10 Best 500 Watt Electric Bike For Daily Commuting in 2023

Are you planning to purchase a 500-watt electric bike for city commuting or climbing hills? And do you have confusions to choose the best one among thousands? Then, I hope you have clicked on the right site.

I am a trainer of a cycling club and here to bring you all about 500 watt electric bikes. My guys love riding e-bikes of 250-watts to 1000-watts. And the motor power determines riders’ ages, riding styles, and terrains.

Today, I want to make you confident in your choice for a better riding experience. And I believe you will be able to explore the best 500 watt electric bike with a good buying guide. So, no more words! Let’s learn more about the 500-watt electric bikes with  my real-life user experiences.

Is 500-watts Enough for an E-bike?

The 500-watts motor power is good enough for entry-level electric bikes. And the 500-watts e-bikes are more powerful than 250-watts or 350-watts e-Bikes. However, the power level can vary with the following scenario.

Is 500-watts Enough for an E-bike

Riders’ Weight

If you are up to 250lbs, the 500-watts e-bikes are ideal for you. And it lets you move faster than the 250-watts or 350-watts electric bikes. Moreover, when the heavier riders climb hills, the bikes need more power from motors. So, a 500-watts ebike can be good enough for 220lbs to 250lbs riders to climb mountains.

Riding Speed

Most 500-watts direct-drive geared motors offer 25MPH top speed. So, you can enjoy a faster riding experience on flat roads. Furthermore, it is pretty efficient for adventuring around and city commuting.

Maximum Mileage

I have mostly found the 500-watts e-bikes with 48V/12.5Ah large-capacity batteries. And the electric bikes in the power segment confirm a powerful combination between top speed and mileage. The 500-watts e-Bikes offer up to 48 miles of pedal-assisted and 37-miles pure electric mileage. So, the motor power seems enough for electric bikes to go to offices, shops, and weekend hangouts.

Traffic Rules

You must face state traffic issues with high-speed electric bicycles. For instance, if you live in Canada, you cannot ride e-Bikes with more than 500 wattage. And most US states encourage riders to ride on less than 500-watts electric bikes.


Undoubtedly, a 750-watts electric bike is faster than a 500-watts e-Bike. At the same time, you have to pay more for the faster one. So, the 500-watts e-bikes can be an ideal mid-budget solution for daily commuting or weekend adventuring. And I hope that you would never excuse the speed and mileage of the 500-watts motors.

A Decent Decision!

Finally, I will recommend the 500-watts electric bikes for faster and safer rides. And a 500-watts motor is mighty enough for long riding, daily commuting, and outdoor exploring. So, there is no dilemma to drive the 500-watts e-bikes.

How Fast Does a 500-watts Electric Bike Go?

A 500-watts electric bike can go with a maximum of 25MPH speed. The 500-watts brushless gear motors offer on-road and off-road potent riding performances. However, the riding speed varies based on terrain.

For example, you can reach the top speed from 20MPH to 25MPH on flat roads. And a maximum of 15MPH is safe on the rocky roads. Moreover, the battery capacity also determines the riding speed. A 48V battery is better than a 36V battery for a faster riding experience.


Don’t try to exceed the maximum riding speed. And never forget to wear a helmet and other safety gadgets.

500-watts Vs 750-watts Electric Bikes: a Conclusive Comparison

Let’s have a close comparison between the 500-watts e-bikes and 750-watts e-bikes in their core competencies.

500-watts Electric BikesVS750-watts Electric Bikes
Top Speed25MPHVSTop Speed35MPH
Regular Torque64 NMVSRegular Torque80 NM
Maximum Battery Capacity48V/15AhVSMaximum Battery Capacity48V/15Ah
Mileage Range ((miles)25-45VSMileage Range ((miles)25-48
Minimum Price$700VSMinimum Price$1650

My comparative study points out that the 750-watts electric bikes are pretty faster than the 500-watts e-Bikes. And the 50-watts motor generates more torque than the 500-watts motor. However, both segments seem closer to battery capacity. And it can vary from one bike version to another.

Moreover, it looks a bit different in mileage ranges for each type. And the unavoidable issue is transportation legality. Most states permit 500-watts electric bikes on their city streets, whereas the 750-watts e-Bikes are under restriction.

Finally, the biggest issue is the price of the e-bikes with 500-watts or 750-watts motors. You will get a mid-level 500-watts electric bike at $700 more or less. At the same time, you have to pay for a 750-watts electric  bike. Undoubtedly, price is a factor in finding the best electric bikes.

Now, it’s your turn to decide whether 500-watts or 750-watts electric bikes are ideal indeed.

Table of Content

Dear guys, I have prepared the full review from my real-life experience with 500-watts electric bikes. Here, you will find the ten best 500 watts e-bike with detailed descriptions, including pros, cons, and specifications. Never miss going through the buying guide and FAQs to have a fair deal. And don’t forget to explore the editor’s choice in the final verdict.

Comparison Chart

You will feel more confident to purchase a product when an inclusive comparison chart is in your hand. So, let’s compare the ten best 500 watt electric bikes with one another to pick the right one.

Best 500-watts Electric bike  Bike WeightBattery EfficiencyMaximum SpeedMileage (PAS)Load Capacity
ANCHEER 500W 36V Electric Bike50 lbs36V/12.5Ah lithium-ion battery20mph45-miles265lbs
Heybike Mars 500W 48V Foldable Electric Bike66 lbs48V 12.5Ah lithium-ion battery20mph48-miles330lbs
ECOTRIC 500W 36V Folding Electric Bike56 lbs36V/12.5Ah lithium-ion battery20mph36-miles200lbs
ECOTRIC 26-Inch 500W 36V Mountain Electric Bike70 lbs36V/12.5Ah lithium-ion battery20mph35-miles260lbs
ANCHEER 500W 48V Folding Electric Bike39.7 lbs 48V/7.5Ah lithium-ion battery20mph20-miles265lbs
SAMEBIKE 500W 48V Adult Electric Bike46 lbs48V/12.5Ah lithium-ion battery20mph62-miles265lbs
VELOWAVE 500W 48V Adult Electric Bike57 lbs48V/13Ah lithium-ion battery25mph35-miles280lbs
ENGWE 500W 48V Folding Electric Bike70 lbs48V/12.5Ah lithium-ion battery22mph35-milrd330lbs
VIVI 500W 48V Folding Adult Electric Bike55 lbs48V/10.4Ah lithium-ion battery24mph50-miles330lbs
PASELEC 500W 48V Electric Mountain Bike60 lbs48V/13Ah lithium-ion battery28mph50-miles280lbs

10 Best 500 Watt Electric Bike In 2023

In my cycling club, hundreds of guys go with 500-watts electric bikes of different brands. And they are doing well with these bikes. I have picked the best ten among hundreds well-known for their better performances.

Best 500 Watt Electric Bike

1. ANCHEER 500W 36V Electric Bike – Best for Gear

The ANCHEER 26-inch electric bike is an adults’ choice with a muscular look and potent performance. You can discover an exciting adventuring and commuting experience with the following features of the e-bike.

ANCHEER 36V Electric Bike

High-Speed 500W Motor

Most adult riders in my club prefer the ANCHEER commuting e-bike to a 500w rear hub motor. And the high-power 64NM torque lets riders easily speed up to 20MPH maximum. Unlike conventional commuting bikes, it offers you professional adventuring, climbing, commuting, and city riding experience.

High-Speed 500W Motor

Large Capacity  36V Battery

The ANCHEER 500w e-bike is ideal for a long drive with a large 36V/12.5Ah battery capacity. I have experienced a maximum of 45-miles pedal-assisted mileage per charge. And the good thing is that the removable and rechargeable battery takes only 6-hours for full charge. The long-lasting battery allows riders to go for nature exploring and weekend adventuring.

