16.78 kg)
Cycling modeElectric and traditional pedals

User Experience

The Swagtron EB-5 electric bike fits well with riders of different heights. It is a good choice for low-height men and women.

You can fold and carry it anywhere you want. Besides, its magnetic closure lock keeps the folded parts in the right place.

Undoubtedly, the bike is cool for commuting in the busies city or campus. Nothing can resist you from moving.

Pros to Prefer
  • Foldable and portable
  • Powerful performance from a robust motor
  • An aerodynamic and eye-catching look
  • Available both in electric and traditional riding modes
  • Safe braking with auto-guarding technology
  • Top speed with super mileage
Cons to Consider
  • Not good for the riders of 6-feet

Why should you buy it?

If you love flexible riding, then the Swagtron EB-5 can be your right choice. You can consider the bike as your reliable travel partner for city or campus commuting. With its easily folding portable feature, you can avoid traffic jams. In a word, you can pick the bike for freedom, flexibility, and power in riding.

5. ENGWE Folding Electric Bike- Best for mountain and snow riding- Editor’s Choice

If you love fearless riding on snow and mountain, ENGWE electric scooter would be your right choice. ENGWE has designed the bike as compatible with the bumpy pavement. You can explore your happiness in off-road and off-road riding. Let’s find the bike in detail.

ENGWE Folding Electric Bike

Powerful motor:

ENGWE has developed the e-Bike with a powerful 750W brushless gear motor. You can travel at 28mph on the flat road with the bike. And it allows you faster moving on uneven ways like stone roads, lawns, and mountains.

Heavy-duty battery:

This electric bike has a 48V 14Ah lithium-ion removable battery which is enough to ride a maximum mileage of 25 miles per charge. You can charge the battery in the bike or out of the bike as it’s removable, and has a lock mechanism for safety as well.

High-strength frame:

The manufacturer has made the electric bike highly durable with quality materials. It has a high-tempered 6061 aluminum alloy frame, strong front fork, adjustable seat, and handlebar. You enjoy the real riding experience with the proper positioning.

Easy to port:

You can easily fold the frame in three simple steps to store in your trunk. This is a lightweight bicycle for adults who can carry it anywhere. The e-Bike with 20-inch wheels performs better on urban or local roads.

Professional brakes and gears:

It comes with professional braking with a dual-disc braking system. The manufacturer also added front and rear disc brakes with the bike. And the 7-speeds gear shifting systems will help you to stabilize the riding speed as your demand.

Decent design:

The designer has made the e-Bike good-looking with all decent designs. It looks nice in its size, segments, and features. This bike looks muscular with its fat tires, leather seat, and handlebar. The humanization design will glare your eyes.

Useful user interface:

When it comes to user friendliness, the ENGWE electric scooter seems safe with its intuitive user interface. It has a digital display to harmonize the required pedal assistance level. The 48V front ambient light can penetrate into the deep dark and fog. It keeps you safe riding at night.

Technical Details

Bike TypeMountain electric bike
Motor750W brushless gear motor
Battery48V 14Ah lithium-ion removable battery
FrameThe aluminum alloy 6061 durable frame
ForkHigh-strength mechanical lock front suspension fork
BrakeFront and rear dual disc brakes
Gears7-speeds gear transmissions
Wheel size20-inch wheels with fatty tires
Maximum riding speed28 mph road speed
Maximum mileage25 miles per charge
Item weight57lbs (26 kg)
Maximum load164lbs (119.74 kg)
DisplayHD LCD display

User Experience

The ENGWE is the best electric bike to explore the unknown terrain of mountains, rock roads, mountains, and beaches. This is the real fearless traveling partner with strength and motion.

You may choose the e-Bike for the long-lasting and stable riding for hunting nature all around.

Never miss having a low-carbon and healthy lifestyle with the electric bike.

Pros to Prefer
  • High-speed brushless gear motor
  • Heavy-duty and long-lasting removable battery
  • Fatty tires for bumpy pavement
  • Ideal for off-road and flat road riding
  • Foldable firm frame
  • Eco-friendly happy riding
Cons to Consider
  • Not good for the novice riders

Why should you buy it?

