10 Best Electric Bike under $700 To $750 With High-End Features

Electric bikes have become one of the mainstream commuting mediums in the past few years. The reason behind that is its effortless riding facility, eco-friendliness, and above all, massive improvement in mileage and speed. However, one thing that stops them from such a convenient and fun ride is the price of the e-bikes.

Electric bikes are not cheap by any means. Hence, we decided to bring this review on the best electric bike under $700-$750 so that you can still enjoy the high-end features of the modern e-bikes while having your bank account safe and secure.

Of course, these e-bikes may not have fancy whistles and mesmerizing looks that you get from bikes worth 5-8 grand. Still, these top 10 budget-friendly electric bikes have adequate battery, excellent mileage, outstanding top-speed, riding comfort, and controls that you can’t ignore for a safe and smooth riding experience.

So, let’s dive deep into it.

Are 700 Dollar Electric Bikes Worth The Money?

No doubt, the electric bike has revolutionized the way we commute daily. Electric bikes are highly adaptable to any situation, promote eco-friendliness, comfortable and consistent riding experience, longevity, and hassle-free commuting.

Nonetheless, one of the main setbacks of electric bikes is their higher pricing. These days, most high-end electric bikes are well above $1000. Thus, finding an e-bike under $1000, specifically around $700, raises a few questions. Naturally, users ask, “Are e-bikes under 700 bucks worth it?”

The short answer is- YES. You can truly get a worthy e-bike under $700 that will feel like a high-end electric bike with pretty practical features.

Decent Battery & Mileage

You can expect a 7Ah to 10Ah battery for e-bikes between 700-750 bucks. Thus, you will have enough mileage with these bikes going well up to 35 miles, sometimes more. On top of the incredible battery range, you can expect to get around 15-17 MPH of top speed with these electric bikes. Therefore, the top speed and mileage of e-bikes under $700 is close to the high-end ones, if not more.

Their top speed and mileage are suitable for daily commuting. You may take it for weekend tours close to your cities.

Good Enough Construction

And for construction, we found that most e-bikes around $700-$750 prefer aluminum or carbon steel frame for lightweight feel and longevity. It makes the e-bike compact and highly portable as well. Plus, the frame is truly made with premium carbon steel or aluminum to prevent rust, corrosion, scratches, and damages that you may experience on the roads.

Motor and smart features

Last but not least, these bikes will have powerful motors, smart controls, even sometimes app-enabled features for both iOS and Android devices. So, you will rarely find any lack for these bikes despite being a pocket-friendly option.

$700 Vs. $800 Electric Bike – What Is The Difference?

This title may be confusing since most people will think how much difference could be between $100. Also, is it really important for electric bikes?

Well, the difference between a $700 e-bike and an $800 e-bike is so subtle that you may often ignore it. But, the subtle differences will largely control the user experience of riding the e-bikes. So, how do these two price-segmented e-bikes differ?

$700 Vs. $800 Electric Bike


Firstly, you will see a difference in their battery. While even the most high-end electric bikes might have a similar range as those under $700, the variations come in the battery brand. For the 800 dollar e-bikes, you may get batteries from Samsung or Bosche that bikes under 700 dollars might not have.


You will also see differences in sitting comfort. The seat of the $800 bikes will surely feel more comfy and convenient. These e-bike seats would have height adjustability, which bikes around $700 may lack. So, it is a concerning issue.


Next, you might find a difference in the mileage slightly due to the reduced battery capacity of the e-bikes at $700. But it is not something huge since almost every electric bike under 1000 dollars, more or less, has a similar mileage around 25 to 35 miles.

Smart features:

One of the bigger differences between $800 and $700 bikes would be in their App-enabled features. The cheaper e-bikes will lack App-enabled controls for iOS and Android devices. So, be aware of it since bikes under $700 may not allow you to control them with your smartphone.

The following table should help you know the subtle differences between these two variously priced e-bikes better.

Comparison point$700 electric bikes$800 electric bikes
Battery capacity and brandYou may not get a branded battery, and capacity will vary between 7-10Ah mostly.These e-bikes come with branded batteries such as Bosche or LG. The capacity varies from 7Ah to 10Ah, mostly.
Sitting comfortLess comfort and adjustabilityGreat comfort and superior adjustability
Mileage25 to 35 milesRemains almost equal
App-enabled controlsLimitedShould be compatible
Frame weightIt might be a bit heavierLight to medium

Table of Content:

Electric bikes under $700 are a competitive segment with tons of options. If you are in a hurry, look at our quick review for the perfect selection. You will surely love the details on every e-bike review for your daily commuting and adventures.

