10 Best 750 Watt Electric Bikes for Fastest Riding in 2023

The 750 watt electric bikes are excellent for an effective biking experience. Not only do they provide increase versatility, but also have sufficient power to provide a seamless ride. Dissimilar to the prior e-bikes, which were heavy, recent electric bikes are lightweight and have larger tires. Thus, offering you sufficient traction.

Best 750 Watt Electric Bikes include Opeak Ebike Foldable, ECOTRIC UL Certified, Rattan 48V, and Cyrusher XF800, to name a few. There are others listed below with their specifications, reviews, and expert opinions about them.

We’ve discussed the 10 Best 750 watt eBikes in the following segments, note their various specifications. This will help you in making the right choice and selecting the right 750 watt e-bike.

Is 750 Watts Enough For Ebike?

750 watts for ebikes is very sufficient. Most riders go for 750 watts ebikes for the balance between performance and endurance. They’re amongst the most cost-effective, balanced, and high-efficient e-bikes for all kinds of riders. Good thing is, 750 watt ebikes are permitted in the US.

The 750 watt ebike is one of the most efficient e-bikes today because of its diverse advantages. It provides you with more stability, control, traction, and even seamless commuting than other ebikes. Plus, these ebikes are lightweight and give a better balance while riding through different terrains.

You’ll have your weight equally balanced between its tires, thus providing more traction. Its 4+ inches tires are wide enough, making the riding experience super comfortable. These fat tires also provide a natural suspension to smoothen out rough surfaces, increase traction, and provide better stability.

However, according to e-bike experts, 750 watts is too much power. Thus, manufacturers have limited the top speed for safety reasons.

How Fast Does a 750w electric bike go?

Theoretically, 750w electric bikes can go up to a top speed of 20mph. There are even some of them promoted to be as fast as 28 mph. However, practically, these calculations aren’t as exact as stipulated on paper. But several things determine the speed of your 750 watt fat tire electric bike.

These factors include the terrain you ride upon, the e-bike battery, your weight as a rider, even the level of electrical assistance you apply while riding.

The rider’s weight, for instance, can alter the riding speed greatly. If you are 170 lbs (77kg) or lighter, you can reach higher top speeds at up to 28 MPH than a rider who weighs comparatively more. That, by the way, within the same circumstances.

However, for terrains, you can’t achieve such speeds in rough, off-road, or steep terrains. On the other hand, while riding on a smooth surface, like the tarred highway road, you can reach higher top speeds. Top speeds are most times evaluated on a plain surface, with mild conditions, and a lightweight rider. Thus, 750-watt electronic bikes can go up to max speeds of 28 miles per hour. However, 750 e-bikes can up to 32 miles per hour.

Your country/State might not allow high speed though…

But if you’re riding it with PAS (Pedal Assistance System) will enable you to surmount higher top speeds. But note, if you’re a resident of the United Kingdom, you won’t be allowed to ride your 750w fat battery ebike within the streets. That also applies to some states in the US. for example, you cannot exceed 20 mph of speed in California, San Francisco.

Besides, you have to be 16 years or more to ride that fast and need to have a driver’s license in some cases. This is because there are laws and regulations against riding the 750 watt electric bike within the streets, as it poses a risk to the citizens. However, you can ride off-road or on some given tracks that are permitted.

Why Choose 750 Watt Fat Tire Electric Bikes?

The major reasons to choose a 750 watt fat tire electric bike are great flexibility, versatility, heavy-duty build, range, eco-friendly nature, etc. Moreover, it gives an impressive performance to the rider.

Find detailed reasons to go for the 750w e-bike below:

Good Speed:

Ebikes with 750 watt motor deliver an outstanding speed of 20 to 30 mph while riding only on full throttle, without pedaling. But these speeds, however, vary depending on the terrain and weight of the rider. Riding off-road, you can attain a top speed of 20-28 miles per hour (32 to 45 kilometers per hour). On the other hand, riding on a plain surface or even downhill, you can attain a top speed of 30-35 miles per hour (48-56 kph).

Heavy-Duty Build:

The 750 watts fat tire electric bikes come with heavy-duty construction to withstand unforgiving terrain and speed. Their frames comprise carbon, anodized aluminum, and other high-quality materials. This enables the bike to withstand tough conditions and still deliver perk performances.


One extra advantage of the 750-watt electric bike is the sterling flexibility it provides. It is designed to be extremely versatile, combining high accessibility to an efficient look. The fat tires provide sufficient support for riding on rough terrains, hilly routes, riding on snow, silt, and even your everyday commuting.


Asides from providing great comfort, the 750-watt fat tire electric bike also provides a long riding range for riders. It has a 750 watt electric bike conversion kit capacity of 624Wh that can run sufficiently for 25 to 37miles (or 40-60km) on just one charge. Therefore, the bike is suitable to commute long distances in a day.

However, the mileage depends on the way you ride it. This implies that if you minimize the pedal assistance level, you’ll conserve the e-bike’s battery power. Thus, more work will be exerted on the pedal and less on the motor.

Additionally, the less weight your e-bike carries, the further it will be able to go. This is so because less weight on the bike results in less demand from the e-bike’s motors. Therefore, consuming less battery power.

One other way you can enhance your 750 watt e-bike range is by switching between gears at the proper time. Your e-bike motor will be over-pressured if you ride your bike at an unconducive speed range for the gear.

Fat Tires:

750 watt fat tires are typically 4- 5 inches wide and provide a seamless riding experience. Its fat base provides fewer air pressures, giving better balance and a natural suspension. These kinds of tires are great for rough terrains that have rocks, mud, snow, sand, gravel, and even wet routes.