If you are a nature lover, the ENGWE electric bike can be your true traveling partner. It empowers you to discover the unknown natural beauty of beaches and mountains. The EP-2 electric bike with fatty tires will keep you safe on stone roads, sleepy mountains, and snow. You should consider the bike for real-life and long-lasting adventures.

6. VIVI Folding Electric Bike – Best for city ride

When you are planning to explore new routes in your everyday rides, VIVI folding electric bike would be your best choice. This is the best bike for a city or mountain ride with amazing speed and professional control. Let’s find more about this electric bike.

VIVI Folding Electric Bike

High-speed motor:

The manufacturer has equipped the electric bike with a strong 350W brushless motor. It can speed up the bike up to 25 km/h on the plain route. The brushless gear motor generates strong power for faster climbing the mountain too. Therefore, you get more freedom and speed in your every ride.

Energy-saving battery:

VIVI electric bike has a 36V 8Ah lithium-ion battery for comprehensive performance. The energy-saving removable battery lets you ride your bike up to 40 miles per charge. It is chargeable both in the bike or out of the bike at your convenience. And it takes a maximum of 4-6 hours for a full charge.

Professional speed transmission:

This electric bike comes ith 21-stage professional speed transmission system for different traveling modes. You can smoothly ride on the uphill, downhill, flat roads, and mountains with the multiple gear shifts.

Reliable braking system:

For a risk-free braking system with front and rear disc brakes, this bike derservs appraisal. With the mechanical dual disc brakes, you can ensure reliable all-weather stopping. The perfect braking system has made the bike ideal for mountain or city rides.

Strong structure:

The aluminum alloy frame of the electric bike is highly strong with quality materials. However, the frame is foldable and lightweight to store and carry anywhere. Vivi has used carbon steel to build the rear and front fork shocks. With an adjustable handlebar and seats, the bike looks so compact and strong.

Multi-working modes:

You can use this VIVI electronic bike multipurpose as it comes with three working modes like normal, assistant, and electronic bicycles. The bike will give you an exciting riding feeling with the proper combination of the modes with the terrain.

Technical Details

Bike TypeMulti-use electric bike
Motor350W brushless high-speed motor
Battery36V 8Ah lithium-ion removable energy-saving battery
FrameAluminum alloy strong frame
ForkHeavy-duty carbon steel shock absorption
BrakeProfessional dual disc brakes
Gears21-speeds comfortable gear shifts
Pedal MaterialAluminum alloy
SuspensionDouble shock dual suspensions
Wheel size21-inch tough wheels
Maximum riding speed25 km/h electric speed
Maximum mileageRange 22-40 miles per charge
Item weight64lbs (29 kg)
Maximum load capacity330lbs (150 kg)

User Experience

You can go to a safe city commuting by electric bike. No time-killing tiring traffic jam will touch your way.

No more monotonous home gym; now it is time for inhaling fresh air outside while cycling.

The superpower bike is perfect for climbing the mountain and reaching the long-distance as well.

Pros to Prefer
  • Stronger motor for more speeds
  • The powerful battery for longer performance
  • Aluminum alloy and carbon steel made durable structure
  • Safe braking and adjustable gear transmissions
  • Three-in-one working modes
  • Decent look
Cons to Consider
  • Ideal only for the adults

Why should you buy it?

VIVI mountain bicycle is the best electric bike under $800 for city commuting and daily exercising. You will enjoy the perfect blend of trail performance and powerful riding. It can be your perfect choice for faster city commuting and safer mountain climbing. The bike is elegant in design and responsive to comfortable riding. It is the best bike with human body mechanics.

7. Angotrade Electric Mountain Bike – Best for mileage

People love Angotrade electric bikes for great mileage and performance. It comes with an engaging look and durable structure. This is a real mountain bike with intelligent control and protection. Let’s move for the details.

Angotrade Electric Mountain Bike

Strong motor:

Angotrade has installed a 250W powerful motor in the electrically efficient bike. The intelligent power generator automatically boosts the average speed. It will give you up to 35 km/h maximum riding speed.

