Can you Charge an Electric Bike With Solar Panel?

Can You Charge an Electric Bike With Solar Panel

Solar power has been around for ages, but can you use a solar panel to charge your e-Bike?  You see solar panels on the roofs of homes, in a grid on a yard, and they are big.  As large as they are, how could you transport them to be useful when you are on a …

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What are e-Bike Weight Limits (The Complete Guide)

Does Weight matter on an e-Bike

An e-Bike, or electric bike, is a motorized bicycle.  It has an integrated electric motor that helps with propulsion.  For those that have trouble riding a regular bicycle, this would be ideal but is there a weight limit for a rider? That is a good question.  What are e-Bike weight limits?  On average, the weight …

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How To Test An e-Bike Battery Easily? [Diagnose Guide]

How To Test An e-Bike Battery Easily

Testing of your e-bike battery periodically lets you know whether it’s time to have a change or still to be served for long. To test an e-bike battery, measure its voltage, current, and resistance with a multimeter. Connect the multimeter to the battery and choose the measurement function. But for this test, you will need …

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How To Connect E-bike Controller?

How To Connect E-Bike Controller

Controllers are the sole thing that makes e-bike different from regular bikes. It controls every function of your e-bike the way our brain controls us. Our body starts malfunctioning if any nerves become inactive or the neuron stops receiving information. Similarly, if you fail to connect any of the connecting wires to its right joint, …

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Why Is My Electric Bike Cutting Out – Fixing Guide

Why Is My Electric Bike Cutting Out

It’s disconcerting enough when you’re riding along and all of a sudden your bike starts to misfire. But when you’re riding uphill, it’s much more dangerous because you’re already working harder on the bike. And if your electric bike suddenly cuts out while you’re cruising uphill, it’s likely to cause you to lose control and …

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How to Fix Electric Bike Error Codes (Quick Solutions)!

How to Fix Electric Bike Error Codes

Getting error messages can be annoying at times because it means Something is not working right. Just like any other machine, electric bikes break down. In this case, their systems are designed to help the user identify the fault through electric bike error codes. Electric bike error codes are manufacturer-generated values that represent a particular …

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16 Best Electric Bike Manufacturers in USA (2022)

Best Electric Bike Manufacturers

Electric bikes, commonly known as ebikes, have become an obvious transportation tool in the 21st century. There are so many ebike companies in the world, and each of them is coming up with the latest technologies, beating the competition each time to control the demanding market. Previously, ebikes were considered expensive, bulky, and inconvenient machines …

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