Large Capacity 36V Battery

Professional Transmission System

ANCHEER has probably beaten its competitors with professional 21-speed gear transmissions of the 500-watts electric bike. The 21-speed easily shifting system works well for offering a better downhill and uphill riding experience. And you can comfortably cope with the electric, pedal-assisted, and human riding modes with the Shimano 3+7-inch transmission system.

Premium Braking System

You will feel superb safety with the premium braking system of the high-speed 500w e-bike. It comes with dual-disc professional brakes for confident cornering and riding in all seasons. Unlike ordinary versions, the 26-inch 500w electric bike is easy to control at a sudden moment. Therefore, you can avoid unexpected collisions and accidents on the streets.

Premium Braking System

Multi-working Modes

The ANCHEER 500-watts electric bike is rider-friendly with easily adjustable multi-riding modes. You can adjust with electric, pedal-assisted, and manual biking modes whatever you need. The electric mode offers you an effortless riding experience, whereas the pedal-assisted mode lets you ride a long way. And you can turn the e-bike into an ordinary bike for exercising in manual mode.

Efficient Front Shock Suspensions

Don’t hesitate to move on gravel, rocks, and uneven terrains. The 500 watt electric bike kit comes with shock-absorbing professional front suspensions. It makes every ride stable and comfortable on all grounds, including cracked streets and hilly tracks. So, the riders have real adventurous riding on the e-bike.

Efficient Front Shock Suspensions

Fingertips Controlling

You will find all the necessary components, including throttle, braking, LED meter, and on/off switch on the handlebar. So, you can enjoy hassle-free fingertips controlling for a smoother riding experience. The LED monitor shows you battery status, speed level, and mileage. Moreover, it has a safety light to ride safely at night and on the foggy streets.

Technical Specifications

  • Frame: Durable Aluminum-alloy
  • Motor Power: 500-watts Brushless Gear Motor
  • Battery Capacity: 36V/12.5Ah Removable Battery
  • Top Speed: 20MPH
  • Maximum Mileage: 45-Pedal Assisted
  • Gear Transmission: 21-Speed Gear Transmissions
  • Wheel Diameter: 26-Inches
  • Bike Length: 4-Inches
  • Handlebar Length:7-Inches
  • Seat Height: Adjustable 38-Inches
  • Bike Weight: 50lbs
  • Loading Capacity: 265lbs

Quick Facts

  • The ANCHEER 26-inch is one of the best 500 watt electric bike for outstanding outdoor fun. I am happy with the e-bike for my routine city commuting.
  • You can have a budget-friendly and excellent way of the entry-level riding experience with the electric bike.
  • Discover the powerful cycling solution with the true commuting bike. It is durable, comfortable, and affordable too.
Pros to Prefer
  • Faster riding with a high-strength rear hub motor
  • Maximum mileage with a large capacity battery
  • Easily adjustable professional gear transmissions
  • Stable and comfortable riding with shock-absorbing suspensions
  • Premium dual-disc braking system for professional controlling
  • Multi-riding modes
  • Durable with quality-controlled aluminum-alloy materials
  • Safe to ride with LED lights & display
Cons to Consider
  • Not waterproof
  • Not 100% pre-assembled

Why Should You Buy It?

The ANCHEER 500-watt electric bike can be your next riding partner for a powerful and comfortable commuting experience. It would be an affordable choice with all the fantastic features in this segment.

2. Heybike Mars 500W 48V Foldable Electric Bike – Best for Portability

Pedal easier and ride faster with the Heybike 500W 48V foldable electric bike. It is a low-carbon & high-quality e-Bike for a better living. With the all-terrain e-bike,You can make your on-road and off-road rides more enjoyable. Let’s find out more about the e-bike with a 500W motor.

Heybike 48V Foldable Electric Bike

Direct-Drive Geared Motor

I have found the Heybike 20-inch electric bike high-efficient for climbing hills and exploring any terrain. The 500-watts brushless geared motor generates more power and torque for faster moving. Moreover, the high-resolution 12-magnet cadence sensor has added extra value to the power system.

Direct-Drive Geared Motor

Therefore, you can ensure professional starting and stopping of the e-bike whenever you want. And the 500W direct-drive geared motor lets riders maximize speed up to 20MPH within the shortest time. It seems a power-packed commuting bike indeed.

Long-Lasting Lithium Battery

Like me, you can plan for a long weekend trip with the 500w electric bike. You can ride up to 48-miles (pedal-assisted mileage) and 37-miles (pure electric mileage) per charge. The 48V 12.5Ah lithium-ion battery is removable for off-frame charging. And the charging system is safe with BMS intelligent safety technology.  However, never forget to recharge your phone from the battery when needed.

Long-Lasting Lithium Battery

Customizable Gear Shift

You can conveniently customize your riding speed on the unfaithful uphills with Shimano 7-speed gear transmissions. The wider gear speed helps riders maintain proper paddling authority on hills for a safer ride. Moreover, it empowers you to move faster on flat roads.

Unlike conventional cogs, the nickel-coated cogs are dust and rust-free for a smoother shifting in all seasons. So, you wouldn’t have a bitter experience of rigid gear transmissions with the 500-electric bike.

Professional Brakes & Suspension

I have experienced smoother and safer riding with the Heybike Mars 500-watt e-Bike.  It comes with dual-disc brakes and dual-shock absorbing suspensions. And the dual brake-suspension combination seems rear to most gear-hub motorbikes.

Professional Brakes & Suspension

The dual-shock front suspension absorbs shocks and offers stable riding on hilly tracks and rocky roads. And the dual-disc braking system makes me confident while cornering and sudden stopping.

Three Working Modes

You would never feel bored riding on the multi-mode electric bike. It is a versatile riding solution indeed. You can tackle challenging terrains with three working modes: pure electric, pedal-assisted, and manual.

If you want to go with effortless riding, switch on the pure electric mode. And the pedal-assisted mode will help you ride for a long way up to 48 miles. Moreover, the electric bike can be your regular exercise bike with manual riding mode.

All-Amazing Safety Essentials

When riding a 500-watt electric bike, you must move with proper safety gears. Heybike has equipped the e-bike with 20×4-inch wear-resistant fat tires and an integrated headlamp. The heavy-duty tires keep you stable on uneven terrains. And you remain visible to your fellow riders and pedestrians with an LED headlight and reflective rear light at night.

Portable Everywhere

You can experience a stunning adventure with the portable 500-watt electric bike. I can fold it within minutes to carry it in my car back. The folded dimension of the e-bike is 39x26x28-inches (LxWxH). So, it takes minimal storage space for hassle-free transportation in trunks and bags. And you can fold, carry, and reinstall the 66lbs e-bike by yourself wherever you want.

Portable Everywhere

Technical Specifications

  • Frame: Durable Aluminum-alloy
  • Motor Power: 500-watts Brushless Gear Motor
  • Battery Capacity: 48V/12.5Ah Removable Battery
  • Top Speed: 20MPH
  • Maximum Mileage: 48-Pedal Assisted
  • Gear Transmission: 7-Speed Gear Transmissions
  • Wheel Diameter: 20-Inches
  • Bike Dimension: 64x24x52-inches (LxWxH)
  • Bike Weight: 66lbs
  • Loading Capacity: 330lbs

Quick Facts

  • The Heybike Mars 500-watt electric bike is a major bang for the buck with a 48V/12.5Ah large-capacity battery in the price range.
  • It is ideal for city commuting, nature exploring, weekend adventuring, and family fun.
  • The height customizing e-bike fits well with both male and female adult riders.
Pros to Prefer
  • High-speed direct-drive motor
  • Long-lasting & large-capacity battery
  • Customizable wider gear transmissions
  • Professional dual-disc braking system
  • Premium shock-absorbing dual suspensions
  • Multiple working modes
  • Safe to ride
  • Foldable and portable anywhere
Cons to Consider
  • It seems heavier for teenagers
  • You cannot fold the pedal

Why Should You Buy It?