Efficient battery:

This electric bike is cost-effective with its 36V 8Ah lithium-ion battery. It offers great mileage of up to 50km with lower power consumption. The battery has a smart and fast charging system that gets a full charge in 4 to 6 hours.

Compact structure:

Angotrade has designed the e-Bike with durable and compact structure. The aluminum alloy frame and iron fork suspensions are strong enough to last at any challenging route. It looks muscular with its height, weight, handlebar, seat, and frame.

Premium transmission:

You’ll get a 21-speed SHIMANO premium-quality gear shifting system. It helps the riders to harmonize speed with the different riding types. You can smoothly shift the gears as your traveling modes.

Professional braking:

The mechanical front and rear disc brakes ensure professional braking on time. Therefore, you feel confident riding any route. You get reliable braking in all weather conditions. The electric bike makes your every ride safe from a hill to a plain road.

Multiple riding modes:

Angotrade has configured the e-Bike with three working modes at a time. You will get three-in-one working modes like traditional pedaling, assistant, and electric bicycles. It allows you natural exercising and power climbing at the same time.

Technical Details

Bike TypeFolding, mountain electric bike
Motor250W strong motor
Battery36V 8Ah lithium-ion powerful battery
FrameAluminum alloy durable structure
ForkHigh-strength shock-absorbing iron fork
BrakeFront and rare disc brakes
Gears21-speeds SHIMANO professional gear transmissions
SuspensionDual suspensions
Wheel size26-inch heavy-duty wheels
Maximum speed35 km/h electric speed
Maximum mileageUp to 50 km per charge
Item weight55.12lbs (25 kg)
Maximum load capacity330lbs (150 kg)
Full length66.93-inches

User Experience

The electric bike seems great with its reasonable price in the market. It is full of smart features and functions.

You will find a new way of comfortable riding with the bike. It is a real outing partner!

High power and great mileage are what define this ebike. You will enjoy the fun and freedom of rides.

Pros to Prefer
  • Top speed with a powerful motor
  • Maximum mileage with power-saving battery
  • Long-lasting body with quality materials
  • Multiple riding modes
  • Premium dual disc braking system
  • Freedom of ride with maximum safety

Cons to Consider
  • Not recommended for riders of 5-feet below

Why should you buy it?

Angotrade electric bicycle boosts your rides with great speed and mileage. It is the best electric bike under $800 with quality materials and flawless fittings. You can carry the lightweight folding frame for distant riding. The electrically efficient bike seems superb with its multiple configurations. You can turn it into your city commuting or exercising bike, whatever you like.

8. Aceshin Folding Electric Bike – Best for a holiday outing

When you are looking for the best electric bike under $800 for holiday traveling, the Aceshin folding bike comes first on your choice list. It would be your pure pick for adventuring nature. Let’s find why this bike can help you in your daily rides.

Aceshin Folding Electric Bike

High-speed gear motor:

Th ebike from Aceshin bicycle has a 250W high-speed brushless gear motor to back you on unforgiving terrains. It supplies enough power to the bike to reach 15 mph on-road speed. Therefore, you get powerful off-road and on-road riding experiences.

Unyielding removable battery:

It boasts a 36V 8Ah lithium-ion removable battery for better performance. With the large capacity battery, you will get a great mileage of up to 15-30 miles per charge. It is less energy-consuming as well as can be removed and charged inside your bedroom or locked on the bike with keys!

Durable with quality materials:

Aceshin electric bike is highly durable with quality build materials. It has a strong aluminum alloy frame and a high-strength carbon steel front fork. The aluminum alloy front and rear wheels are enduing enough on the tough routes. And the double-walled durable rims will add extra pleasure.

Reliable braking system:

Its 250W motor will stop instantly as you engage the front and rear disc brakes. The braking system is reliable for stopping sudden situations. You will feel confident to ride on any terrain. It makes the journey safe at all-weather routes.

Professional gear shifts:

For a pro grade gear shifting, Aceshin has equipped the bike with 21-speed gear transmissions. It allows you to adjust the speed with the multiple riding modes. Therefore, you feel full safety while traveling in uneven ways.