Comparison Chart:

Are you running short of time? Don’t worry since we will quickly point out the main features of the top 10 electric bikes under 700 bucks. Thus, your decision will be easy and accurate.

Best Electric Bike Under $700-$750Battery and MotorSpeedWheel and SeatWeight
ANCHEER Electric Bike for Adults36V battery and 250W motor; 4-5 hours charging time15MPH26″ wheel size and seat height are 32.6-38.”50lbs
Swagtron Swagcycle EB-5250W motor with 36V battery that charges within 4-5 hours15.5MPH14” wheel and37lbs
ANCHEER 26” Folding Electric Bike8Ah battery with 250W motor20MPH26” full-sized wheels55lbs
Gyroor C3 Electric Bike450W motor with 10Ah battery and needs 6-7 hours charging time18.6MPH14” wheels with seat adjustment47.8lbs
Heybike Race Electric Bike10Ah battery needs 4-6 hours charging time and has 350W motor20MPH26” wheels size54lbs
Vivi 20-inch Folding Electric BikeIt equips with an 8Ah battery and 350W motor15.5MPH20” puncture-resistant tires51.8lbs
Vivi 26” Electric Bike for AdultThe 350W motor runs with a 10Ah battery20MPH26” wheels with adjustable saddle54.67lbs
Nakto e-bike with chargerA 10Ah battery capacity, it equips with a 250W motor25MPH20” wheels50lbs
ECOTRIC Electric Bike for Adults12.5Ah battery runs the 350W motor and needs 4-5 hours of charging time20MPH26” tires and adjustable seat height50lbs
ANCHEER Mountain Electric BikeThe e-bike features a 10.4Ah battery and 350W motor20MPH26” tires with 21-gear Shimano shifter44lbs

10 Best Electric Bike under $700 in 2023

We have checked over 25+ electric bikes and shortlisted these top 10 e-bikes under $700 to save you on the daunting research. let’s get you through the reviews of the electric bike under 700 bucks and help you get a bike that features a convenient, safe, and consistent riding experience.

Best Electric Bike under $700-$750

So, here we go with our review.

1. ANCHEER Electric Bike for Adults – Editor’s Pick

The Ancheer electric bike is made for extreme riding experiences and even supports mountain riding. Also, the bike has a perfect height for adults and offers a powerful motor for 35 miles of mileage along with three different working modes for convenience.

ANCHEER Electric Bike

User Experience:

  • It has a strong yet lightweight body for maximum portability and excellent performance. It easily goes through rough terrains without any damages. So, you will find its performance top-notch.
  • You’ll get three various operational modes for user convenience. With that, you can either choose regular cycling, pedal assistance, or full-throttle, depending on your necessity. It truly elevates your riding experience.
  • The e-bike comes with a powerful 250W brushless motor. It is capable enough to allow you to ride for 15.5 to 30 miles. It should be enough for daily commuting for office goers and workers to avoid traffic hassles.
  • This e-bike also comes with a removable 36V battery. During our review, we found it pretty long-lasting, and also, you can use a secondary battery as it is detachable. The removal process of the battery is also easy. Lastly, with 15MPH speed, this battery is truly a beast.
  • As a user, you will also love its 21-speed gear transmission. It is understandable since this bike is made for mounting biking. Also, gear transmission is effortless.

Specifications For ANCHEER Electric Bike:

Load capacity265lbs
Range15-30 miles

Why We love it:

The full-size e-bike is made for adults. Thanks to its seat height adjustability, people of different heights can use it with ease. We loved it as the height adjustment brings comfort and convenience to the forefront. Also, with just 50lbs weight, this e-bike is pretty lightweight for adults.

During our review, we also liked its construction and speed transmission consistency. The handlebar is made using alloy aluminum, and the fork is made using carbon steel. Hence, it is pretty capable of handling heavy-duty riding. It is made for mountain riding. So, there’s no complaint about its longevity either. Also, the 21-gear speed transmission means you can confidently take it to any off-trail riding for adventures.

For the user’s convenience, the e-bike contains three working modes. You can, therefore, choose from these modes to match your comfort and need. If you want some exercise, you can choose its regular cycling mode. For comfort, you may opt for the assisted cycle option, and finally, the full e-bike or throttle option means you can ride without minimum sweating. So, the best electric bike under $750 is ready to meet your every requirement.