The ebike doesn’t emit any waste residue while riding, and we all know that global warming is deteriorating the earth slowly. In addition, air pollution from other vehicles is constantly limiting comfort around the world and in regions where these are more concentrated. Commuting short distances can be simplified with electric bikes as an alternative to cars and motorcycles.

Table of Contents

This table contains the overall overview of all Best 750 watt electric bikes. Check it out to see the entire contents of this post from a bird’s-eye.

Comparison Chart

Best 750 Watt Electric BikeMaximum SpeedMotor / BatteryAdjustable Seat HeightWeight
Opeak Ebike Foldable Electric Bike 750W high-speed Motor32 Miles / Hour750 Watt / 48V34.3′′ – 42.1′′69 lbs
ECOTRIC UL Certified 750W Electric 26′′ Fat Tire25 Mile / Hour750 Watt / 48V38.5′′ – 44′′86 lbs
Rattan 48V 500W/750W Bike for Adults 20 Inch Folding Bikes500 Watt / 750 Watt / 48V32.2′′ – 36.2′′66 lbs
Cyrusher XF800 750W Electric Bike 264 Fat Tire31 Mile / Hour750 Watt / 48V34.6′′ – 41.7′′74.8 lbs
DJ Mountain Bike 750W 48V 13Ah Power Electric Bicycle20 Miles / Hour750 Watt / 48V37.4′′ – 42.1′′68 lbs
ENGWE Upgrade 750W 20 Inch Fat Tire Electric Bicycle28 Miles / Hour750 Watt / 48V32.7′′ – 50′′83 lbs
DJ Folding Bike 750W 48V 13AH Power Electric Bicycle23 Miles / Hour750 Watt / 48V33′′ – 37′′70.5 lbs
Rattan 750W 500W Folding Electric Bike28 Miles / Hour750 Watt / 48V
Mukkpet 48V 350W/500W/750W Mountain eBike22 Miles / Hour750 Watt / 48V35.4′′— 43.3′′68 lbs
AOSTIRMOTOR Electric Mountain Bike, 750W Motor25 Miles / Hour750 Watt / 48V34.6′′ – 39.3′′83.78lbs

10 Best 750 Watt Electric Bikes in 2023

With lots of bike out there, choosing the best 750 watt electric bike could be confusing to many individuals. We’ve compiled a review of the 10 top best electric bikes for easy assessment.

Best 750 Watt Electric Bikes

1. Opeak Ebike Foldable Electric Bike 750W high-speed Motor – Editor’s choice

The design, features and performance of Opeal Ebikes make it our top best 750 watt e bike. The sturdy construction will keep you up irrespective of your body weight. Here are some of the things that keep this 750w fat tire electric bike outstanding.

Opeak Foldable Electric Bike

Excellent Motor and Battery Performance and Capacity

Opeak functions with 8 different speed levels for a wide range of speeding on rides. The 750 watt motor capacity can cover about 32 miles within an hour at its maximum speed. It produces between 800 – 1,000W power through its continuous performance. This makes the e bike a great option for long-distance commuting.

Excellent Motor and Battery Performance

The bike features a throttle mode capable of running it for 55 Km (34 miles). However, there could be a variation in the Performance-based Spec according to the rider’s terrain, weight, and style. Furthermore, it features a removable 48V battery that charges either on the frame or off it. 6 hours of charging will give a 0% to 100% result on the battery. Also, you can purchase a spare battery that you can alternate with the main removable battery.

Robust and Foldable Design

First, let’s talk design. The Opeak ebike depicts robust and reliable transportation that will stand the test of time. Made from an alloy of aluminum, you can use the bike on some steep hills and harsh terrains with cracks. Its pedals are foldable which will enable you to just enjoy your ride using the motor speed operation without pedaling.

Its large wheels of about 26′′ offer faster rolls that reduce your riding time, taking you to your destination in the shortest possible period. Also, there are both the center shock absorber and the front fork that absorb shocks and minimize the impacts of bumps and cracks.

Perfect Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Opeak comes with effective hydraulic disc brakes that maximum safety. The brake has a combination of both front and rear discs of 203mm and 180 mm respectively. This ensures that the braking system of the bike maintains some safe distance once you apply it.

Perfect Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Moreover, there’s an e brake lever construction to strengthen the hydraulic disc brake. By holding the bike’s lever, it will immediately cut off the electric connection of the motor power. This will instantaneously bring your bike to stop. Hence, the e-brake enhances your safety through this braking system.

Easy Control

This is one of the 750 watt electric bikes that you can easily maneuver and control. Without pedaling, you can control the bike speed through the twist throttle. While using the pedal, you have are equipped with 5 levels of assistance in speeding. These include 9, 15, 21, 27, and 32 miles/hour.

Comfortable and Reliable Configuration

The overall configuration of Opeak displays a high-quality 750w folding electric bike. Its automatic headlight is sensitive and will light up within a dark or low-light environment. There’s a color LCD screen protected built-in password and has multi-functioning capacity.

Comfortable and Reliable Configuration

Also, you have a phone holder that will keep your phone as well as charge it from the battery on board. The attached fender and rack are there to convey your loads. Moreover, the bike has 3 modes that you can easily operate, the regular, throttle, and pedal assistance modes.