You can consider the Heybike Mars 500-watt electric bike for a powerful ride with maximum mileage. It is durable enough for long-lasting performance on off-road and on-road riding. Get ready to go anywhere and anytime with the portable e-bike.

3. ECOTRIC 500W 36V Folding Electric Bike – Best for Versatility

The UL-certified ECOTRIC 500W electric bike is a cost-effective solution to the powerful ride. It offers riders a versatile riding experience with four working modes: electric, booster, pedal, and pedal-assisted mode. You can explore a new way of commuting with the e-bike.

ECOTRIC 36V Folding Electric Bike

Strong 500W Quieter Motor

I deal with hundreds of 500-watts electric bikes in my cycling club. But the ECOTRIC 500W e-seems special from others with its quieter motor performance. The high-speed brushless geared motor is lighter and smoother enough in its overall operation. With the high-efficient strong motor, you can maximize your bikes’ top speed up to 20MHP. So, it lets you enjoy a faster city commuting or highway riding to save valuable time.

Strong 500W Quieter Motor

Upgraded Lithium-ion Battery

You will enjoy an energetic riding experience with a 36V/12.5Ah lithium-ion upgraded battery. The energy-efficient large-capacity battery has multiple protection features: overcharge, over-current, short-circuit, and over-voltage protection. Therefore, you feel safe recharging the removable battery on or off the frame.

Upgraded Lithium-ion Battery

The fast-charging battery takes 5 to 6 hours to have a full charge. And it offers a maximum of 36 pedal-assisted mileage per charge. So, you can get prepared for a long ride with the low-consuming and energy-saving battery.

Overall Ergonomic Design

I am pretty happy with the top-class overall ergonomic design of the 500-watt electric e-bike. The aluminum-alloy lightweight frame lets riders turn the bike up to 30-degree while climbing hills. And you can easily adapt to sandy, snowy, and rocky roads with the 20×4-inch wear-resistant fat tires. The anti-skidding tires are good to tackle the uneven grounds.

You can customize the seat height to 39-inch for adjusting with a 45.3-inch high handlebar. And the 69.5-inch long bike offers me 25.2-inch leg space between the seat and handle tube. So, both males and females feel comfortable riding on the 500-watt e-bike.

Easily Adjustable Working Modes

I have found most 500-watts electric bikes with a maximum of three working modes. But the ECOTRIC 20-inch e-Bike is versatile with four working modes: pure electric, pedal, pedal-assisted, and booster mode. You can easily adjust these multiple modes on different topographies.

Easily Adjustable Working Modes

You need to switch on the fully electric mode to climb the mountain. And the pedal-assisted mode will help you have a maximum mileage per charge. And you can choose the pedal mode for turning the e-bike into an ordinary bicycle. Never forget to press the booster mode on the throttle for faster riding on flat roads.

Safer and Smoother Ride

The Shimano 7-speed electric bike is safe to ride on any terrain in all seasons. I feel confident in turning and sudden stopping with mechanical rear and front disc brakes. The professional braking system makes every ride safer everywhere. Moreover, your ride would be smoother than ever with the shock-absorbing front fork suspension. You feel stable riding on gravel, sand, snow, and cracked corners.

Foldable and Portable

Unlike regular e-bike, the ECOTRIC 500-watts electric bike is foldable with a fashionable look. You can adjust the bike’s upper tube and handlebar stem for a comfortable carrying anywhere. The 56lbs e-bike is portable in a manageable corner of the car’s back, bag, and trunk. Like me, you can port the bike to your favorite destinations for family fun. Moreover, never miss climbing a mountain or exploring a sandy beach with the e-bike.

Foldable and Portable

Technical Specifications

  • Frame: Durable Aluminum-alloy
  • Motor Power: 500-watts Brushless Gear Motor
  • Battery Capacity: 36V/12.5Ah Removable Battery
  • Top Speed: 20MPH
  • Maximum Mileage: 36-Pedal Assisted
  • Gear Transmission: 7-Speed Gear Transmissions
  • Wheel Diameter: 20-Inches
  • Bike Dimension: 5x39x45.3-inches (LxWxH)
  • Bike Weight: 56lbs
  • Loading Capacity: 200lbs

Quick Facts

  • The ECOTRIC 500-watts electric bike offers an incredible riding performance with a high-speed motor and energy-efficient battery.
  • You will have a faster, smoother, and quieter commuting experience with the upgraded electric bike.
  • The all-terrain electric bike is ideal for regular commuting, shopping, and nature exploring. It works well with easily adjustable four working modes.
Pros to Prefer
  • UL-certification
  • Stronger, faster, and quieter motor
  • Energy-efficient and long-lasting battery
  • Aluminum-alloy made lighter frame
  • Versatile riding mode
  • Ergonomic design
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Foldable and portable
Cons to Consider
  • Minimal loading capacity
  • Unsatisfactory customer service

Why Should You Buy It?

The ECOTRIC 20-inch 36V is one of the best 500 watt electric bike at a great value. It beats your competitors in the market with overall ergonomic designs and durable performances. You can have a fair deal with the commuter e-bike for a better life.

4. ECOTRIC 26-Inch 500W 36V Mountain Electric Bike – Best for Strength

When hunting for the UL-certified 500-watts electric bikes, the ECOTRIC 26-inch adult e-bike can be an ideal choice. It is a true mountain bike with a muscular look and ergonomic design. I have compared my user experience of the bike with others and found the following fantastic features and a few drawbacks.

ECOTRIC 36V Mountain Electric Bike

Strong Driving Force

ECOTRIC has equipped the 26-inch adult mountain bike with a 500W strong motor. And I have found the high-efficient rear hub motor quieter and lighter for a smoother ride. I gained 23.6MPH maximum speed on my last flat road ride.

Strong Driving Force

If you love adventuring like me, you can ride the rocket bike for fishing, camping, and hunting. It works well on rugged off-road trails and hilly tracks. Moreover, you get a stronger driving force for faster moving on flat roads.

Powerful Removable Battery

You will get a new way of adventure with the 36V/12.5Ah lithium-ion battery. The 500-watts electric bike has a large-capacity removable battery for a longer ride. You can go for 35-miles per charge in pedal-assisted mode. I feel relaxed on round trips and long-distance expeditions.

Powerful Removable Battery

The removable battery seems a blessing to me for hassle-free charging in the office or home. As a busy commuter, you can feel the freedom of on-frame or off-frame battery recharging. And it takes a maximum of 6-8 hours to have a full charge. Never miss checking whether the charger, battery lock, and power lock are included.

UL-Certified Ergonomic Designs

I feel confident in all-topography riding, including uphill, downhill, snow, sand, and rock, with the UL-certified e-bike. The UL-certification demonstrates that the designs and components are up to safety standards. The e-bike appears with a streamlined design, ergonomic handlebar, and adjustable seat. And the lightweight aluminum-alloy frame is durable enough to withstand the loading capacity of up to 260lbs.

All-terrain Adaptability

You will get better adaptability on complex topography with the 26×4-inch fat tires than the traditional slim tires. The anti-slip and puncture-resistant tires are good to dominate the toughest terrains: mountain, gravel, snow, sand, and rock roads. The 4-inch wider tires keep you stable while moving uphill or downhill and make it safe in all-season riding. You can easily beat the cracked and muddy streets without compromising with speed.