Quick Facts:

  • You can adjust the seat, handlebar, and gears quickly. So, you can take it for mountain cycling and off-trail riding experience. It improves riding consistency.
  • For riding at night and busy streets, it comes with loud horns. Also, the LEDs are bright enough for high visibility in low-light and night situations. So, you won’t need to worry about safety.
  • The dual-disc brake system is reliable. You can, therefore, stop the e-bike ride at the point you want. It saves you from unwanted accidents on busy roads.
  • The brushless motor is powerful. Also, it is pretty long-lasting. The durable motor combines with excellent construction to offer maximum longevity.
  • Outstanding mileage with removable battery
  • The gear transmission and braking is smooth
  • Adjustable seat and handlebar height for all
  • Brighter LED and louder horn for safe riding
  • The e-bike doesn’t have any app controlling features
  • Top-speed is pretty limited

Why Should You Buy It?

If you want a mid-range electric bike on a pocket-friendly budget with smooth and consistent performance, the ANCHEER e-bike would be the best option. Also, mountain bikers will easily take it for adventures and hilly rides.

2. Swagtron Swagcycle EB-5 Folding Electric Bike – Best for Climbing

This folding electric bike comes from Swagtron who has a reputation for building high-end bikes at affordable prices. This EB-5 is no exception, and also, aerodynamic design and comfortable riding make it a perfect choice for daily commuters.

Swagtron Swagcycle Folding Electric Bike

User Experience:

  • EB-5 supports both pedal-only and pedal-assistance riding facilities. So, you can choose between two options for your needs.
  • Its 30-degree inclining facility combines with the 15MPH top-speed for perfect commuting and uphill riding. The battery is removable and swappable for added convenience.
  • We also found its handlebar and seat height adjustment incredibly easy. Users won’t find any difficulty in it, and so, it ensures outstanding riding comfort.
  • The 14-inch tires are made for extreme riding and high performance. These are air-filled and so support a smooth and stable ride.
  • The e-bike comes pre-assembled. So, you don’t need to go through the hardship of assembling it. The e-bike is ready to go on roads right out of the box.

Specifications For Swagtron Swagcycle EB-5 Folding Electric Bike:

Length 14”
Load capacity250lbs
Speed15.5 MPH
Range15-30 miles
Wheel size14”Length: 14”

Why We love it:

The Swagtron EB5 is an amazing electric bike that delivers consistency in every riding session. You can adjust its seat and handlebar to match your height and comfort. Also, at just 37lbs weight, this bike is exceptionally portable. You can fold it for quick storage, which further boosts its convenience.

We must also appreciate its eye-catchy design. Besides attractiveness, the e-bike design is also aerodynamic. So, you will find the least difficulty in riding the electric bike, even with the pedal, without any assistance. It improves the battery capacity and mileage superbly.

Lastly, the pre-assembled electric bike is ready for the roads without any delay. You can hit the road soon and won’t need to spend additional on professional assembling. It further saves your money which is a superb deal.

Quick Facts:

  • You will get around 30-50 miles range. So, you shouldn’t be anxious about the range at all. Also, you can swap the battery for improved mileage if need be.
  • Auto-guard technology and perfectly calibrated braking facility make stopping of the e-bike accurate and reliable. So, no worry about accidents anymore.
  • You will also find the portability of the e-bike highly convenient. It weighs only 37 lbs and can be folded within a few seconds. It’ll fit inside your SUV just fine.
  • The design is sleek and eye-catchy. It means you won’t have to ride ugly e-bikes anymore, unlike regular bikes.
  • No assembly is required for riding on roads
  • Aerodynamic design reduces riding effort
  • Foldable design for easy storage
  • Ergonomic handlebar for convenient controls
  • Only two-speed modes
  • No waterproof rating

Why Should You Buy It?

You can choose the Swagtron EB5 plus electric bike for daily commuting. Its stylish design, swappable battery, and aerodynamics make it a perfect go-to option for city streets.

3. ANCHEER 26” Folding Electric Bike – Best for versatility

This super-compact folding electric bike has all the premium functions you would want in a good electric bike under $750. From a 21-speed gear shift to increased top speed, this adult bike has everything to offer you a consistent and comfy riding experience.

ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike

User Experience:

  • The 26″ folding e-bike features a detachable battery along with an adjustable seat and handlebar. So, you can customize it the way you want for maximum comfort.
  • Its 21-speed or gear transmission offers you to take it off-road riding for adventures. In fact, it works much like an MTB with such great speed transmission options.
  • This e-bike is a full-size one with 26” size. Thus, every adult will find it ideal for them. Plus, adjustability makes it a good choice for all age groups as well.
  • The best thing about this bike is its improved speed. Its 8ah battery can speed up the bike up to 20 miles top speed compared to the standard 15.5MPH speed for most e-bikes.