Ergonomic design:

The folding mountain bike comes with an ergonomic design for comfortable riding. You will have an exciting travel experience with its adjustable seat and handlebar. There is no risk for night riding with a bright LED headlamp and horn. The lightweight and compact designs have made the bike unique in the market.

Three-in-one riding mode:

Aceshin e-Bike allows you to ride in three different working modes. You can run the bicycle as a casual, assisted, and electric bike at the same time. It has a 3-speed smart meter button to select the riding mode. However, never mind combining the three modes for a better ride.

Technical Details

Bike TypeMountain electric folding bike
Motor250W powerful motor
Battery36V 8Ah lithium-ion removable power-efficient battery
Frame Aluminum alloy 6061 firm frame
ForkShock-absorbing carbon steel front fork
BrakeDual disc braking system
Gears21-speeds premium gear shifts
Wheel diameter26-inch anti-slip wheels
Pedal materialAluminum alloy
Maximum riding speed15 miles on the plain terrain
Maximum mileageUp to 50 km per charge
Vehicle weight44.09lbs (20 kg)
Maximum load capacity330lbs (150 kg)
Maximum gradient30-degree

User Experience

The lightweight and ergonomic design make the e-Bike a perfect partner for holiday adventure.

This bike performs outstanding with its speed and mileage for long-time traveling. It’s cool for adult riders.

You can use the bike as your true exercise friend to breathe the fresh air outside. However, never mind climbing a mountain with the e-Bike.

Pros to Prefer
  • High-quality build materials
  • Long-lasting and easy-charging battery
  • Powerful brushless gear motor for maximum speed
  • Safety everywhere with professional brakes and gear shifts
  • Ergonomic lightweight design
  • Suitable for city commuting or mountain climbing

Cons to Consider
  • It seems hard to assemble for the beginners.

Why should you buy it?

Aceshin electric bike is foldable for easier carrying anywhere. You can choose the bike to explore the beauty of distant beaches and mountains on your holidays. It seems the best electric bike under $800 with durable design and uncompromising service. The professional gears transmissions with multi-working modes will add extra pleasure. So, why not the bike is your next travel mate?

9. Aceshin Adult Mountain Electric Bike – Best for powerful riding

Bike riders love Aceshin worldwide with its diversified models of electric bikes. Along with the folding bike, they have great innovation of non-folding mountain e-Bike. Today, we will review such a good-looking and strong electric bike for adult riders.

Aceshin Adult Mountain Electric Bike

Mighty motor:

Aceshin 26-inch adult mountain bike has a high-speed 250W might motor. It supplies superb power to the e-Bike for optimum speed. You can ride the bike at 15 mph on-road speed. It is mighty enough to climb a mountain.

Powerful battery:

The manufacturer has empowered the bike with a 36V 8Ah lithium-ion removable battery. It is a great powerhouse with faster charging. You can recharge the battery in or out of your bike within six hours. It will offer you up to 50 km mileage per charge.

Durable structure:

This electric bike is durable enough with lab-tested high-quality materials. Plus, it has sturdy frame and wheels made with aluminum alloy. And the front fork is strong with high-strength carbon steel.

Safe braking system:

Going through rough terrain will be a breeae with this bike with its safe braking system. It has rear and front dual disc brakes for professional braking. Therefore, you feel confident for fearless riding around the season.

Premium gear transmissions:

It comes with 21-speed premium gear shifts that allows you to control the speed more subtle. It is a required option for the multi-working e-Bike. You can ride at your preferred speed with professional gear transmissions.

Multiple riding modes:

You’ll find this bike convenient with its three different working modes. Just choose from its classic, assisted, and electric. It has a LED 3-speed meter button to shift from one working mode to another. The bike is cool for daily exercising, city commuting, and climbing hills.

Smart design:

It has an ergonomic handlebar and adjustable seat for professional riding on all routes. The 26-inch weals with slip-resistant heavy-duty tires offer you unlimited freedom of rides.