Specifications For Opeak Ebike Foldable Electric Bike 750W

Weight / Wheel size31Kg (69lbs) / 26 Inches
Number of Speeds8 level adjustments
Max Speed51 km/h (32 miles/h)
Adjustable Seat Height34.3′′ – 42.1′′
Motor/Battery750W/Removable 12 AH 48V battery

Quick Facts

  • Features a front fork adjustable shock absorber with a locking function that minimizes the impacts of bumps.
  • Automatic lighting of the headlights in low-light or dark environments.
  • Phone holder that can charge your phone once you connect a cable even while you’re on the go.
  • Included fender and rack for your loads.
  • High speed and foldable Ebike.
  • Excellent performing hydraulic disc brake.
  • Automatic headlights that are sensitive to the illumination of the environment.
  • Color LCD screen with multi-function feature.
  • Waterproof connectors for more protection against fluid disruption.
  • Has quite a higher weight.
  • May not be ideal for short people.

FAQs For Opeak Ebike Foldable Electric Bike 750W

  • Are Opeak Ebike brakes mechanical or hydraulic (fluid)?

Answer: Opeak Ebike has hydraulic brakes.

  • Can the Ebike pull a pet trailer?

Answer: Yes, the Ebike can.

2. ECOTRIC UL Certified 750W Electric 26′′ Fat Tire – Best for all riders

ECOTRIC 750 Watt electric bike is a modern bike that inculcates old-school inspiration in its design. Its robust construction gives you a comfortable ride through rugged terrains like up hills and mountains. Below are the distinguishing attributes of this unique electric bike.

ECOTRIC 750W Electric Bike

Cost-Effective and High Performing Mountain Ebike

This is one of the high-performing yet low-cost ebikes with 750 watt motor. The high functionality of the motor provides you with stress-less rides. It ensures high power output and efficiency from the bike.

It has a removable 13AH 48v Lithium battery that you can either charge on frame or at any place of your convenience. Also, the charging period for the battery is between 6 – 8 hours to achieve 100% full battery life.

Sturdy Fat Tires for Rugged Terrains

ECOTRIC ebike features a 26 X 4 inches fat tire that enhances its sturdiness for riding in rugged terrains like mountains and hilly steeps. The Fat Tire is durable and suitable for all road conditions as it ensures balance, safety, and stability.

Sturdy Fat Tires for Rugged Terrains

Moreover, the bike is 90% pre-assembled that eliminate the stress of complete fixing on its users. With a maximum speed of about 25 miles per hour, this ebike can convey a total weight of 260 lbs.

UL Certification

This bike is UL certified as a 750 Watt ebike that you can rely on as a dependable ride on all terrains with obstacles. That means its level of safety is reliable and acceptable by regulatory authorities. Hence, the disc brake enables you to easily control the speeding of your bike while cycling.

LCD Display Monitor

Through the 36V LCD power screen, you can monitor the speed, distance covered, and power rating of your battery. Also, you have access to 5 assistance pedal levels for effective riding. When you pedal at 180 degrees, the motor starts working.

LCD Display Monitor

With the 7 different speed levels, you achieve greater maneuverability and control on the ebike. Also, you can use the USB port for charging for a phone while commuting but you will have to get a phone holder separately.

Specifications For ECOTRIC UL Certified 750W

Weight / Wheel size38Kg (86 lbs) / 26 Inches
Number of Speeds7
Max Speed40 km/h (25 miles/h)
Adjustable Seat Height38.5′′ – 44′′
Motor/Battery750W/Removable 13AH 48V battery

Quick Facts

  • Old-school inspired electric bike that comes with a difference for your inspired riding experience.
  • UL certified for maximum safety and high quality, making it the best 750w fat tire electric bike with ECOTRIC technology.
  • 7-speed transmitting capacity for high performance and functionality for effective riding experience.
  • The electric bike’s 750 watt motor gives you great speeds during your commuting.
  • Sturdy design that is ideal for mountain riding
  • Suitable for heavy individuals.
  • Improved riding comfort with unique seat suspension.
  • LCD screen for monitoring mileage, speed, and other information.
  • Pedal assistance with 5 levels.
  • No inclusion of fenders and rack.
  • Too up high for many people.

FAQs For ECOTRIC UL Certified 750W

  • How will I position the key so I can charge my ECOTRIC battery?

Answer: You don’t need to on the key to charge ECOTRIC battery.

  • What is the maximum speed that I can adjust my ECOTRIC ebike?

Answer: ECOTRIC ebike can move with a maximum speed of 25 miles per hour.

3. Rattan 48V 500W/750W Bike for Adults 20 Inch Folding Bikes – Best energy-efficient

When your focus is on comfort and safety, Rattan stands as your handy option for a 750 watt e bike. Its design ensures maximum safety and protection for the rider while giving him/her an amazing and comfortable riding experience. Here are the reasons you could stick with this ebike.

Rattan Folding Bikes

Excellent Motor and Battery

This Rattan ebike has a brushless gear motor and 48V battery that facilitate high speed and top-notch performance. Built with IPAS Energy Control System, the ebike is an excellent energy conserver. The system enhances the battery life by preventing loss of energy.

Excellent Motor and Battery

Its intelligent controller reads the riding status and maintains accurate current distribution from the motor. This will propel a high performance from the battery. Thus, you have an ebike that can save up to 50% electric power.

Strong and Convenient Construction

Combined with great design and full accessories, this ebike takes care of your traveling needs perfectly. Its 4″ fat tires create a convenient and comforting movement through all terrain and weather for riders. They firmly grip different road conditions such as wet, beach sand, snow, and steep roads. Also, front suspension ensures comfortable and smooth-riding by reducing the impacts of bumps.

Rattan ebike comes with both a front headlight and rear light that ensure great illumination in a dark environment. The back rack makes it easy for you to carry your shopping packages or other bags and loads while commuting.