Specifications For ANCHEER 26” Folding Electric Bike:

Load capacity 330lbs
Range15-30 miles
Wheel size 26”

Why We Love It:

The Ancheer electric bike is a truly perfect bike for most adults with a 330lbs weight-bearing capacity. What’s more, this bike has a lightweight yet sturdy aluminum frame to complement the quick folding facility. So, carrying this bike is a breeze work.

Ancheer also has included 21-gear transmission for the speed-control without losing track of it. The speed transmission is smooth and reliable. So, you can quickly choose the right speed required for the pavement or off-trails roads.

Finally, this e-bike features 26” tires with wear and tear resistance. So, you can depend on the tires for adventures in rough terrain. The larger tires mean you will face less disturbance with these tires than smaller wheels.

Quick fact:

  • The bike can be used as both daily commuter and mountain riding. So, you will get a 2-in-1 benefit from this bike.
  • This ebike has three different modes of riding. So, you can choose from these modes to suit you’re riding requirements and comfort.
  • It comes 90% pre-assembled. So, you don’t need to spend money and time assembling the bike after delivery. It’s ready to hit the road ASAP.
  • A larger battery capacity is suitable for long rides up to 30 miles. Also, the removable e-bike battery can extend its mileage superbly.
  • Quick folding facility
  • Compact size for storage
  • Sturdy and durable built-quality
  • Speed transmission is easy
  • It doesn’t look premium

Why You Should Buy It:

The Ancheer e-bike serves both as MTB and daily commuter. So, it perfectly meets your daily needs and is fun during the weekend. Plus, its quality design means the bike is built to last.

4. Gyroor C3 Electric Bike – Best for the quick folding facility

The Gyroor C3 e-bike has better speed, longer mileage, sufficient motor power, and excellent controls that most people will love. On top of it, this e-bike comes in an attractive design that you will find amazing for daily commuting.

Gyroor C3 Electric Bike

User’s experience:

  • This Ebike has a 450W motor powered by a 10Ah battery. Thus, it will deliver up to 38 miles of battery range which is better than most other e-bikes on the list.
  • There’s an LCD panel to showcase the battery. So, you know exactly when it needs recharging and how further you can go.
  • Its dual suspension makes the e-bike ideal for bumpy roads. You shouldn’t face any jerks on the roads to enjoy the rides.
  • A quick and 3-step folding facility makes this electric bike super-convenient. So, you won’t face any problem in transporting and storing the bike.

Specifications For Gyroor C3 Electric Bike:

Load capacity265lbs
Range28-38 miles
Wheel size14″

Why We Love It:

We picked the C3 in our review for several reasons. Firstly, it has a 10Ah battery that delivers up to 38 miles per charging cycle. Also, its powerful 450W motor ensures up to 18.6MPH speed. Thus, both its mileage and speed are better than mid-range e-bikes.

We also liked the fact that this bike offers 15-speed transmissions despite being a road bike. It promises better control on the roads. Plus, a dual-disc braking system and shock-absorbing facility boost your riding comfort to the next level.

Last but not least, the budget-friendly electric bike under 700 has a nice built quality. Its lightweight aluminum frame makes portability a brisk task. You will also find its design highly durable from the external element, which is worth the money.

Quick facts:

  • You can choose from normal, pedal-assisted, and throttle riding mode. Thus, you can easily match your riding style and comfort.
  • 15-speed transmission suits every road condition easily. However, its 14-inch wheel is better suitable for paved roads.
  • You can fold the e-bike in less than 10 seconds in just three steps. So, you can store it under your office desk if need be.
  • Its powerful braking mechanism has dual-disc properties. Therefore, you may depend on its stopping facility when required for safe riding.
  • Aerodynamic and stylish design
  • LCD control panel for battery
  • Quick acceleration button
  • Smaller wheels suit only paved roads

Why Should You Buy it?

The Gyroor C3 is a premium quality electric bike on an affordable budget. This bike features increased mileage and speed, making your rides on city streets enjoyable, smooth and consistent.

5. Heybike Race Electric Bike – Best racing e-bike

The Heybike e-bike is made for racers with 7-speed transmission from Shimano. Its aerodynamic design complements the 350W motor for an outstanding 40 miles range. Therefore, you can depend on it for long-range tours and even competitions.