Freedom of Cycling

You can bring your riding experience to the next level with four working modes of the 500-watts electric bike. It offers you the freedom of moving with pure electric, pedal, pedal-assisted, and booster riding modes.

riding modes

With the fully electric mode, you can commute without losing your physical stamina. And the pedal-assisted mode empowers you to ride a long distance. You don’t need to purchase an exercise bicycle by turning the e-bike into a regular bike by switching the pedal mode.  And choose the booster mode for traveling at 3.73MPH with easier pushing.

Comfortable and Safe Ride

The Shimano 7-speed gear transmission is safe for the new riders with a dual-disc braking system. You will get a risk-free ride and anti-skidding cornering with front and rear disc brakes. And the front suspension fork is pretty effective in absorbing cycling shocks on uneven roads. Therefore, you enjoy a comfortable ride on all terrains.

Moreover, the safety standard is up to the mark with an intelligent speed sensor and S900 LCD monitor. The built-in handle-held display can meter your speed, battery level, and mileage. So, don’t compromise with premium comfort and safety while on wheels.

Technical Specifications

  • Frame: Durable Aluminum-alloy
  • Motor Power: 500-watts Brushless Gear Motor
  • Battery Capacity: 36V/12.5Ah Removable Battery
  • Top Speed: 20MPH
  • Maximum Mileage: 35-Pedal Assisted
  • Gear Transmission: 7-Speed Gear Transmissions
  • Wheel Diameter: 26-Inches
  • Bike Length: 8-inches
  • Bike Weight: 70lbs
  • Loading Capacity: 260lbs

Quick Facts

  • Make life easier with smoother and faster commuting. The ECOTRIC 500-Watts electric bike saves valuable time and energy on daily round trips.
  • The muscular look makes people jealous around you. And the powerful performance beats fellow riders on the streets.
  • It is an excellent e-bike for the price with all-stunning modern features. And the ergonomic design passes UL certification for better safety.
Pros to Prefer
  • Powerful & high-speed motor
  • Upgraded large-capacity battery
  • Aluminum-alloy durable frame
  • Professional braking system
  • All-terrain perfect adaptability
  • Multiple working modes
  • Shock-absorbing comfortable riding
  • UL-certified safety standard
Cons to Consider
  • Not foldable
  • Heavier

Why Should You Buy It?

Your effort for the best 500 watt electric bike can succeed with the high-speed and energy-efficient e-Bike. The ECOTRIC mountain e-bike is perfect for tough-terrain adaptability with 26-inch fat tires. You can purchase it for four-in-one.

5. ANCHEER 500W 48V Folding Electric Bike – Best for Stylish Design

You can personalize your choice with the stylish ANCHEER 500W 48V electric commuter bike. The 14-inch folding e-bike looks terrific with a fabulous frame and crafted shape. It seems ideal for urban commuting or exploring the countryside. Let’s see why I love the e-bike.

ANCHEER 48V Folding Electric Bike

Distinguished Design

The electric bike amazed me at first sight with its mesmerizing dolphin-shaped design. ANCHEER is successful here in bringing the bike with such an innovative shape. It lets you demonstrate your riding personality on the streets with a distinguished design. Moreover, the IPX5 waterproof design protects the bike from rain, mud, dust, and rust. So, you can park it outside your home or office, even in the rain or sunshine.

High-Performance Motor

I have found a fantastic combination of power and style with the electric bike. It comes with a high-speed 500W brushless gear motor for powerful performance. The stronger motor generates 70NM torque power for offering 20MPH maximum speed.

High-Performance Motor

You will have a cruising feeling with the high-performing 500W electric bike. Moreover, it lets you make your daily commuting life easier than ever with a faster ride. I love riding my bike on city streets to save time.

Upgraded 48V Lithium Battery

The ANCHEER 14-inch e-bike looks tiny but works long-lasting with the 48V/7.5Ah battery. It comes with upgraded protection technologies: short-circuit, over-charge, and power-off protection. Therefore, you feel safe to charge the battery wherever you want it. You can move for 20-miles after getting full charge once. So, the lithium-ion battery empowers the 500W e-bike to ensure an easier commuting life.

Upgraded 48V Lithium Battery

Three-Effective Working Modes

Though it is an electric bike, you will enjoy the freedom of riding with three working modes. Firstly, if you are reluctant to pedal, choose the purely electric mode to ride after motor power. Secondly, never forget to move with pedal-assisted mode when you need to travel long-distance. And thirdly, the manual mode is for riding the bike without battery use. It is good for the morning workout. So, you can beat the boredom while riding the bike.

Multiple Safety Features

The handlebar of the ANCHEER 500W electric bike is full of multiple safety features. I love the bike for its easily functioning throttle, ear-hitting horn-bell, and superb-focusing headlight. Therefore, you are safe to ride the bike at night.

You can enjoy a more stable ride on hills and uneven paths with anti-slipping 14-inch tires. The air-filled tires offer you tireless performance on challenging topographies. And it lets your incline up to 20-degree. Besides, the urban cruiser is safe for teens and adults with a dual-disc braking system.

Easy to Port and Control

I love carrying the e-bike in my car with some simple folding steps. Moreover, you can transport the folded bike by bus or train. The 39.7lbs cruiser bike is comfortable to carry anywhere by anyone. So, never miss riding on a beach or hill far from your home.

Easy to Port and Control

The most interesting thing I have found with the bike is the app-supported control system. With the intelligent app, you can set a speed limit, monitor mileage, detect bike faults, and avoid a sudden collision. And it supports Android and iOS devices.

Technical Specifications

  • Frame: High-strength steel
  • Motor Power: 500-watts Brushless Gear Motor
  • Battery Capacity: 48V/7.5Ah Removable Battery
  • Top Speed: 20MPH
  • Maximum Mileage: 20-Pedal Assisted
  • Wheel Diameter: 14-Inches
  • Bike Length: 3-inches
  • Bike Weight:7lbs
  • Loading Capacity: 265lbs
  • Ideal User: Teenagers/adults with a maximum 70-inch height

Quick Facts

  • The ANCHEER 500-watts electric bike will hunt your heart with dashing designs. It resonates with riding personality indeed.
  • Great for a fun ride with friends and family members
  • The 39.7lbs folding electric bike is pretty lighter for smoother transport anywhere. It seems ideal for both teenage girls and boys.
Pros to Prefer
  • High-performing heavy-duty motor
  • Large-capacity & energy-saving battery
  • Front-rear mechanical disk brakes
  • Anti-skidding all-terrain tires
  • Eye-catching ergonomic designs
  • Intelligent app control
  • Freedom of riding mode
  • Foldable and portable
Cons to Consider
  • No suspensions
  • Not good for the tallest riders

Why Should You Buy It?

When looking for the high-performing best 500 watt electric bike with stylish design, the ANCHEER 14-inch e-bike can be an ideal item. It is durable with IPX5 waterproof technology within the toughest environment. You can save your pocket by purchasing the rocket e-bike.

6. SAMEBIKE 500W 48V Adult Electric Bike – Best for Mileage

I can say that SAMEBIKE 500W electric bike is a unique addition to my cycling arsenal. It has offered me the true touring feeling of an electric jet bike. SAMEBIKE has built the 26A e-bike with all-unique utilities for a pleasant riding experience.

SAMEBIKE 48V Adult Electric Bike

Faster 500W Powerful Motor

I have experienced a powerful uphill with the permanent magnet DC brushless gear motor. It lets me conquer hilly ways and rocky roads at top speed. I have thrived the maximum speed up to 25MPH on the flat track.