Easy and Seamless Assembly

This ebike comes 97% assembled so that you can easily complete the assembling process in less time. Furthermore, you can easily fold the ebike to fit inside your SUV or trailer for hassle-free transportaiton. Going on a trip? Enjoy both the convenience of ebike and ease of car at the same time without worrying about carrying the bike!

Easy and Seamless Assembly

Enhanced control

The intelligent controlling capacity of the IPAS of Rattan ebike is reliable and highly effective. It brings out the best performance from the battery thereby stabilizing its energy consumption rate. You can travel up to 60 to 80 miles while using the IPAS mode and about 40 miles while using the ordinary electric mode.

Moreover, you will get stronger protection through the mechanical brake system. It inculcates both front and rear discs of 180mm and 160 mm respectively.

Specifications For Rattan 48V 500W/750W Bike

Weight / Wheel size30Kg (66 lbs) / 20 Inches
Number of Speeds7
Max Speed45 km/h (28 miles/h)
Adjustable Seat Height32.2′′ – 36.2′′
Motor/Battery500W/750W / Removable 13AH 48V battery

Quick Facts

  • Features both front and rear lights for excellent lighting system in low-light situations and increased safety.
  • The braking system is mechanical which provides stronger protection.
  • IPAS intelligent system control for enhanced energy efficiency and longer battery life.
  • Robust and cushion rack offers more comfort and stability for your baggage and loads.
  • Advance technology with intelligent monitoring and controlling of battery.
  • Folding and comfortable ebike ideal for commuting.
  • IPAS Control System for enhancing energy efficiency.
  • Stronger protection through mechanical brake system.
  • Greater illumination with the front and rear light.
  • The cable management should be better.
  • Bike seems to be a little jumpy.

FAQs For Rattan 48V 500W/750W Bike

  • Is Rattan ebike a class 3 e bike?

Answer: Yes, it is. There are both the pedal and the electric mode. You also have the option of setting your speed limit.

  • What maximum weight limit can the ebike carry?

Answer: The maximum weight that Rattan can carry is 300 lbs.

4. Cyrusher XF800 750W Electric Bike 264 Fat Tire – Best e-bike with fat tires

Cyrusher is a great choice for 750 Watt electric bike with fat tires. It offers you more convenience for cruising through different terrain including steep and sloppy hills. Below are its outstanding characteristics.

Cyrusher 750W Electric Bike

Excellent Motor Performance

This ebike offers you a great cruising experience Just with its 750 watt motor capacity. The motor reaches a torque of 80 Nm that gives you a maximum output equivalent to 1,500 watts. Its Lithium battery of 13Ah and 48V is commendable. Its entire combination performance results in perfect riding with the ebike.

Excellent Motor Performance

Also, the motor performance enables the ebike to conveniently move through difficult routes such as climbing sloppy and steep hills and mountains. With its SHIMANO 7 speed range, you maintain your desired speed throughout the entire journey.

Great Design

The design of Cyrusher ebike depicts high quality and great performance for maximum customers satisfaction. It features a hydraulic fluid brake system plus a power-off electric brake system. The latter cuts off electrical power from the motor and battery and brings the bike to a stop through the brake lever. All you need to do is to push the lever for the power OFF braking.

The hydraulic brake discs include the front and rear discs. The front brake has a 203mm disc rotor while the rear brake has a 160/180mm disc rotor. The combination ensures perfect control through fewer efforts. Also, you will receive better braking and safety on every ride.

Discs brake

Moreover, the fat tire of this ebike is a great advantage to friction for different types of roads. It provides a firm grip on the ground to ensure stable and safe riding. Hence, you can comfortably move through beaches, snow, mountain, and other rough routes.

Advanced Monitoring and Control

This ebike is built with a modern enhancement that monitors and displays your riding statistics for you. Its LCD screen gives information on your battery capacity, time for a single trip, riding speed, motor display, environment temperature, and others.

Furthermore, the bike is fully programmable. You have the option of switching between the throttle mode or the Pedal Assist Mode for your convenience through any cruise. It’s a great advantage that takes you through any terrain in your rides.

Great Dual Suspension

Cyrusher XF800 comes with dual suspension of high strength made from carbon steel. Both the front and rear suspension ensure stable and comfortable riding by absorbing the impacts of bumps and cracks. This increases your safety maintenance throughout the entire ride.

Great Dual Suspension

Specifications For Cyrusher XF800 750W

Weight / Wheel size34Kg (74.8 lbs) / 26 Inches
Number of Speeds7
Max Speed50 km/h (31 miles/h)
Adjustable Seat Height34.6′′ – 41.7′′
Motor/Battery750W / Removable 13AH 48V battery

Quick Facts

  • Cyrusher comes as your best selection for amazing cycling through different roads and around mountains.
  • Riding with this ebike gives you a stable and fast cruising experience.
  • Its 750 watt motor with a torque of 80 Nm produces a maximum output of 1,500 watts for high-powered performance that drives the bike with ease.
  • You are in for perfect riding using the adjustable forks.
  • High motor performance with a torque of 80 Nm to produce a maximum of 1,500-watt output.
  • Features dual adjustable suspension for increased stability.
  • Different cruising modes with either throttle or Pedal Assist Mode.
  • Massive tires that support cycling through lower PSI
  • LCD screen for enhanced monitoring of riding information
  • The battery seems to run off quite faster.
  • Has no handle for carrying it around

FAQs For Cyrusher XF800 750W

  • Can I adjust the speedometer of the ebike to Mph?

Answer: The speedometer has a default setting on Mph. You can also adjust it to Km/h.

  • Are there fenders for the ebike?