Heybike Race Electric Bike

User Experience:

  • Are you a city commuter or fast road rider? You’ll will love this ebike due to its sleek and geometrical frame designed for speed and long-range riding.
  • This ebike comes with a 7-speed Shimano gear system for speed controls. It is effortless and dependable for every road condition.
  • Its sleek and aerodynamic design offers the racing ability. Thus, riders will appreciate its improved speed with smooth and consistent riding moments.
  • Large 26” wheels are ideal for both on and off-trail riding. Plus, the rugged built-quality means this e-bike is for extreme abuses without damage.

Specifications For Heybike Race Electric Bike:

Load capacity265lbs
Range40 miles
Wheel size26″

Why We Loved It:

We can’t help applauding the racing capacity of this electric bike. City commuters will love its improved speed for daily commuting. The detachable modular battery offers excellent mileage of 40 miles with a 20MPH top speed. So, you can ride faster on roads.

Next, its 7-speed Shimano gear makes controlling the e-bike easy and convenient. You can quickly switch between the speeds to meet the road necessities. Also, it makes your riding moments effortless and fun during long routes.

Finally, the integrated LDC panel on the handlebar makes bike controlling supremely easy. You can quickly switch between the three operating modes and see the remaining battery using the LCD control panel. Thus, you are in full control of everything happening with the electric bike.

Key Facts:

  • You will get 20MPH speed thanks to its 350W brushless motor. It delivers consistent performance for an extended period. So, it needs the least maintenance.
  • A geometrical frame with a clean design means speeding up the electric bike is smooth without much effort. Also, it offers a stylish look.
  • Brighter headlights and brake lights are ideal for riding at night confidently. You will enjoy the visibility of the road signs for a safer and better riding experience.
  • The stopping ability of the electric bike is reliable. Its dual-disc braking system promises the safest ride on the busiest street.
  • Enhanced mileage and speed
  • Quick LCD control panel for modes
  • Lightweight frame and portability
  • Bright LED lights for a nighttime ride
  • Lacks connectivity with smartphones
  • Lacks seat adjustability

Why Should You Buy It:

The Heybike Race is the perfect electric bike under 700 bucks for those who prefer speed. Also, its long-range capacity is no mug. Thus, it is a perfect recommendation for city riders.

6. Vivi 20-inch Folding Electric Bike – Best saddle for comfort

Vivi has recently brought some excellent performing electric bikes to the market, and this 20-inch adult bike truly tops the chart. Its folding capacity, better battery performance, and premium build with bright LEDs make it our favorite for the city and off-road commuting.

Vivi Folding Electric Bike

User Experience:

  • This e-bike upgrades your commuting experience with a quick folding facility. The bike has a 3-step folding facility within 10 seconds. So, it helps in portability and storage outside the home.
  • The frame of the bike is made using lightweight aluminum. Also, other materials are of high quality, ensuring extended longevity.
  • Its 20-27 miles range may not be the highest on our list, but it is still enough for daily rides within the city. Also, its battery only needs 4-6 hours for a full charge. So, there’s no worry about the battery range.
  • Shimano 7-speed transmission combines with the 3 working modes for convenience and comfort on the road. It makes your every ride effortless.

Specifications For Vivi 20-inch Folding Electric Bike:

Load capacity255lbs
Range21-31 miles
Wheel size20″

Why We Loved It:

The Vivi electric bike comes with a LED display panel and a comfortable saddle. The display makes the controls of the bike better. Also, the comfortable saddle is designed to offer maximum fun even during the longest rides.

The handlebar has a telescopic feature for a quick folding facility. On top of it, we also found its 7-speed Shimano derailleur admirable. The combo truly elevates your riding comfort to the next level. Plus, riders will also find its suspension pretty ideal for bumpy roads to avoid shakes even at the highest speed setting.

Last but not least, the electric bike has a louder bell and brighter light for safe riding during nighttime and low-light conditions. It allows you to ride confidently during rough weather without any problem. So, it supports perfect riding throughout the year.