Faster 500W Powerful Motor

The 500W geared hub motor produces 40NM optimum torque for powerful riding. And it is efficient enough to maintain power consistency, even at minimal speed. So, you can beat any terrain through muscular movement.

Large Capacity Lithium Battery

SAMEBIKE has empowered the 500-watts electric bike with a 48V/12.5Ah lithium-ion battery. The removable large-capacity battery has 18650 power cells to ensure higher energy efficiency. I was earlier confused about the manufacturer’s maximum mileage claim.

Large Capacity Lithium Battery

But now I am convinced with 62-miles pedal-assisted and 32-miles purely electric mileage. It seems overwhelming for round-trips and distant adventures. And I feel safe charging the protected battery indoors. You can charge it anywhere you want with 4-6 hours of charging duration.

High-Quality Construction

You will find the bike with a high-quality 6061 aluminum-alloy frame that looks muscular. It offers taller riders enough accommodation for comfortable riding all the way. I am a 6-feet man, and I feel better riding on the frame. And I think it would be better for the 6.10-feet riders maximum.

The soft-leather ergonomic seat and stainless-steel muscular handlebar offer me a jet riding feeling. And the quality construction of the e-Bike has received multiple authentications, including UL/FCC/GCC/CE certifications.

Comfortable & Reliable Riding

I have had better stability with the 500-watts electric bike on gravel, sand, mountain, and uneven roads. It comes with 26×2.35-inch anti-slip wheels for no fear of sudden skidding. And you will get a comfortable riding experience with a front suspension fork. The customized suspension fork supports the e-bike to carry the riders up to 265lbs.  So, don’t worry about riding the bike, even if you are heavier.

Superb Safety Features

If you have braking issues with your previous bike, you can rely on the e-bike for a dual-disc braking system. It offers a professional braking experience during cornering and pausing the 7-speed power transmissions. And the night adventurers are more visible with a LED headlight and rear reflector. Moreover, you can track your riding speed, mileage, and battery power on the LCD monitor. And you can let your phone be alive in sensational adventuring with the USB charging interface.

disc braking system

Technical Specifications

  • Frame: 6061 aluminum-alloy frame
  • Motor Power: 500-watts Brushless Gear Motor
  • Battery Capacity: 48V/12.5Ah Removable Battery
  • Top Speed: 20MPH
  • Maximum Mileage: 62-miles Pedal-Assisted
  • Wheel Diameter: 26-Inches
  • Bike Length: 67-inches
  • Bike Weight: 46lbs
  • Loading Capacity: 265lbs
  • Ideal User: Teenagers/adults with a maximum 6.10-feet height

Quick Facts

  • You will get an incredible sporty feeling with the SUV e-bike. It makes you ready to ride in all conditions.
  • The 26A e-bike empowers you to conquer all-challenging topographies, including hills, beaches, and wild ways.
  • All the built-in utilities of the jet e-bike offer you an unparalleled riding experience in the price segment.
Pros to Prefer
  • Ultimate powerful ride with a stronger motor
  • High-protective and large-capacity battery
  • Durable frame
  • Heavy-duty wheels
  • Comfortable ride
  • Safe driving
  • High-quality customer service
Cons to Consider
  • Not foldable
  • Not ideal for 5-feet riders

Why Should You Buy It?

You can choose the SAMEBIKE 26A e-bike for multiple reasons: muscular look, unparalleled mileage, high speed, and superb safety. And therefore, most users claim the e-bike as one of the best 500 watt electric bike in this profile.

7. VELOWAVE 500W 48V Adult Electric Bike – Best for Speed

Let me share my three months of user experience with the VELOWAVE 500-watts electric bike. I am happy with the bike’s incredible speed and premium stability for more riding challenges. It lets me ride farther and faster on rugged mountains, city streets, and country roads.

VELOWAVE 48V Adult Electric Bike

High-Speed Safe Motor

The 500W geared hub motor of the VELOWAVE e-bike has made my city commute faster and easier than ever. On my last round-trip, I ran with a maximum of 25MPH on the flat street. The UL-listed brushless motor is safe to move at top speed. You can ride stronger and faster with 55NM maximum torque power.

High-Speed Safe Motor

Therefore, if you love climbing mountains, the strong driving force will assist you a lot. Moreover, the VELOWAVE 500-watts electric bike can be your powerful commuting partner anywhere & anytime.

Power-saving Battery

I have experienced power-packed speed acceleration to climb the mountain with the e-bike. It has a 48V/13Ah lithium-ion large-capacity battery for a stronger and faster ride. The VELOWAVE R&D Team has used BMS power-saving technology to make the battery more energy-efficient.

Power-saving Battery

You can go up to 35-miles per charge in pedal-assisted mode. And the throttle mode has offered me 28 mileage maximum. The energy-saving battery takes only four hours for a full charge. And I recharge the removable battery at my office or home wherever I want it.

Ergonomic Muscular Design

The VELOWAVE 500-watts electric bike offers me a muscular feel when gripping the handle. I get a mighty riding mode on the ergonomic seat. The 76.3-inch long bike has 27.5×2.35-inch wheels for maximum stability on uneven streets. If your height is 5.6 to 6.2-feet, you will feel comfortable with the 42.5-inch high handlebar. And the aluminum-alloy made 57lbs adult e-bike can hold up to 280lbs of maximum weight.

Shock-free Comfortable Ride

I have found the front suspension fork highly adjustable with all terrains. It absorbs cycling shocks from gravel, cracks, and rock roads. Therefore, you will have a comfortable riding feeling on rugged trails. And it would be a pretty pleasant experience on the smooth streets. With the high-performance suspension fork, you can have professional control over your bike on any challenging topographies.

front suspension

UL-certified Safety Standard

The Shimano 7-speed 500W electric bike has received UL-listed safety certification for a more reliable ride. My driving experience is pretty sound with the front-rear powerful mechanical disc braking system. It lets me have immense confidence in cornering and sudden stopping. Moreover, you will feel safe on wheels at night with the multi-functional color-screen display. It displays battery level, speed data, and mileage on the screen for a better riding experience.

Technical Specifications

  • Frame: Aluminum-alloy frame
  • Motor Power: 500-watts Brushless Gear Motor
  • Battery Capacity: 48V/13Ah Removable Battery
  • Top Speed: 25MPH
  • Maximum Mileage: 35-miles Pedal-Assisted
  • Wheel Diameter: 5-Inches
  • Bike Length: 3-inches
  • Bike Weight: 57lbs
  • Loading Capacity: 280lbs
  • Ideal User: Maximum 6.2-feet

Quick Facts

  • The VELOWAVE 500-watts electric bike is ideal for a faster and farther ride to meet more riding demands.
  • You can move with professional safety on rugged hilly trails, country roads, and city streets. It lets you live in unlimited leisure and fun.
  • Finally, it can be an incredible addition to your riding arsenal at an affordable price.
Pros to Prefer
  • Superb-fast stronger motor
  • Energy-saving powerful battery
  • Smoother & wider gear transmissions
  • Heavy-duty fat tires
  • High-performing suspension fork
  • Professional dual-disc braking
  • Multi-functional color-screen display
  • UL-certified safety standard
Cons to Consider
  • Hard to port
  • No built-in headlight

Why Should You Buy It?

The VELOWAVE 27.5 is one of the best 500 watt electric bike I have ever seen, with all the freedom, fun, and efficiency. It can be your well worth choice for speed, mileage, strength, and durability. And why not the budget to prefer the e-bike over others?