Answer: Yes, the bike features both front and rear adjustable fenders with a mounting bracket.

5. DJ Mountain Bike 750W 48V 13Ah Power Electric Bicycle – Best for maneuverability

If you’re an adventurous person, here is the right 750 watt electric bike for you. Its usage cuts across different purposes such as commuting, sporting, casual riding, and others. Here are the attributes of the ebike.

DJ Mountain Electric Bike

Strong Motor

DJ Mountain bike features a high-powered motor that produces maximum output of 1,000 watt. With its top-notch battery, this 750 watt electric bike can drive you through steep hills and mountains. The torque capacity of 80 Nm enables the combined output of the motor and battery.

Strong Motor

Its performance perfectly fits different roads both within the city and off-road routes with ease and stability. The ebike is a great choice for all-purpose riding including commuting, casual, and sports activities.

Great Construction and Design

This construction of this unique mountain electric bike depicts high quality and safety for riders. The stainless aluminum body frame ensures resistance to corrosive elements and promotes the durability of the bike.

You will have access to 7-speed levels through the SHIMANO gear. This offers great assistance during pedaling and empowers the bike through hilly and sloppy terrain. Also, you can switch between the Pedal-assist mode and the thumb throttle with convenience. The Pedal Assist Mode maintains great performance with its 5 levels of operation.

Excellent Control

DJ Mountain electric bike provides ideal and excellent control and monitoring techniques for riders. It comes with an adjustable fork suspension that functions as both lockout and preload controls. This allows users to select the best that suits them for comfortable and smooth rides even on rough terrain.

adjustable fork suspension

Also, with the LCD display, you can monitor the battery life, pedal assist level, speed range, time, riding distance, and others. Hence, you’ve got all the necessary riding stats that will help you in controlling your movement as you desire.

Great Accessories with Perfect Pricing

The high-quality DJ mountain ebike has all the necessary accessories and components included. One great outstanding thing is the excellent pricing for the bike as you get everything that speaks of high quality.

It features front and rear fenders and an adjustable seat that is a great shock absorber for more comfort. The tires are puncture-resistant and durable. Made with high-quality components, they are reliable and will provide stability for all-purpose riding.

Specifications For DJ Mountain Bike 750W

Weight / Wheel size31Kg (68.3 lbs) / 26 Inches
Number of Speeds7
Max Speed32.2 km/h (20 miles/h)
Adjustable Seat Height37.4′′ – 42.1′′
Motor/Battery750W / Removable 13AH 48V battery

Quick Facts

  • The DJ Mountain ebike features a powerful Bafang motor and gives a max output of 1,000 watts for excellent performance.
  • Its SHIMANO gear offers 7-speed levels for enhanced riding experience through different terrain
  • The construction and design of this electric bike give an overall high quality, durable, and affordable product. You are in for an amazing adventure and experience with this all-purpose 750 watt bike.
  • 5 switchable levels with the Pedal Assist Mode.
  • Front tire with quick release function.
  • Adjustable front suspension with preload and lockout controls.
  • LED headlight.
  • High-quality removable 13AH battery.
  • Has no tail light.
  • New riders may experience a little difficulty in assembling the components.

FAQs For DJ Mountain Bike 750W

  • Can I adjust the handle bar height?

Answer: Yes, the handle bar height of this ebike is adjustable.

  • What type of throttle control does this DJ Mountain bike have?

Answer: This bike has a Thumb Throttle Control that regulates the speed boost levels.

6. ENGWE Upgrade 750W 20 Inch Fat Tire Electric Bicycle – Best for long-distance commuting

Do you want a riding exploration with a powerful performing electric bike? This ENGWE model is a suitable option for a comfortable and reliable cruise even in rugged terrains. Here are the reasons for the outstanding performance of the ENGWE ebike.

ENGWE Electric Bicycle

All Terrain Adaptability

The ENGWE electric bike provides the perfect terrain adaptability on various routes. The fat tires of this bike account for ideal grip on various ground terrains. They are anti-puncture as well as anti-slip. Hence, you can comfortably cruise through the beach, snow, and steep hills.

All Terrain Adaptability

Furthermore, the 750 watt brushless motor with the 48V Lithium battery gives you great riding speeds. The battery is removable which gives you the option to either charge on frame or off at your convenient location. Also, the motor is enhanced with a maximum torque of 35 Nm to produce a maximum riding speed of 28 MPH.

Excellent Control and Monitor

There’s the LCD display screen for effective monitoring of your cruising information just at a glance. The screen indicates the battery life, speeding level, the distance covered, time, temperature of the environment, and others.

LCD display screen

Controling this ebike is completely easy and convenient with itsw hydraulic brake system with maximum safety. It comprises the front and rear discs brakes. Also, the alloy and hydraulic suspension absorbers take on the impacts from bumps and cracks to ensure smoother and stable rides.

Power Regeneration Technology

The electric bike features Power regeneration technology for increased efficiency. The ebike will automatically initiate the battery charging for 20% power during your ride. This happens when you’re on the Pedal Assistance Mode at over 15 MPH.

Also, during your downhill riding, the E-PAS system will regenerate 60% energy through the engagement of the intelligent sensor. Moreover, there will be Zero Energy Consumption during the process. What’s more, with the 8 SHIMANO speed level, you can shift to any suitable speed to enjoy your ride.

Streamlined and Robust Design

ENGWE ebike has a streamlined and strong design for convenience and comfortable rides. The design is with an aluminum alloy frame the gives the bike special stability through rugged roads. It has front and rear fenders as well as an aluminum solid rack for packages and bags.