Key Facts:

  • Its adjustable height for the seat and handlebar allows people of different heights to ride it with ease. Riders from 4.5″ t0 6.1″ will find it equally comfortable.
  • The 20” tires are puncture-proof. So, you won’t need to be anxious about piercing objects on the roads while passing through the traffics.
  • Its battery is well protected within a case. Thus, it remains safe from weather and also gives the e-bike a sleek and stylish design.
  • There’s space for a rear rack. So, you can use it to carry your daily shopping or office bag for a complete riding experience. It makes everyday commuting practical.
  • Saddle and handlebar adjustment
  • Brushless motor is durable and quiet
  • Bright LED lights for safe riding
  • Limited battery capacity and speed

Why Should You Buy It:

The Vivi 20″ electric bike is made for short to medium rides. You may not take it for weekend adventures, but it meets your daily commuting requirements with perfection. Going to work, taking yourself out in the city, and other medium jobs are perfect for this ebike.

7. Vivi 26” Electric Bike for Adult – Best mileage e-bike

This is another mid-range yet high-performing electric bike from Vivi that you can trust for daily commuting, fun ride, and even optimal mountain biking. Thanks to its 26″ wheel size, professional 21- speed transmission from Shimano, and sturdy built quality, this e-bike is ready for every need on and off the roads.

Vivi 26” Electric Bike

User Experience:

  • Its powerful 350W motor combines with the 10.4Ah battery for a maximum range of 40 miles with a top speed of 20MPH. Thus, it is a clear winner in the mileage and speed category.
  • You can vary the bike speed quickly thanks to its 21 Shimano speed gear transmission. It needs the least maintenance and delivers consistent performance.
  • Its front shock absorption and carbon steel construction reduce shocks and impacts considerably on the road for comfort.
  • The seat is made with premium PU leather. So, you won’t feel any hardiness even after hours of sitting on it.

Specifications For Vivi 26” Electric Bike:

Load capacity265lbs
Range40 miles
Wheel size26″

Why We Love It:

The Vivi 26” is one of the best electric bikes under $750 for several reasons, including its premium design and construction, improved battery range, and controls. You will get 20MPH of top speed with e-bike mode, which is the highest on our list. Plus, its ability to 40 miles in a single charge makes it a great daily commuter.

Next, we found its 21-gear Shimano speed transmission pretty appreciable. It comes directly from Shimano, and there’s no space to question its performance and reliability. The smooth speed transition truly changes your biking experience.

The front has a shock-absorbing facility. So, it soaks bumping feels and impacts to offer a smooth riding experience. Also, its carbon steel frame is lightweight to boots your comfort further. You will love how amazing its PU seat is also for long riding moments.

Key Facts:

  • The bike features an excellent dual-disc braking system for a dependable stopping facility. You can ride confidently knowing that the brakes are ready to handle emergencies.
  • Shimano’s 21-gear transmission makes speed ups and downs superbly easy. You can quickly opt for the right speed, and the transmission is consistent as well.
  • Choose from three various working modes to meet your requirements and mood. When you are in a hurry, switch on the full-throttle mode and feel the speed at 20MPH.
  • The headlight features perfect focusing with spotlight properties. Also, it has excellent brightness for safe riding at night.
  • Quick and easy controls on the roads
  • Versatile riding applications on and off roads
  • Outstanding shock absorbing facility
  • Smooth transmission of speed with Shimano gear
  • No app controlling system
  • Lacks anti-theft alerts

Why Should You Buy It:

The Vivi 26” electric bike is made for adults who love speed and often go on long routes. Its enhanced speed and mileage ensure that you feel the difference on the roads.

8. Nakto e-bike with charger – Best speedy e-bike

At first glance, the Nakto electric bike might surprise you with its somewhat unusual look. But don’t be fooled with its appearance. It delivers more than enough consistency and reliability on the road than most e-bikes of its class.

Nakto E-bike With Charger

User Experience:

  • You will get a maximum 25MPH speed thanks to its 10Ah battery and 250W rear hub motor. Thus, it offers the fastest riding experience.
  • The bike is sturdy enough to accommodate 300 pounds weight at ease. Plus, its 3-step folding is designed for users’ convenience.
  • It has excellent safety on roads with emergency brakes. You will have rear expansion and V brakes for the perfect stopping.
  • This e-bike is highly compact since it folds within seconds. So, you can take it to the office without thinking about storage and also prevent thefts.

Specifications For Nakto e-bike:

Load capacity330lbs
Range35 miles
Wheel size20″

Why We Love It:

This ebike from Nakto has a trendy look with full-on features. Thus, youngsters will find it suitable. Also, lightweight design with increased weight carrying capacity makes it a great choice for workers and students alike.

The motor of the e-bike features rear hub technology. It is pretty stable and offers consistency during all rides. You can depend on it to work for several years with proper maintenance. Also, rear hub motors need the least maintenance, isn’t it great?