8. ENGWE 500W 48V Folding Electric Bike – Best for Braking

Like thousands of users worldwide, the ENGWE 500-watts electric bike is our family choice. We love enjoying our weekend with the pre-installed back carrier bicycle. And we never forget to carry the bike back to our car while going to hills or beaches. Let’s see whether it is worth buying!

ENGWE 48V Folding Electric Bike

Powerful Geared Motor

I have had a power test of the 500W motor e-bike, and it produces a maximum of 60NM torque. And it approves the manufacturer’s claim of 22MPH top speed. Moreover, I gained 30MPH pedal-assisted top speed on my last adventure.

Powerful Geared Motor

The brushless gear motor will empower you to climb the hills with the proper power support. And you can have a smoother open-street riding experience with the faster driving force of the stronger motor.

Long-Lasting Battery

With the 48V large-capacity battery, the e-bike can bring a breakthrough to your regular city travel. The 12.5Ah energy-efficient lithium-ion battery offers a maximum mileage of 45-miles at pedal-assisted mode. And you can achieve 40-miles electric and 80-miles e-tech mode mileage with the battery. I have experienced a 5-hours of charging duration of the large-capacity battery.  And I enjoy the freedom of charging at my office or home. It is safe to charge anywhere and anytime.

Long-Lasting Battery

Compact & Durable Design

ENGWE has upgraded the EP-2 electric bike with humanization designs and quality materials. The 6061 aluminum-alloy frame is compact and lightweight for durable use. And the aluminum-made front fork suspensions confirm a comfortable ride.

Moreover, the ergonomically designed soft-leather adjustable seat is ideal for painless riding for hours. And the stainless steel adjustable handlebar offers a muscular feeling while driving the bike. I also love the carrier for having unlimited family fun.

All-terrain Perfect Stability

The ENGWEE 500-watts electric bike comes with 20×4-inch fat tires for all-terrain adaptability. It works well on rugged roads, including sandy, snowy, rocky, and hilly trails. The wear-resistant wider tires keep me stable while riding on both uneven and smooth streets. And the heavy-duty wheels are sturdy enough to hold the riders up to 330lbs. With the lockable suspension front fork, you can have a comfortable ride on any unpaved paths.

Professional Brakes & Safety Gears

You can have professional control over the 7-speed e-bike with a front and rear mechanical disc-braking system. It lets you maximize and minimize the bike speed safely with smooth gear transmissions. So, you feel confident in cornering or turning back.

Professional Brakes & Safety Gears

Now, the night ride is safer with the tail and headlight of the electric bike. And I have found the safety lights built-in with the bike. So, you don’t need to cost extra for installing lights. Moreover, you will have an LCD monitor on the handlebar to see the riding speed, mileage, and energy level.

Easy to Fold & Port

The ENGWEE 20-inch is one of the best 500-watts electric bike for conveniently folding features. It is easy to fold and port for distant camping. You can carry the 70lbs bike in the car back and trunk by train beside your seat. It takes minimal storage space to transport from one place to another. And the beginners can fold and unfold the bike by themselves. So, don’t miss a mesmerizing weekend outing with the e-bike away from your house.

Easy to Fold & Port

Technical Specifications

  • Frame: Aluminum-alloy frame
  • Motor Power: 500-watts Gear Hub Motor
  • Battery Capacity: 48V/12.5Ah Removable Battery
  • Top Speed: 22MPH
  • Maximum Mileage: 45-miles Pedal-Assisted
  • Wheel Diameter: 20-Inches
  • Bike Length: 66-inches
  • Bike Weight: 70lbs
  • Loading Capacity: 330lbs
  • Ideal User: Maximum 6.5-feet

Quick Facts

  • The ENGWEE 500-watt electric bike is great for city commuting, adventuring, and fun riding. It is an excellent addition with a superb fast motor and energy-efficient battery.
  • If you are a night rider, you must be happy with the built-in taillight and headlight. And it seems rare with the e-bike in this segment.
  • The e-bike is good to ride by the female riders up to 5.10-feet and the male riders up to 6.5-feet.
Pros to Prefer
  • High-performing gear hub motor
  • Large-capacity lithium-ion battery
  • Quality manufacturing materials
  • Heavy-duty fat tires
  • Shock-absorbing front fork suspension
  • Professional dual-disc braking system
  • Built-in headlight & taillight
  • Electric/pedal/pedal-assisted working modes
  • Easy to fold & port
Cons to Consider
  • A bit heavier
  • Not 100% pre-assembled

Why Should You Buy It?

You may have multiple options in your hand to choose the best 500W e-bike. However, never miss comparing the ENGWEE 500-watts electric bike with others to have a worthy choice indeed. It can be a decent choice for design, features, and price.

9. VIVI 500W 48V Folding Adult Electric Bike – Best for Energy-Saving

I have enriched my cycling club with a couple of VIVI 500W 48W folding electric bikes. My guys are happy to go for a sensational hangout with the commuter bicycle. It is an all-terrain electric bike best for both male and female riders. The power-packed features of the e-bike have already conquered a million minds.

VIVI 48V Folding Adult Electric Bike

High-Speed 500W Motor

Unlike traditional e-bikes, the VIVI 500-watts electric bike has a BMS power-saving motor. I have reached24-miles top speed on the flat street with the powerful brushless motor. And it takes only a few seconds to gain the fastest speed. The direct-drive geared hub motor makes your ride more stable on snow, sand, mountain, and city roads. Therefore, you can beat any tough trails on your adventuring and exploring ways.

High-Speed 500W Motor

Removable & Rechargeable Battery

You can enjoy the freedom of traveling around the world with the 48V/10.4Ah large-capacity battery. I feel no hassle recharging the lithium-ion removable battery in my office or home. Moreover, it is rechargeable on or off the bike frame with four hours of maximum charging duration.

Removable & Rechargeable Battery

The good thing with the power-efficient battery is it offers 35-miles of electric mileage per charge. And you can increase the mileage up to 50-miles in the pedal-assisted riding mode. So, it supports the power system for a long round-trip on the city streets.

Quality-controlled Design

The folding electric bike seems pretty sturdy with a high-quality aluminum-alloy frame. Moreover, it comes with a comfortable saddle, firm fenders, and a durable rear rack for long-lasting performance. I have found the e-bike well-equipped for reliable riding so far. Moreover, the cable connection is waterproof and works well even in the rain and snowfall. And you can replace the essential accessories without removing the controller.

High-Stable Performance

The VIVI 500-watts electric bike is best for a stable ride with shock-absorbing fork suspensions. And the carbon-steel strong suspension works well on gravel, cracks, rocks, snow, and sand. Therefore, you enjoy maximum comfort even on bumpy roads.

shock-absorbing fork suspensions

My riding experience says that the 20×4-inch fat tires have promoted the riding stability of the electric bike. The all-terrain wider tires tackle running shocks on snow, sand, mountain, and city roads. And it is capable of carrying the rider up to 330lbs.

No Safety Flaws

I have found no major safety flaws with the 500-watt e-bike in a couple of months’ journey. It confirms professional turnings and sudden stopping with the dual-disc mechanical rear-front braking system. So, it is easier for the beginner to control the 7-speed geared e-bike.

You will enjoy the top-level riding safety at night with an LCD headlight and reflective rear light. Therefore, you are more visible on the streets to avoid sudden collisions with pedestrians and electric poles. And the LCD will offer you a safe and natural riding experience with intelligent tracking all the way.