Streamlined and Robust Design

It comes with both a headlight and rear light that increases illumination within a dark and low-light environment. There’s the fur handlebar that makes the twist throttle easy in controlling. Also, the saddle is soft such that you can get a safer riding experience

Specifications For ENGWE Upgrade 750W

Weight / Wheel size37.8Kg (83 lbs) / 20 Inches
Number of Speeds8
Max Speed45.1 km/h (28 miles/h)
Adjustable Seat Height32.7′′ – 50′′
Motor/Battery750W / Removable 13AH 48V battery

Quick Facts

  • This electric bike offers comfortable and stable rides with its anti-puncture fat tires.
  • You’ve got the best bike suitable for various terrains. The bike can conveniently maneuver through gravel, flat, and mountain roads.
  • ENGWE electric bike is a folding bike suitable for outdoor sports, commuting, and casual riding for healthy living.
  • High adaptability of fat tires for various terrains.
  • Features I-ERS power regeneration.
  • Effective control through the thumb throttle for 8-speed levels.
  • Built-in waterproof for enhanced protection and safety.
  • High speed and efficient motor with long-lasting battery
  • Seem quite heavy with its weight.
  • Rear damper should be adjustable.

FAQs About ENGWE 750W Ebike

  • What is the maximum supporting heat for this electric bike?

Answer: The maximum supporting weight or for ENGWE ebike is 330 lbs.

  • Can I change the ENGWE seat out?

Answer: Yes, you can do that. But bear in mind that the design of this ENGWE electric bike is in the generic style. However, you can make a replacement with Allen Wrench.

7. DJ Folding Bike 750W 48V 13AH Power Electric Bicycle – Best foldable e-bike

Designed with high quality and sturdy components, the DJ folding 750 watt electric bike meets all your riding purpose. Its durability and affordability make it an excellent choice for different terrains. Below are the unique features of this DJ ebike.

DJ Folding Electric Bicycle

Battery and Motor Performance

The performance of the motor and battery combines to provide a great riding experience. The 750 watt motor produces a maximum of 1,000 watts that powers the ebike even through the most difficult routes. Also, the motor is maintenance-free with a maximum torque of 80 Nm. You can conveniently span through hilly roads with ease.

Battery and Motor Performance

By just a twist of your key, you will bring the LG or Samsung battery to charge. The 13AH 48V removable gives you a long-lasting performance. The ebike operates with 7 different speed levels for a rider to have perfect speeding choices throughout his entire cruise.

Seamless Folding Mechanism

The design of this electric bike inculcates unique folding and unfolding mechanism. This enables riders to easily and conveniently transport the bike to any location in lesser space with a vehicle or by plane.

Also, it features high-quality puncture-resistant 20′′ X 4′′ tires that complements the sturdiness and ruggedness of the bike. Despite its durability, the ebike goes at a moderate and affordable price.

Great Functionality

DJ Folding ebike features great functionality of all its components. With its aluminum alloy design, the ebike displays a strong and reliable option for all-purpose cruising. Riders can swing between the twist throttle and the Pedal Assist Mode for a perfect riding experience. The latter embodies 5 levels that maintain motor power with the pedal stroke.

There’s the adjustable suspension fork that enables you to have stability and smooth rides even on bumpy routes.

Highly adaptive and intuitive control

With the quick-release adjustable and shock-absorbing seat, your comfort is well assured. Also, the ebike features other accessories such as a bell, front and rear racks, and front and rear fenders.

Highly adaptive and intuitive control

Moreover, the bike comes LCD monitor that indicates your riding stats and other information. There’s a USB port for charging your phone while on the move. With DJ Folding 750w electric bike, you’ve got all that paid for and even more.

Outstanding Brand and Customer Service

One of the distinguishing factors for DJ folding ebike is its outstanding customer service that solidly supports the brand. Customer support offers unique and timely responses to complaints and requests. This brand and its customer support speak good volumes for the product. Apart from the outstanding features, support is what makes DJ bikes stand out.

Specifications For DJ Folding Bike 750W

Weight / Wheel size32 Kg (70.5 lbs) / 20 Inches
Number of Speeds7
Max Speed37 km/h (23 miles/h)
Adjustable Seat Height33′′ – 37′′
Motor/Battery750W / Removable 13AH 48V battery

Quick Facts

  • This ebike fulfills your different riding purpose on various terrains with useful accessories.
  • Enjoyable and smooth rides as the fat tires and suspension absorbers take care of bumps and potholes. You will hardly get any impacting forces from the effects.
  • Comfortable rides through hilly, sloppy, and rugged routes.
  • Easy assembling even without instructions.
  • Folding and Unfolding mechanism for easy transportation.
  • Highly durable and affordable electric bike
  • Excellent customer service and responses that stand for their products.
  • Front and back racks for loading packages.
  • The battery seems to run out quite fast.
  • The electrical wiring needs more improvement.

FAQs For DJ Folding Bike 750W

  • How long can the battery of this electric bike last?

Answer: When you go on full throttle, the battery of the bike lasts for 2 hours. This period gives you a riding distance of about 30 to 50 miles.

  • Is this electric bike powered by a mid-drive or Rear hub motor?

Answer: This DJ Folding electric bike is powered by a rear hub drive Bafang motor.

8. Rattan 750W 500W Folding Electric Bike – Best for Smooth Control

Rattan 750 watt electric bike is for you if comfort and speed are a priority. It comes with a foldable package with intelligent combinations that will enhance your riding exploration. Below are the outstanding characteristics of this ebike.