Technical Details

Bike TypeElectric mountain bike for adults
Motor250W high-speed brushless gear motor
Battery36V 8Ah lithium-ion removable powerful battery
FrameAluminum alloy 6061 durable frame
ForkHigh-strength carbon steel front fork suspension
BrakeFront and rare disc brakes
Gears21-speed adjustable gear transmissions
Wheel diameter26-inch slip-resistant wheels
Tire TypeHigh-quality lithium tires
PedalAluminum alloy durable pedal
Maximum charging hour4 to 6 hours
speed15 miles
MileageMaximum 50 km per charge
Vehicle weightAbout 52lbs (23.6 kg)
Load capacityAbout 330lbs (150 kg)
Meter3-speed smart LED meter button

User Experience

The bike is the best electric bike under $800 with its 21-speed professional gear shifts. It works cool!

This is the best kinetic bike for on-road and off-road powerful riding.

You will get the real feeling of a mountain and city bike with the well-featured electric bike.

Pros to Prefer
  • Powerful riding all the way
  • Long-distance traveling
  • Durable performance around the season
  • Lightweight and compact designs
  • Safe riding with professional brakes and gear shifts
  • Unlimited freedom with fearless riding
Cons to Consider
  • No rear reflector

Why should you buy it?

When a powerful ride is your first choice, the Aceshin mountain bike would be your right choice. It is a cool electric bike with speed and mileage. This e-Bike is great with its ergonomic look too. You can save your pocket in purchasing and using the bike in your daily rides. Let’s have the next ride on this bike.

10. VIVI Folding Electric Bike- Best for Women

Want to change the way you ride bikes with extra comfort of folding in half? Do that with the VIVI 20-inch folding electric bike. It will escape you from tiring traffic jams. This is the budget-friendly electric bike under $800 for city commuters, students; both men and women. Let’s find more about the bike.

VIVI Folding Electric Bike (1)

Powerful brushless hub motor:

VIVI has equipped the bike with a 350W high-speed brushless hub motor. It speeds the electric bike up to 15.5mph on the plain land. And the motor generates maximum power with minimum consumption, including low noise.

Energy-efficient battery:

You’re getting a long-lasting riding performance with a 36V 8Ah lithium-ion removable battery on this electric bike. You can remove the battery from the bike to charge it at your office or home. It ensures up to 25 miles of riding per charge.

Durable collapsible frame:

It comes with a strong collapsible frame for convenient use such as storing in a compact place. The aluminum alloy high-strength frame is lighter and corrosion-resistant. You can easily store and carry the collapsible frame in your trunk or car.

Compact design:

This electric bike boasts an ergonomic handlebar and adjustable seat for comfortable rides. Plus, you’re getting all the useful features like LED meters, battery indicators, and power modes.  Therefore, you’ll enjoy the freedom of commuting.

Proficient braking:

If y you’re confident to ride on potholes, muddy, and rugged roads, the rear and front disc brakes of this bike will feed that desire. It ensures safe cornering with 20-inch heavy-duty wheels. The reliable braking system will offer you speed-accelerating freedom on uneven roads.

Double shock suspensions:

You’re getting double shock front and rear suspensions for a comfortable riding experience with this ebike. The shock-absorbing suspensions absorb vibrations of rugged and rock roads or while cutting through sand or muddy terrain.

Multi-riding modes:

This robust commuter ebike has three distinguished riding modes such as regular, pedal-assisted, and electric. You will get different riding tastes with the multi-working modes. However, you can adjust all of the riding modes for comfortable trips.

Technical Details

Bike TypeElectric mountain bike for men and women
Motor350W powerful brushless hub motor
Battery36V 8Ah lithium-ion long-lasting battery
FrameAluminum alloy collapsible frame
ForkHigh-strength double shock front and rear fork suspensions
BrakeDual disc professional braking system
Gears7-speed gear shifter
Wheel diameter20-inch anti-vibrant wheels
Tire TypeHigh-quality anti-skid tires
Charging hourMaximum 6 hours
Top speed15.5 mph
MileageMaximum 25 electric miler per charge
Vehicle weightAbout 53lbs (24 kg)
Load capacityAbout 330lbs (150 kg)
Handlebar stretch24- inch

User Experience

VIVI 20-inch electric bike is an ideal choice for women with its adjustable seating position.

The cost-effective operation of the bike saves money for students and regular city commuters. It is affordable indeed.