Ready to Ride Anywhere

Unlike the fixed frame e-bike, the foldable VIVI electric bike is easy to port anywhere you want it. You can easily port the bike in your car back, elevator and subway. The 37×30-inch folded dimension takes small storage space for hassle-free carrying. Don’t worry! You can fold and unfold the e-bike with a few steps within seconds. So, never miss planning camping for the beach, mountain, and wildlife adventure.

foldable VIVI electric bike

Technical Specifications

  • Frame: Aluminum-alloy frame
  • Motor Power: 500-watts Gear Hub Motor
  • Battery Capacity: 48V/10.4Ah Removable Battery
  • Top Speed: 24MPH
  • Maximum Mileage: 50-miles Pedal-Assisted
  • Wheel Diameter: 20-Inches
  • Bike Length: 68-inches
  • Bike Weight: 55lbs
  • Loading Capacity: 330lbs
  • Ideal User: Maximum 6.2-feet

Quick Facts

  • The VIVI 500W is a great e-bike with a decent design, stylish look, and powerful performance. You can feel the strength of riding on any terrain.
  • It is a budget-friendly excellent addition to the 500-watts series indeed.
  • You can save your valuable travel time to your office, shopping, and outing with the high-performing electric bike.
Pros to Prefer
  • Stronger & high-speed motor
  • Long-lasting battery performance
  • High-strength frame
  • Heavy-duty suspension fork
  • All-topography fat tires
  • Rear-front professional dual-disc brakes
  • Safer night ride with the headlight and rear light
  • Easy to fold and transport anywhere
Cons to Consider
  • Wobbling pedals
  • Terrific customer service

Why Should You Buy It?

You can make your busy commuting life easier than ever with the VIVI electric bike. It is one of the best 500 watt electric bike for faster and smoother riding. You can have an amazing adventuring and city commuting experience with the e-bike.

10. PASELEC 500W 48V Electric Mountain Bike – Best for Suspensions

The PASELEC 500W electric mountain bike has achieved riders’ attention with upgraded utilities. And the GS9 2022 Pro comes with unyielding power and strength for a smoother riding experience. It performs outstandingly on off-road trails, including hills, jungles, sand, snow, and beaches.

PASELEC 48V Electric Mountain Bike

Power-surging Motor

I have had a new powerful ride with the fully-enclosed waterproof motor. The PASELEC 27.5-inch electric bike has a 500W power-surging motor for a high-speed ride. I have thrived my commuting speed up to 28MPH top speed. And I accelerated to the maximum speed within seconds on the flat road. The IP5 dust-proof motor ensures stable output with 5 power-assist levels. So, you can have a stronger mountain climbing experience with a smoother power acceleration.

Power-surging Motor

Hidden Anti-theft Battery

PASELEC has equipped the e-bike with a waterproof 48V/13Ah energy-efficient battery. The intelligent battery control system offers stronger climbing and riding experience. I have been able to travel 50-miles in pedal-assisted mode per charge.

Hidden Anti-theft Battery

It comes with 8-level of protection: over-charge, over-current, short-circuit, temperature, over-discharge, disconnection, balanced, and electoral protection. Therefore, you will have a safer charging experience than ever.  Moreover, the hidden battery is free from theft with an anti-theft lock.

Automated Power Technology

The intelligent power system is the distinctive feature of the 500-watts electric bike I have ever experienced . It helps me maintain the proper combination between the bike’s power and my physical effort. And the intelligent power sensor understands my riding intention very well.

Therefore, I get a balanced power for beating uphill, downhill and steep. You will get an axis-assisted sensor with the bike for a more balanced and fun ride. And the automatic sensing will help you to adapt to any riding conditions. Moreover, the sensing power lets you customize riding power when you are in the electric mode.

Real-time Safety Features

I feel supreme riding safety with the heavy-duty electric bike on any topography in all conditions. It comes with Taiwan zoom hydraulic disc brakes for professional braking. The front and rear brakes are responsive enough with dual-piston calipers and four-finger levers. So, there is no risk of slipping while cornering or turning back. Moreover, you are safe to ride the high-speed e-bike at night with a crystal-clear LCD headlight. It makes you more visible to your fellow cars and pedestrians to avoid fatal collisions and injuries.

hydraulic disc brakes

Updated Craftsmanship

Unlike conventional commuter e-bikes, the PASELEC 500W electric bike kits come with high-quality German craftsmanship. It is a professional mountain bike perfect for incredible mountain riding and city commuting. The 60lbs e-bike is perfect for 6.4-feet riders up to 280lbs.

The electric bike comes with a four-linked aluminum-alloy frame, ergonomic seat, carbon-coated suspensions, and wear-resistant 27.5×2.4-inch wheels. You are more confident in beating the bumpy roads and the toughest trails.

Three Riding Modes

You can ride with boundless freedom on three riding modes of the e-bike. The electric, pedal, and pedal-assisted working modes let you ride on any track as you want. You can easily change the riding mode of the 8-speed gear transmission system.

With pure electric mode, the riders can ride up to 28-miles per charge. And when you need to cover more mileage, you can switch on the pedal-assisted mode for 50-miles maximum. I will never forget to turn the electric mountain bike into a regular workout bike with the human ride mode. So, the PASELEC 500W electric bike would be your all-purpose cycling partner.

Technical Specifications

  • Frame: Improved Aluminum-alloy frame
  • Motor Power: 500-watts Gear Hub Motor
  • Battery Capacity: 48V/13Ah Removable Battery
  • Top Speed: 28MPH
  • Maximum Mileage: 50-miles Pedal-Assisted
  • Wheel Diameter: 5-Inches
  • Bike Length: 66-inches
  • Bike Weight: 60lbs
  • Loading Capacity: 280lbs
  • Ideal User: Maximum 6.4-feet

Quick Facts

  • The PASELEC 500W electric bike is different from traditional e-bike with an intelligent power system. It offers a high-speed & powerful drive with less energy consumption.
  • You will get almost decent features of the expensive mountain e-bike in the budget-friendly electric bike.
  • It is your true riding partner from day to night with unconditional safety gears. So, from city commuting to mountain climbing is easier than ever with the e-bike.
Pros to Prefer
  • Intelligent power technology
  • High-speed waterproof motor
  • Anti-theft hidden large-capacity battery
  • Double-shock suspensions
  • Four-link durable frame
  • All-terrain compatibility
  • High-responsive hydraulic disc brake
  • Wear-resistant & heavy-duty wheels
  • Safe to ride at night
Cons to Consider
  • Not foldable
  • Average chain quality

Why Should You Buy It?

When looking for a true e-MTB, the PASELEC 500-watts electric bike will hunt your heart. It features an auto-sensing intelligent power system for proper power-balanced riding. Nothing can stop you from cruising, sightseeing, and outing when you are on the wheels.

Why Do You Choose 500 watt Electric Bike?

You can find different wattages of e-bikes:250W/350W/500W/750W/100W, and more. But why should you choose the 500-watts electric bikes among them? Let’s have a look below!

Why Do You Choose 500 watt Electric Bike

Enough Driving Force

The 500-watts electric motor generates adequate torque for a faster-riding force. Most electric bikes in this segment are efficient enough for city rides or mount adventures. You can have a stronger riding experience on all the unpaved roads, including gravel, sand, stone, and mountain. Moreover, you can move with 30MPH maximum throttle speed on flat roads with a 500-watts electric bike. So, you can save your gross city riding time with a 500W e-bike.

Energy-efficient Battery

Most 500-watts electric bikes come with a 48V lithium-ion battery for a longer and smoother ride. And you can run for the 60-miles maximum in the PAS mode per charge on  the urban streets. The large capacity rechargeable batteries take a maximum of 6-hours for full charging. Don’t worry! If you are in your office or home, the removable batteries are rechargeable anywhere and anytime. And the lithium-ion batteries are safe to recharge with maximum protection.