Lastly, its tires are widened purposefully. Thus, you will enjoy better grip and stability on the roads even if it is wet. It means you can rely on the tires even during rain and snowfall for a safe and smooth ride.

Key Facts:

  • The LCD display and ergonomically located throttle switch make the transition between three working modes easy and fun. There’s no hassle at all.
  • Its 10aH battery charges fully within 3 to 4 hours. Hence, it charges incredibly fast compared to other batteries. Also, it doesn’t start draining after a few months.
  • A quick folding facility and compact design mean you can store it in the tiniest space. Thus, it hides easily underneath the office desk, behind your sectionals, etc.
  • This hybrid ebike offers 35 miles of range. It combines with the 25MPH speed for the perfect daily commuting requirements. So, don’t worry about its performance.
  • Premium design with consistent performance
  • No battery drain issue even after months of use
  • Broadened tire ensures better grip and stability
  • The saddle is a bit far from the handlebar
  • Somewhat unusual appearance

Why Should You Buy It:

The Nakto electric bike is for youngsters who prefer a stylish daily commuter. Also, its higher speed means you can fill the thrill of racing bicycles too.

9. ECOTEC Electric Bike for Adults – Best for broadened tire

The Ecotric bike is a full-sized e-bike with 26″ tires and is ready for mountain rides. It has a powerful motor, Shimano gear, and superior battery for the best riding experiences even on the steep hills and mountains.

ECOTEC Electric Bike

User Experience:

  • At 12.5Ah battery capacity, this electric bike has the most battery capacity on our list. It is suitable for adventures and mountain riding perfectly.
  • The 7-speed Shimano gear takes care of smooth speed transmission for on and off-trails riding moments. So, you will enjoy the best smoothness and consistency.
  • This electric bike further features an adjustable handle, seat, and an LCD panel for controls. Thus, it brings convenience and comfort right at your fingertip.
  • You will get the electric bike 90% assembled. Thus, you need to make a few minor adjustments, and you can complete it within seconds.

Specifications For ECOTEC Electric Bike:

Load capacity265lbs
Range20 miles
Wheel size26″

Why We Love It:

The Ecotric e-bike is made for adventure lovers. Its sturdy aluminum frame and wider tires make it a great competitor for mountain bikes. Also, its quick speed transition with Shimano gear is supremely calibrated for smoothness and consistency.

Next, we found its boxy casing for the battery pretty rugged. It will easily protect the battery from rain and snow to offer durable performance. Also, you can remove the battery quickly for charging. Plus, the e-bike has an improved battery range of 12.5Ah, which is ideal for extreme rides.

Finally, the outstanding LCD panel offers real-time monitoring. So, you will know the speed and battery range accurately. It leaves no chance for unwanted battery draining and promises to bring a smooth and consistent riding experience.

Key Facts:

  • The ECOTEC bike is designed for 2-in-1 performance. You can ride through busy streets and hilly roads confidently with it.
  • You’ll get tires that are wear and tear-resistant with great traction for outstanding grip on the muds, wet roads, and bumpy areas for safe riding.
  • It offers a 350W brushless motor that needs the least maintenance and promises the longest runtime to be worth the investment.
  • This ebike has a long warranty for manufacturing defects. So, you can ride the bike peacefully without worrying about its defects anymore.
  • Sturdy built quality ensures longevity
  • It suits city and mountain rides equally
  • 18-month long warranty for defects
  • Smooth and effortless speed transmission
  • Limited range and speed
  • A few gears change only

Why Should You Buy It:

If you plan for a smooth uphill and mountain riding and daily commuting, there’s no competition with the ECOTRIC e-bike. Its smoothness and effortless riding will truly uplift your riding moments.

10. ANCHEER Mountain Electric Bike – Best MTB e-bike

This is our third inclusion from Ancheer for the best electric bike under $700-$750, and its outstanding features justify the inclusion superbly. It has everything you need for mountain rides and city commuting daily, from a professional 21-gear Shimano speed transmission to a 350W motor and 10.4Ah battery.

ANCHEER Mountain Electric Bike

User Experience:

  • The lightweight aluminum frame of this model is suitable for quick carrying. Also, it makes your rides effortless with easy controls.
  • This e-bike equips with a 10.4Ah battery that powers the 350W brushless motor. These together ensure smooth rides on trails and mountains for some weekend adventure.
  • Its 21-gear Shimano speed transmission is dependable and has pro output capacity. It is quite an achievement for electric bikes under 700 bucks.
  • You’ll get a bike frame that is made with longevity in mind. Its aluminum frame and dual-wall rims ensure the bike enjoys maximum durability.