There is no issue of shaking on the uneven routes with double suspensions. This is an ideal electric bike for comfortable rides at a reasonable budget.

Pros to Prefer
  • Long-lasting and powerful battery
  • High-strength collapsible frame
  • Double suspensions for comfortable riding
  • Risk-free braking system
  • Flexible riding with three working modes
  • Eco-friendly and money-saving rides
Cons to Consider
  • Not ideal choice for long-drive

Why should you buy it?

VIVI 20-inch folding electric bike is compact in design but fast in moving. The bike is recommendable for you with its comfortable multi-riding options. It would be your best choice for city or campus commuting. The height-adjusting handlebar and seating position provides a thrilling riding experience for both men and women.

5 tips for riding the e-Bikes on the roads

Electronic bike or e-Bike is highly popular worldwide with its efficiency and affordability in short trips compared to vehicles . It has changed the traditional trend of cycling for bike lovers. However, never forget the associated safety measures, traffic rules, and responsibilities like cars or motorbikes.

tips for riding the e-Bikes on the roads

We’ve pointed out five necessary tips to be safe on the roads with electric bikes, here they are:

Test before kicking off

You should examine the vital parts of the bike, like gears and brakes, before riding. It will save you from any unwanted situation on the way. By testing before riding, you are being safe for yourself and others. Plus, never forget the battery level and motor condition before you kick it off.

Wear safety gears

On the two-wheeler e-Bike, you will fly on the road. And its motion and controls, like cars and motorcycles, put you in danger if safety measures are avoided. Therefore, you need to use necessary safety gears like a helmet, knee guards, wrist guards, and sunglasses while riding.

Follow traffic rules

When you are riding on busy roads full of vehicles, you must obey the traffic rules. Follow the traffic signals and set your movement accordingly. And ride your bike at the prescribed speed on the roads. Be careful of other cars and bikes around you on the way.

Ride proficiently

You need to know the best practices of safe riding, braking, turning, and cornering. Never misunderstand the weather condition and route type. Set the speed of your e-Bike according to the condition of the roads.

Be visible on roads

Most of the casualties happen due to invisibility on roads. Be visible in cloudy and foggy weather, your fellow riders and driver might not see you. It’ll be safe for bikers, pedestrians, and car drivers. So, show your presence on the roads by installing lights on the bike.

Finally, never forget that you are riding a kinetic e-Bike on roads. So, be safe and make safe everything around you with proper safety measures.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Are 800 dollar electric bikes worth the money?

There is no secret that the price of an electric bike may be higher, even up to $9000. However, an 800 dollar e-Bike can be worth buying with quality materials and useful functions. It can be your true travel partner for the outing, exercising, and city commuting.

So, if you can consider some luxuries, 800 dollars electric bikes are worth your money. But never forget to check the ins and outs before purchasing an e-Bike at this price range.

$800 vs $1000 electric bikes- what is the difference?

Undoubtedly, pricing causes differences in the quality materials and features of electric bikes. You will get an e-Bike of both $800 and $1000 of almost the same features in the market. But the bike for $1000 will come with some extra functions for more comfort.

Unlike $800 electric bikes, the$1000 electric bike would be of more quality materials. It is as simple as that paying more for having more.

Is an electric bike worth buying?

An electric bike is certainly worth buying for faster, easier, and happier riding of any form. It adds a new dimension to your daily exercise, work, and outing. You should also rely on an e-Bike for seasonal demands. A quality electric bike would be your real partner around the seasons.

An electric bike is cost-effective with its smart features and useful functions. It is a worth investment for fun and freedom in daily life.


Getting your first electric bike shouldn’t be a bad experience only because you have  limited budget. In fact, $800 is a generous budget for ebikes where you can expect decent features and great build quality for sure. We’ve listed the best electric bikes under $800 that can satisfy your daily riding expectations.

It may seem difficult to distinguish among enormous qualities and designs. Therefore, we have recommend ENGWE 20-inch folding electric mountain bike as our best choice. It comes with a compact design and powerful performance. With long-lasting battery backup, you will feel the charm of distance driving. Plus, the removable battery will help you swap out, charge separately, or just take it apart for safety reasons.

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