Rattan Folding Electric Bike

Excellent Power and Battery Output

Through the advanced technology of IPAS, the 750 watt brushless gear motor produces high speed. The intelligent controlling capacity maximizes the performance of both the motor and the 48V battery. You can maintain a maximum speed of 28 MPH through a maximum torque of 72 Nm.

The IPAS ensures that the motor remains highly efficient while saving more energy through the process. Thus, the battery is long-lasting even with its excellent performance.

Great Configuration and Design

Rattan designed this 750 watt electric bike with strong aluminum alloy to ensure sturdiness and durability. The front suspension and the adjustable seats are great shock absorbers. The saddle seat ensures maximum comfort. You can hardly get impacts while riding through bumps and potholes. With the rear seat, you have a space for loading your bags or shopping packages without worry.

Great Configuration and Design

When it comes to lighting, the design of this Rattan folding electric bike has your safety in mind. It features both a headlight and rear light for perfect brightness through the dark of a poor-lit environment. Also, there’s the SHIMANO 7 speed gear for fast and smooth rides as you desire. You can conveniently climb through hilly routes using its increased power range and adaptability for various terrains.

LCD Screen with live data

You will get a 3D display of some vital information throughout your ride on the LCD screen. It shows the battery life, speed level and maximum speed, PAS level, distance traveled, and others. This will help you in controlling your ride efficiently.

LCD Screen with live data

Also, the bike features an alloy mechanical brake system comprising both the front and rear disc brake. The front is a 180mm disc while the rear is a 160mm disc brake for maximum safety and protection on every ride.

Specifications For Rattan Folding Electric Bike 750W

Weight / Wheel size30Kg (66 lbs) / 20 Inches
Number of Speeds7
Max Speed45 km/h (28 miles/h)
Adjustable Seat Height31.4′′ – 36.2′′
Motor/Battery500W/750W / Removable 13AH 48V battery

Quick Facts

  • Equipped with front and rear fenders, the 4′′ tires are suitable for all-terrain and allow an enjoyable riding experience.
  • The ebike depicts high quality through its top-performing motor and long-lasting battery.
  • With its foldable and intelligent control capacity, you have the ideal and perfect electric bike from Rattan.
  • Energy efficiency through its intelligent IPAS Technology and control.
  • Top performance of the motor.
  • Removable battery with 5 to 6 hours of charging period.
  • Alloy mechanical brake system
  • Increased illumination with a headlight and rear light.
  • Lacks handle for easy mobility.
  • The gears need better re-engineering.

FAQs For Rattan Folding Electric Bike 750W

  • Can I use this electric bike to carry two adults?

Answer: The Rattan ebike can only carry a maximum weight of 300 lbs. Carrying a kid of lower weight will be very convenient. However, if you must use the bike for two adults, ensure that the combined weight doesn’t exceed the max weight for the bike.

  • Can I use a spare battery for this electric bike?

Answer: Yes, this Rattan ebike has a removable battery and can take on any compatible spare battery. You can contact customer service for more information.

9. Mukkpet 48V 350W/500W/750W Electric Mountain Bike – Best for budget

The Mukkpet Electric Mountain bike is a high-efficient e-bike that is lightweight and integrated with an intelligent control system. It comes with a brushless motor that functions effectively at high speeds. It is an ideal off-road mountain bike that gives you perk performance on and off the city routes.

Mukkpet Electric Mountain Bike

Powerful Brushless motor

The Mukkpet Mountain Bike comprises a high-performance brushless motor that can enable you to surmount top speed at 22mph. The motor is a 48 volt 750 watts high-efficient motor that has an IPAS (Intelligent Power Assistance System) of level 1-5. Its IPAS can sufficiently speed up the E-bike’s speed via its powerful motor. With this brushless motor, the Mukkpet Mountain Bike offers sufficient power that matches your commuting demand.

Powerful Brushless motor

Digitalized IPAS control circuit.

This ebike is integrated with a new-age control system that optimizes its performance using innovative technology. It has three different modes for operation, the normal, the pedal assist, and the electric mode.

In the normal mode, you ride the bike as you do with your regular bicycle—exercising your body. Then, the pedal assistance system allows you to ride using half-pedal and half electric. The third mode is the full-electric mode, which enables you to ride with only your electric throttle.

Removable and Replaceable Battery

Another significant feature of the Mukkpet mountain bike is its removable 48 volts 13 Amp Hour (AH) battery. The battery system can enable you to ride over 35 miles in full-electric mode using only one complete charge cycle. Also, when using the Pedal Assistance System, you can ride up to 40 to 60 miles. In addition, it comes with a BMS technology that secures the battery.

Removable and Replaceable Battery

The Mukkpet Mountain bike has a removable battery that you can take off to charge externally. Furthermore, the ebike comes with a power button which you can power on or off as you wish.

Lightweight Bike Frame

This high-quality e-bike has a 6061 aluminum alloy frame that is solid and lightweight. It also comes with a 26 inches diameter and a 4-inch wide fat tire. Thus, making the Mukkpet Mountain bike suitable for mountainous, grassy, and even sandy terrains. Additionally, the fat tires in it offer great suspension and smoothen your riding experience with a Shimano 7-speed transmission system.

Specifications For Mukkpet 48V 350W/500W/750W

Weight / Wheel size30.8Kg (68lbs) / 26 Inches
Number of Speeds7
Max Speed35.40 km/h (22 miles/h)
Adjustable Seat Height35.4′′—43.3′′
Motor/Battery750W/Removable 13 AH 48V battery

Quick Facts

  • Smart 4.3-inch LCD screen for monitoring the speed and battery capacity.
  • Autonomous cell balancing.
  • Heat management system with under- and over-temperature protection that has fans that either heat or cool the battery.
  • The wiring system has a comprehensive water-resistant plug.
  • Very strong battery management system.
  • Intelligent PAS.
  • High-efficient brushless motor.
  • Lightweight, yet durable frame.
  • Digitalized control system.
  • Using the disc brake may be confusing to work with.