Specifications For ANCHEER Mountain Electric Bike:

Load capacity300lbs
Range22 miles
Wheel size26″

Why We Love It:

The Ancheer MTB has multiple high-end features despite being a mid-range electric bike. For instance, it supports a full professional 21-gear from Shimano. So, you can better adjust the speed according to the road requirements with ease.

On top of it, the brushless powerful 350W motor is well-built and nicely calibrated to provide longevity. Also, it performs smoothly and offers consistency. Thus, you will love riding the electric bike without any worries.

Lastly, at 44lbs, the lightweight design makes riding the e-bike as effortless as possible. It is particularly ideal for mountain, and uphill rides since heavier bikes will be harder to move. Also, the bike has an excellent braking system that you can rely on for the perfect stoppage whenever required.

Key Facts:

  • The bike features a lightweight aluminum frame and steel fork for durability. You can easily use it for several years with such great construction.
  • Professional speed shifting facility for safe rides on mountains. Also, reliable brakes ensure safety during emergencies.
  • It has a LED meter button with 4 functions, along with the battery and speed monitoring. So, you will find it pretty functional and useful.
  • The bike has wider and puncture-resistant tires. It runs smoothly on any terrain without any bumps and has excellent smoothness in riding.
  • Excellent mountain riding comfort
  • Lightweight design suits portability
  • Dual-wall rims and steel fork for durability
  • Stiff handlebar

Why You Should Buy It:

Although the bike isn’t for city streets, it is best for adventure lovers. You can choose it for going on mountains and enjoying consistent performance for an extended period.

6 Safety Tips for Riding E-Bikes

Safety Tips for Riding E-Bikes

  1. When you ride an electric bike, you must wear protective gear. It includes a comfortable helmet, protective ankle, and knee guard. At least, you must wear a good-quality helmet.
  2. While riding electric bikes, you should stay visible. Therefore, ensure that the e-bike has a proper headlight and taillights. Also, it should have a red or yellow reflector for visibility.
  3. Although you ride an electric bike, you should follow the traffic signs and rules appropriately. If you disobey the traffic rules, it runs the risk of injuring yourself. Also, avoid cycling on pavement and footpaths.
  4. When you take turns or switch lanes, always signal your indications carefully and a bit earlier so that other vehicles may adjust safely. It is important since improper turns or lane switching can be the difference between your life and death.
  5. You should always be attentive and focus on the road obstacles such as people, animals, puddles, mud, etc. It ensures safe and smooth riding.
  6. Finally, ensure that the electric bike battery is charged fully when you go out of the home. Also, keep a record of your charging stations for emergencies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do We Recommend Electric Bikes Under $700-$750?

Electric bikes under $700-$750 are highly recommended for city commuters. While these e-bikes aren’t suitable for extreme riders, the average person will find their battery capacity, mileage, controls, and folding facility highly ideal for daily commuting requirements.

How much are electric bikes worth in 2022?

Since people are more concerned about eco-friendliness and hassle-free commuting, e-bikes are worthier than ever before. Also, the hike in gasoline and petrol prices means you will save a good amount on e-bikes in the future.

How much should I spend on an electric bike?

That’s a tricky question to answer since e-bike prices can go well up to $9000. However, we recommend you assess your daily needs and be sure about what purpose you’re getting it for. Fix your e-bike budget after that. For instance, an average commuter can go well with electric bikes within $700 to $750 pricing.

Are cheap electric bikes any good?

Cheap electric bikes are good in many cases, and they don’t necessarily have to be bad for being cheap. You can expect nice consistency and performance with mid-range mileage and speed from cheaper e-bikes. Also, these bikes are budget-friendly and so excellent to begin your electric bike career.


The best electric bike under $700-$750 is a tricky suggestion to make, especially with so limited options. We have gone through these mid-range electric bikes deeply and reviewed the top 10 electric bikes based on their performance, consistency, durability, and user convenience.

These ten electric bikes are pretty versatile and suit different riding applications. But our editor’s pick is ANCHEER Electric Bike for Adults because of its full-sized tired and 21-gear Shimano shifters. You may adjust the seat height quickly and also feel smooth rides through both on and off-trails.

This e-bike is also a great option for commuting to or from work and roaming around the city with a consistent and controlled pace and speed. Plus, the removable battery supports the 250W motor for fluent performance apart from the capacity of coming off the bike for safety or recharge purposes.

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