High-quality Materials

You will find the 500W e-bikes with high-quality aluminum-alloy frames, stainless-steel handlebars, carbon-coated suspension forks, etc. Moreover, most bikes come with wear-resistant and heavy-duty fat tires for a maximum 330lbs weight load. So, you can choose the 500W electric bikes for quality-controlled construction. It can be a pocket-saving segment with maximum durability.

All-terrain Riding Experience

Never mind choosing an electric bike with 500W motor power for all-terrain riding experiences. Most models have three or more working modes: fully electric, pedal-assisted, pedal, and booster mode. You can find e-bikes with up to 21-speed transmissions for a well-balanced move with different riding modes.

Comfortable & Safe Ride

I have found most 500W electric bikes with decent designs and rider-friendly features. And they never compromise with comfort and safety when you are on wheels. Here, you will find UL-certified all-required safety features: dual-disc brakes, dual-shock suspensions, LCD monitor, headlight, and taillight. So, you can enjoy the freedom of fun with maximum comfort and safety with the 500-watts electric bikes.

Pocket-saving Budget

The 500-watts electric bikes are worth choosing when your budget is tight. And you can save a substantial amount with the segment for purpose-driven rides like city commuting, adventuring, and weekend outing. You can find a good-quality 500W 36/48V electric bike ranging between $600 to $1500. However, it depends on overall designs, features, and functions.

Things to Consider while Buying the Best 500 watt Electric Bike!

Purchasing a 500-watts electric bike would be easier than ever with the following buying guide. I have prepared the checklists from my years of experience. So, never miss checking the factors before choosing the best one.

Things to Consider while Buying the Best 500 watt Electric Bike


Though it is a 500-watt motor, never forget to find the torque level. The more torque generated, the more power for a stronger ride. And it is essential to ensure that the battery is waterproof and dust-proof for long-lasting performance. For example, the IP5 brushless geared direct-drive motor is ideal for top-notch performance.


The 500-watts electric bikes are available with both 36V and 48V lithium-ion batteries. A good-quality battery must be energy-efficient for maximum mileage. Don’t forget to fix a high-protective removable battery for safe recharging anywhere and anytime. And charging duration is one of the most important things for a better riding experience. In this regard, the total charging time of 4 to 6 hours can be ideal.


Dimension & Designs

You must consider design, shape, and materials to choose the best 500W e-bikes. The riding comfort depends on the frame shape, body height, and bike length. Measure your height and adjust the bike dimension to ensure a comfortable ride. For instance, our reviewed items are good for almost riders up to 6.10-feet.

Never compromise with the quality of manufacturing materials for having a worthy investment. Choose the e-bike with an aluminum-alloy frame, stainless steel handlebar, ergonomic seat, and carbon-coated suspension forks. And the wear-resistant fat tires are also crucial to check.

Brakes & Suspensions

Unlike conventional commuting bikes, the 500-watts electric bikes require professional control to avoid collisions and fatal accidents. So, the braking system is important to have a reliable ride. The mechanical front and rear dual-disc brakes can offer you better control in any condition. Moreover, never forget to find the dual-shock suspensions for a comfortable ride. It strengthens riding stability on the toughest trails, including mountains, sand, snow, and rock.

Brakes and Suspensions

Headlight & Taillight

The built-in headlight and taillight are essential for the purpose-driven riders to go to the offices, shops, beaches, and mountains. With the headlight and taillight, you would be more visible on the streets to others for a safer ride at night. Otherwise, it can be a bitter experience of fatal accidents and injuries. Never mistake choosing the best 500 watt electric bike with headlights and taillights.

Brand Value for Service

Of course, you don’t want to make an unworthy investment behind an infamous brand with poor customer service. So, be prudent to purchase the best 500We-bikes from reputed brands with reliable customer backup. In this regard, you can compare my reviewed brands to others for a better judgment.

Related Questions to Answer for the Best 500 watt Electric Bike

You may have many related questions about electric bikes powered by 500-watts motors. Let me give you relevant answers to some relevant questions.

How far can a 500W e-bike go?

Most 500-watts electric bikes come with 36V/48V large-capacity rechargeable batteries for maximum mileage. And a 500W e-bike can go up to 60 miles far in pedal-assisted mode per charge. The full-throttle mileage can be approximately 30 miles at every charge on the flat streets.

However, some factors determine how far a 500-watts electric bike will go.

  • The riding speed of the bike
  • The weight of the rider
  • The types of terrain
  • The mode of riding
  • The strength of motor and
  • The energy-efficiency of battery

So, the riding experience may differ from one rider to another and one bike to another based on the above conditions.

Can 500-watts electric bikes climb steep hills?

I have found no big issues climbing steep hills with my 500-watts electric bike. You can depend on a 500w geared ebike to move over steep hills. However,you have to consider some factors before climbing upright topographies.

  • A rear hub 500W direct-drive motor is ideal for climbing steep hills in full throttle mode. It assists in moving upward with maximum strength beating backward pressure and wind force.
  • Your weight can be an issue for smoother climbing steep hills. For example, if you are below 250lbs, you can ride the mountain in pedal-assisted mode. On the contrary, if your weight is above 250lbs, never miss going over the hills in the purely electric mode of the 500W e-bike.
  • Battery power is also essential to climb an upright hill with a 500W electric bike. Here, the 48V large-capacity battery can support the motor very well for smoother and faster climbing.
  • Finally, the number of speed transmissions plays a vital role in going over the erected hills. The 500W e-bikes must have at least a 7-speed derailleur for climbing steep slopes.

So, I hope a 500W electric bike can offer you a pleasant steep hill climbing experience with the above indications.

Is 500-watts a lot of power?

A 500W motor can generate 80NM<T(nm) torque power for a stronger driving force. And the power level of a brushless rear hub 500-watt gear motor is pretty enough for an e-bike. Most 500-watts electric bikes can move with a maximum 20MPH speed.

Of course, a 500W motor is more potent than a 250W or 350W motor. Though it is less powerful than 750W or 100W gear motors, the 500W is enough to empower an e-bike for daily commuting and adventuring.

What is the best wattage of an electric bike?

You can find electric bikes with a wider range of motor wattages. For example, it can be from 250W to 10,000W. But what is the best application of wattage in electric bikes? The answer depends on some factors. Keep reading on!

250WBest for 0.33 HP500WBest for 0.67HP750WBest for 1HP
250WTop Speed 15MPH500WTop Speed 20MPH750WTop Speed 30MPH
250WBest for 36V battery500WBest for 48V battery750WBest for 48V battery
250WBest for fun ride500WBest for city ride750WBest for adventure

Thus, motor wattage can affect the performance of an electric bike. And the riding purposes determine what the best wattage for which models. If the bike is only for a family fun and weekend leisure ride, the 250W electric bike is good enough. And you can have the best choice with a 500W e-bike for city commuting or climbing hills. It offers you more powerful riding experiences within an affordable budget.

The 750W electric bikes would be the best options for cruisers and chasers to beat their fellow riders on the streets and in adventures. However, you have to pay more for this segment. Thus, you can choose the bigger wattage for the higher power and performance at a greater budget.

My Final Words!

I believe that you are excited to have your dream 500W e-bike in your hand. Therefore, I have reviewed the most user-rated models available on Amazon. I think now you are more confident in choosing the best 500 watt electric bike among numerous brands and models.

However, don’t forget to find the editor’s pick of the VIVI 500W 48V Folding Adult Electric Bike. It is an excellent addition with the headlight and rear reflective light for a safer night ride. Therefore, you will be more visible on the streets to avoid accidents and injuries.

Moreover, I love the Heybike Mars 500W e-bike for its effortless folding and convenient carrying features. So, you can go anywhere and anytime for family fun to nature hunt with the electric bike.

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