FAQs For Mukkpet 48V 350W/500W/750W

  • Does the mukkpet 48v electric mountain bike come with a fender?

Answer: Yes, it comes wtih both a rack and a fender.

  • How much weight can it carry?

Answer: The mukkpet mountain e-bike can carry up to 280 lbs.

10. AOSTIRMOTOR Electric Mountain Bike, 750W Motor – Best of All-purpose use

The Aostirmotor e-bike is a high-adaptability electronic bicycle that ensures users comfortable riding and maneuverability.


Easy to assemble

The Aostirmotor e-bike comes 90% pre-coupled. The lightweight mountain bike offers a very durable performance as its frame comprises a 6061 aluminum alloy frame. The e-bike also has a luggage rack, aluminum fork, digitalized powerful SW-u-LCD screen, and a front light. In addition, the bicycle comes with front and rear disc brakes

Easy to assemble

High adaptability to tough terrains.

This versatile fat tires of this electric bike offer ideal traction in all topographies. They allow you to ride on dirt easily, dirt, gravel, sand, ice, and even the beach sand without struggling to balance. Whether you’re into long rides and need comfort, or often go on unforgiving terraions, this bike will suite you on all surfaces.

Removable Battery

Last, the mountain bike has a very long-lasting battery that provides the 48v lithium battery with super-efficient drive power. The 13AH battery takes between 4 to 6 hours to charge completely and has a max speed of 25 miles per hour.

Removable Battery

Specifications For AOSTIRMOTOR Electric Mountain Bike

Weight / Wheel size72.7Kg (83.78lbs) / 26 Inches
Number of Speeds8
Max Speed40.2 Km/h (25 miles/h)
Adjustable Seat Height34.6 inch to 39.3
Motor/Battery750W/Removable 13 AH 48V battery

Quick Facts

  • USB port compatibility for phone charging.
  • Anti-slip wear-proof tires.
  • Al alloy suspension fork.
  • 90% of pre-assembled packaging.
  • Super-efficient tires that can provide enough traction for riding uphill.
  • The fat tires provide balance when riding on complex topographies.
  • Long-lasting battery.
  • The Aluminum Alloy suspension fork offers maximum shock absorption.
  • Sturdy, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing.
  • The e-bike seems quite heavy.
  • The brake produces a squeaky noise when applied.

FAQs For AOSTIRMOTOR Electric Mountain Bike

  • Does the battery have USB port?

Answer: No, there is no USB port for the battery, however, there is a usb port beneath the LCD screen for you to charge your mobile phone.

  • How do I switch on the e-bike.

Answer: There is a power button on the e-bike battery. Press and hold that button for a few seconds.

  • Does it come with a truly effective 750 watt motor?

Answer: Yes, the 750 watt motor is a highly effective and long-lasting lithium-ion battery.

When Is 750-Watts A Better Option?

The 750-watts electric bicycle is a more preferred option where you desire speed, long-range, and comfort while riding. If you are a rider who loves to ride at high speeds, the Opeak Ebike Foldable Electric Bike 750W high-speed Motor is a brilliant suggestion for you. On plain surfaces or downhill, it can reach up to 32mph, as its components comprise a 48v battery and 25a controller. The battery can also last better and for longer ranges than the 500w ebike battery.

Compared to the other electric bikes with higher capacities, the 750w fat tire is lightweight, durable, and also competitively efficient. Also, its wide tire bases provide you with more traction, a smoother riding experience, and a natural suspension. Thus, the 750 watts electric bicycle is a powerhouse sometimes.

Related Questions

How fast will a 750 watt motor go?

On the plain ground, e-bikes with 750 watt motors can reach a top speed of 28 miles per hour (45kph). On the contrary, while riding off-road on rough, and even murky roads, 750watt motor can reach up to 20 miles per hour (32.18kph). So, we can observe that the max speed of a 750 watt motor depends on factors like terrain, the rider’s weight, and the battery, etc.

What to expect from a 750-Watt Electric Bike?

The 750-watt electric bike provides a high-efficient system, with fat tires that act as suspensions. By choosing this e-bike you can save recurring commuting costs and maintenance costs as well. The frame of the 750 watt electric bike is lightweight and durable. Thus, having a comparative advantage over heavier-duty ebikes.

Are 750-watt electric bikes legal?

Within the United States, riding the 750 watt electric bike above 28mph is prohibited. Also, the law states that while applying brakes, the motor must cease, and use a mechanism that pauses the motors while they’re turned on. In addition, there are three classes of e-bikes known in California as legal.

What is the highest watt electric bike?

Currently, the highest known electric bike battery wattage is the NXY Hi Power 14,000 watts e-bike. While this e-bike is considered illegal in some countries, like the United Kingdom and the United States.


While getting an e-bike, you want to consider getting one that suits your use case. If you are looking for a high-performance, stable, and comfortable ebike for commuting, then 750w ebike is the right power to go with. In this article, you have seen our top choice from the 10 best electric bicycles in this power range.

If you’re finding it hard making a choice, then we recommend the Opeak 750W Foldable Electric Bike. Among others, it offers the most convenient riding experience while commuting great distances and is the most flexible.

Note that not all 750w ebikes are equally efficient, and that’s why we outlined valid and tested ebikes you should consider adding to your cart while shopping.

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